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  1. NanaQuilts

    Roll Call

    Capt Bart and others, Thanks for checking on me. I seem to have survived unscathed. I just closed on a house and, until I get moved in a few weeks, do not have consistent access to the internet. Merry Christmas to all!
  2. NanaQuilts

    My revised BOB

    Epi pen and diabetes? Isn't an epi pen epinephrine? That isn't the same as insulin and isn't specifically for diabetics. It's for allergic reactions, or am I way out in left field?
  3. NanaQuilts

    Paracord items for sale

    True, tinder. I just hope you aren't out of work as long as I was, but it did have its good side.
  4. NanaQuilts

    Paracord items for sale

    So sorry to hear about your involuntary time off.
  5. NanaQuilts

    bob costas shows his ineptness

    Coastie, I can't argue with you on that, but I still hate that these things happen, and I understand why some people want firearms banned. On the other hand, I'm fully aware that if you take guns away from law-abiding people, you aren't hurting criminals. They'll always have whatever weapons they want. And not all liberals are ignorant morons. Also, not all ignorant morons are liberals.
  6. NanaQuilts

    bob costas shows his ineptness

    Geez, Reg, I didn't need another reason not to watch! And I didn't think I had offended you, or hoped I hadn't, but thought I might not have expressed myself clearly.
  7. NanaQuilts

    bob costas shows his ineptness

    I'm not saying Costas was right. I'm saying that a lot of people popped off and will reconsider when things calm down.
  8. NanaQuilts

    bob costas shows his ineptness

    Reg, he was reacting to the football player who killed his girlfriend, and then killed himself in front of a coach or two (I think). That just happened Saturday, so it was bound to be talked about and even over-reacted to. I expect that a lot of people who reacted this way will rethink the whole thing after everything calms down and some time passes. Even I have to wonder why it was so easy for someone who was apparently irresponsible and unstable to come by a firearm. Of course, I think that every time some nutjob takes innocent lives.
  9. NanaQuilts

    ok so whatcha eatin?

    Thanks, guys. It might not be what I wanted or expected, but this is life. You play the hand you're dealt and keep going. Yeah, I'm free. Not sure what to do with myself, but I'll think of something.
  10. NanaQuilts

    ok so whatcha eatin?

    Ricksconnected, my divorce was final a few days ago. Not what I wanted, but I didn't get a choice. So, if you have to go that route, you may as well celebrate it with a good dinner. Yes, I know, warped.
  11. NanaQuilts

    Need financial guru advice

    Here's a link to a pdf copy, free download.
  12. NanaQuilts

    ok so whatcha eatin?

    We went out for dinner last evening to an inexpensive steak place, and it was so good! Well, except for the fried okra, which was horrible. I think it was a the-divorce-is-final celebration. Ordinarily I do breakfast for dinner every couple of weeks, bacon and omelets, which is his favorite. Once in a while, I'll do sausage and pancakes. Tonight will be backstrap with veggies, all from the freezer. A wonderful client brought me two packages of backstrap and between four and five pounds of ground venison. This is the last of that gift, unless there are a couple of burgers still tucked in somewhere.
  13. NanaQuilts

    I feel like a child again!!!

    The nail will probably grow back. For the nail to definitely not grow back, the doctor has to use something to kill the nail bed. I've had one permanently removed and segments of two others removed. Not a whole lot of fun, but not horrible, either.
  14. NanaQuilts

    Another "going gray" thread

    OC, calamityjanet has been through a bit, hasn't she? Interesting ideas, some of them to be implemented when I get moved. As for staying gray, I don't discuss prepping activities much with anyone. If they see me carrying jugs of water in, it's because I can't stand this hard water. The neighbor who saw the rice I had out was told that I make rice bags for microwaving, and then I made sure to give her a couple. The only camo item I own is a backpack that my former boss (former Army) gave me. The backpack in my trunk is plain brown. Maybe small-town Texas will be more prepper friendly than this subdivision, but I won't be in a hurry to find out.
  15. NanaQuilts

    New House

    Sherrie, thanks so much for the offer, but I'm pretty sure I can use a cow bell or jingle bells or some such, if I decide I need to. And there are definitely bears in Texas and in NC, where I'm from, but I've never heard of wearing a bell to keep from startling the bears. Just goes to show, there are good ideas everywhere.