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    What About Leisure?

    Let's say you're in your BOL with your people, and the [plague/zombies/infestation of angry chipmunks or whatever] is taking it's sweet time passing over. How are you planning to keep from going crazy? Im stowing away every book I can find, board games, a manual treadmill, a 1946 Underwood Model S typewriter and a bunch of whiskey.
  2. brickintubesock

    The Fairer Sex and Survival

    While my far-better half is an intelligent, strong, motivated and formidable woman, she has the curses of being too trusting and late to defense. At a recent outing, my old boxing skills became needed, and while she supported my violence, she was in shock during the event. She also shies away from firearms and is too trusting of our neighborhood jogging trail at night. What can i do to help her become more proactive, and more mindful of danger, without making her dismiss my advancements as paranoid? Thank you all for your guidance!
  3. brickintubesock


    I have become hooked on typewriters, partially because of their possibilities in a catastrophe. Typewriters are a great and self-sustainable way to journal events, pass time and communicate with dignity. Have any of you considered typewriters as part of your prep? Is there anything you would like to know about them that i can help you with?
  4. brickintubesock

    Introduction Thread

    Hi, not new but have been away for years. I have a new life now, and am looking at prepping now for my new lifestyle. This time around, i will be joined by Mrs. Brick and the Brick Family Animals. Glad to be here again!
  5. brickintubesock

    BOL Camouflage

    Hi everybody. I've all but decided on building a BOL that basically amounts to a structure which is covered except for a ground level roof and a set of steps, and I'm looking to camo those areas, but the shipping containers I'm making the structure out of can't support too much weight on top, so I can't just lay cement and go from there. Prettymuch like in Post 39 on here: I would lay some tarps and matching foliage, but if a disaster happens that takes out plant life (like in The Road), my little plot would be very noticeable. I'm looking for something of absolutely no value to hide my air filters, periscopes, etc. in. If concrete wasn't out of the question, I would make it look like an unfinished house foundation, and disguise my filters and such to look like pipes set into the concrete. I also don't want anything too inviting, otherwise you never know when other people might set up camp on what they think is just an empty field, leaving me to either be trapped until they leave, or cause a conflict. As far as terrain goes, the area has soil of dirt and sandy dirt, and is where the mountains meet the plains. Thank you for any help, as I'm a little stumped.
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    Bolt Cutters? Hacksaw?

    Hi guys and gals. I've been wondering if it would be a good idea to carry bolt cutters or maybe a hacksaw in my BOB. I'm not a thief, but if a bolt or lock stands between me and living longer, it's history. I carry a crowbar, but that won't work unless the lock is stronger than what it's locking. I've heard of the folding bolt cutters, but that's a lot of weight, size, and money that I could use for other things. Do you guys think a bolt cutter or a hack saw would be that important? Or should my crowbar be able to get me by? Any other gear I should check out?
  7. brickintubesock

    Any Machinegunners Here?

    Any machinegunners here, or does anyone know where I could get pictures of how they pack? I know the military even tells you how to pack a duffel, so I imagine there'd be pictures somewhere. I've noticed they have to carry a lot in their combat rigs, so I was gonna' see if I could get some tips on how they pack all of it, especially when it comes to ammunition and odd bulk items like extra barrels, for instance. While I don't plan on bringing a 240 with me anywhere, I think they might have a good packing style that I should check out.
  8. brickintubesock

    is there something in the wind?

    Huh? Sorry, it's been a long few weeks for me lol.
  9. brickintubesock

    Surrendering Weapons to Military/LEO

    I don't think I could agree more. I've had a TON of leftist friends who would laugh at jokes I would tell and then berate me for telling them LOL. For some reason, most of them tended to be Atheists who tried to "convert" me all the time, but who would ask me things like "why do you Christians always try to convert people?" When they found out I carry a concealed weapon, they'd recoil (LOL), but now they ask me to help them pick out a gun. I find it very hard not to hate Leftists in general.
  10. brickintubesock

    The Next War

    Not to start a political war here, but I don't support bringing back the draft, mainly because I and a lot of other people don't support the way this war has turned. If things came to a conflict on American soil, you'd better believe I'd be out there shooting anything less American than the '65 Chevy in my garage, but otherwise, I believe that the military-industrial complex feeds off of wars, including this one - and I don't want my kids or grandkids growing up in a world fueled by war. Don't get me wrong, knocking off Osama and Hussein and a bunch of their lackeys was what we should've done, but now we're getting ourselves up the creek, and that's what the politicians want. Never forget that war is money.
  11. brickintubesock

    health care act

    The USB things (they even have ones that keep a soda can chilled) seem like they'd work okay, but I've never seen one, and it seems like they'd take some power. I looked into the Frio Wallet and seems like it would keep a few pens cold for a while and at high temperatures - I'm looking at getting a few for our BOB's.
  12. brickintubesock

    Show me Your SHTF Coffee Maker?

    Straydog, that's a good idea where to carry a few of those. I'm gonna' start doing that, too.
  13. brickintubesock

    The Next War

    I agree with Rod and Tinderwolf. The thing is, we as a country aren't looking at where Ahmedina- Ahmedinaj- *checks Google* Ahmadinejad's position is. As a leader he's between a rock and a hard place - the way their Presidencies work, he does not have the same power as Obama does here - he has to answer to his equivalent of a cabinet for whatever he does and they have to answer to him the same way, meanwhile his cabinet and citizens are in an uproar because he hasn't allowed an attack on us or Israel. He knows that if he did, it would be suicide, but if you look at where our bases are stationed and at the uproar we caused going into the last two major conflicts, he knows we could strike at any moment, and that nothing anyone says is going to stop us from doing it. Not to mention, he hasn't had the easiest time getting the bomb. If he does get the bomb, he's in a new level of problems because that ups the ante for his citizens and cabinet to berate him more and more if he doesn't immediately use it or outright threaten to. We've got a slightly smaller case of Cold War brewing this time, except that now things are more fractured. Meanwhile, like some of what Rod said, this war is a huge cause for our economic issues, the government is expecting social unrest in our borders very soon, the whole world is either calling us bullies or bullies are calling us friends, and our military is strained. We need to GTFO, quickly and orderly, and secure our country.
  14. brickintubesock

    Show me Your SHTF Coffee Maker?

    I do like the singles, but I like to use two of them. I plan on carrying some for bartering - everyone wants coffee, they're lightweight, small, and if they don't sell I still win LOL.
  15. brickintubesock

    Any Machinegunners Here?

    Oh, by the way, thanks for the links, I'm checking those out right now.
  16. brickintubesock

    Any Machinegunners Here?

    Lol yeah I've heard some bad things about being a machinegunner - mostly how much of a pain they are, especially the 240 for some reason. A lot of people I've spoken to with far-reaching experience liked the M-60's better, but my dad hated carrying the thing lol. Well I do plan on an LBE system, partially because I don't consider my pack a true BOB until I can survive a week of TEOTWAWKI with it, and my area will be a war zone if one spark hits this place. The way I see it, when it comes to carrying a bunch of gear into a dangerous situation that may involve every ounce of prepping and shooting experience I have, the military's probably the best place to start looking for how to do it right. I don't plan on a machinegun, but I do plan on a 5.56 AK with 800 rounds or better - 300 on my belt in 30rd. mags, 500 in reserve (I'm near a large Army base, and the 5.56 NATO is the compatible ammo with the few people I do plan on hoofing it with, however my mags aren't, so I want to keep a good deal loaded. If 300 rounds can't get me out of something, 800 probably wouldn't either). Also, due to my girlfriend's medical needs and the fact that we live halfway across from each other in a powder keg of a town, I'd much rather deal with the weight, than have to break a concealed route to resupply something when the gangs are going crazy, so a military style of packing is right up my alley.
  17. brickintubesock

    A REAL Emergency Fishing Kit - For about $40 bucks

    Nice kit. I'll probably make my own, but that's definitely worth $40.
  18. Oh just to let you guys know, it's confirmed that Google has been helping many governments, INCLUDING OUR OWN, by censoring information and YouTube videos of Occupy protests, including data requests like Google searches.
  19. brickintubesock

    Excess and giveaway

    Way to go Matt! Excoastie, that's an awesome thing to do.
  20. brickintubesock

    Bolt Cutters? Hacksaw?

    Well so far, if I do budget the space and weight for bolt cutters, the smallest and lightest pair I can find here that don't cost a ton, open to 3/8" at maximum, are 28" long, and weigh four pounds. I would try something like shims, but I figure that if I need to get a lock open quick, they might not be the best.
  21. brickintubesock

    Surrendering Weapons to Military/LEO

    I can't begin to explain how disgusted I am by the anti-gun people, who are the only reason the government gets away with that Katrina gun grab and similar things, and who are the only reason we have to fight constantly to keep our 300-year-old RIGHT. I bet each one of them would grab a gun if they needed to, to defend their family or themselves, and those who wouldn't, are scum. I know I might offend some people by saying this, but I think that if a man refuses to pick up a gun when he needs to, to defend his family, then he isn't a man. Maybe the world wouldn't be so violent if people shot back more often.
  22. brickintubesock

    is there something in the wind?

    Well technically it is down, because those technicalities don't incorporate people who've run out of benefits, people who didn't get them, or people considered "unemployable", which is a ton of people right now. Not to mention, unemployment pay isn't as high as what a lot of previously employed people used to make, so their buying power is severely reduced. Since there are still a lot of people receiving unemployment, that's a lot of people who can't afford to put as much back into the economy. The 1% directly gobbled up all but something like 25% of the monetary progress America's made since the crisis started, not counting how much of that money went to them on the second transaction or later. THAT'S what's wrong with the economy - we've got a handful of laughably rich people in control of everything, including ways to make themselves not pay taxes, and ways to save themselves money by moving jobs overseas, which also makes them money.
  23. brickintubesock

    The Next War

    Lol "FYI, im white" Same thing here. I've been threatened more for my race where I live now, than any dark-skinned person I ever met in my old notoriously racist town (The "You got a purdy mouth" kind of town). I also haven't personally had many bad dealings with anyone I know is Muslim, and even when I have had bead dealings with people from that area of the world, they were young and few. I usually get along very well with them. I think that the numbers of mosques, new Muslims, and celebrity endorsement of Islam is because for a long time, the religion has been growing and becoming more mainstream in America. It just so happens that it's starting to get a lot more exposure in America after people who claim to be of the same religion start some stuff with us, and yes, partially because of those very actions. About the infamous NYC mosque: the mosque at the center of the uproar is actually two blocks away from Ground Zero, which is a long distance in a city like that. Also, the number of mosques has been steadily increasing in New York for a long time, like it has in the rest of America. NYC's a crowded place. It only makes sense that Muslims who live in the city would want a local mosque like people want local churches or movie theaters or wal-marts.
  24. What else did the Maps people gather?
  25. Google can screwgle themselves. This is a funny article, but it has a lot of good information in it. Also, this one's off-topic, so I don't want to stay on this subject for fear of distracting from the thread, but you might like to read this one as well.