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  1. matador

    Patriots, by Rawles

    I started to read this book and frankly couldn't finish it. While I respect Mr. Rawles and all that he has done and is doing, the book just didn't peak my interest. What threw me off was the "lingo" everyone was using. While I know "preppers" have certain acronyms and terms that are used, I felt what I read was a lot "you need to get these products/items". That being said, I'm sure the book is a great source of information. IMHO I feel One Second After was a much better story. I'm looking to pick up Lights Out next.
  2. matador

    A place to go: BOL

    Wow! What a great post Capt Rob. I am 36 and I'm hoping in the next couple of years to be able to acquire a very similar property to your criteria. I've found a nice location geographically here where I live, now looking for the right property. I've found that land in a good BOL is actually more affordable. Thanks again! Matador.
  3. matador

    Introduction Thread

    Hello all, my name is Matt, I'm from Texas (yee-haw). I'm brand spanking new to this whole idea of survival and prepping. I've kept my head in the sand for some time now and feel like I'm way behind. All that said, I've been reading through the site for about a month now and decided to register to get some much needed knowledge. I have a family of 5 and I'm working toward being prepared and self-sufficient for at least 3 days short-term, and hopefully long-term for TEOTWAWKI. Being on a limited budget I have decided to start with my EDC and work toward getting a BOB fully stocked. Right now my EDC consists of: Kershaw Shallot (knife), Leatherman Blast (multi-tool), Streamlight PL-2, S&W M&P .40 compact, keys, wallet, and phone. I'm working toward getting a "murse" to increase my EDC to include a first aid kit, anibacterial hand rub, extra mags, extra flashlight, pens, notebook, iPad (for work), maps, water and snacks. I just bought a BOB and am also working (slowly) to get it fully stocked. My next major purchases I've decided will be for home and self protection. My goal by years end is to have in addition to my compact and full size M&P .40s, to have: 1 x AR-15, 1 x 20 gauge shotgun, 1 x Kel-tec pistol caliber carbine, crossbow and a .22 rifle and plenty of ammo for all. If anyone has ideas or suggestions on how to "prep" on a limited budget, I'm eager to hear it. We are in the process of starting a small garden, really excited about this. I want my family to be ready and able when the time comes. Thanks all, God bless. Matador