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  1. I got to dreaming, and I was thinking that if I ever won enough in the lottery to do it, I'd buy a decomisssioned missile silo/base and make a full on survive anything kind of place. I'd have lots of privacy, and could have enough room for my family in any situation. I plan for any eventuality. I'd make a garden/farm large enough to suit us, and we could make orchards and berry patches and other ways to get food. Im plannning on an area big enough to have a pond, and close to the wilderness enough to hunt food. I guess I want it all. I want my family to be safe and comfortable. I'd have a place dedicated to their education, and teaching them how to survive on their own as my father taught me. I know I dont really need alot to survive, but im going all out. I wonder what others would do given the money and opportunity
  2. jessiecrafty1

    Paracord items for sale

    tinder, even though the flashdrive idea didnt work, i love my bracelet and am looking foward to having a few more items made when i can afford it. looking into having a purple monkeyfist made, preferably on a key ring, and a black belt in a size 44 if i can get a weave that is adjustable since my hubby had gastric surgery and is quickly losing weight, please get back to me tinderwolf, i cant get a message through to you any other way.
  3. jessiecrafty1

    wanted books

    thanks guys, btw im getting a kindle soon so i can add books that way too. i found a solar charger for the kindle in case of a power outage as well. and i found a training guide to cpr and basic first aid for nursing, which i got for 50 cents at a rummage sale.
  4. jessiecrafty1

    Excess and giveaway

    hey im 27, im in on that bracelet, also i have part of a bag of sweet corn im willing to offer up to anyone who wants them. i believe they are butter and sugar. it would be nice if ya could pay the shipping costs.
  5. my moment came when my hubby lost his job and we were homeless and i was pregnant. after that i swore never to stoop that low again if i could help it. i have had small incidents, such as cars breaking down that have urged me in my preps. i fear the unexpected.
  6. jessiecrafty1

    What have you done today to better your Prep?

    got some free samples in the mail today, hygiene stuff but i wont knock it. it was free. ended up with mouthwash, toothpaste, some heartburn meds, female hygiene products, and diaper, wipes and formula. the diaper, wipes and formula i gave to my cousin who is in her third trimester, and i figured she could use them.
  7. jessiecrafty1

    What have you done today to better your Prep?

    this isnt about what i did today, but today my hubby took a baby step into prepping, he bought these collapsible bottles that have a carabiner on them. the bottles resemble the platypus a bit, so hes trying. they were only a dollar and hold about 16 ounces. he was thinking rummage sale season when he got them, but im thinking of getting more of them to add to preps.
  8. jessiecrafty1

    EDC (Everyday Carry) Contest 2012

    my edc has been scaled back a bit. i now carry: wallet with a little cash, id, insurance cards, 3 days worth of meds, antibiotic ointment, bandaids, burn gel, gauze pads, cleansing wipes, my glucose meter, glucose tablets, antacids, tylenol for adults and kids, ibuprofen, aspirin, 3 days supply of feminine hygiene products, a roll of quarters, a hairbrush with a mirror for signaling, hairbands, a flashlight, whistle, inhaler, an energy shot, handwipes, a glasses case filled with lenswipes, a glasses cord, pen and a notepad, nail clippers, tweezers, and a small thing of pepper spray, , a multitool, containing flat and philllips screwdrivers and another flashlight, and lastly a couple sets of my disposable contacts (they are my old prescription but its better than nothing if my glasses get broken or lost. also on me at all times is my cellphone, fully charged.
  9. jessiecrafty1

    What have you done today to better your Prep?

    sold my sons crib today so i took the money and invested in some prep stuff. i bought ace bandages, bandaids, butterfly closures, anti itch cream, a funnel for my water filter system, measuring cups and spoons that collapse to use in food preps(my 1st born refuses to eat most anything other than mashed potatoes. bought a saw tooth knife for cutting small limbs to use as firewood. got some pepto bismol in caplet form. also stocked up on my meds. i bought extras of our otc allergy meds, and made up an evac bag with our meds in it. i have at least two weeks worth of my meds, and even more so of my sons and husband's. i have enough extras due to script changes and whatnot to have each of us set for at least a month maybe more. i bought extra copies of my kids birth certificates, and later will get mine and hubby's. i am trying to prepare for household emergencies, and for evac events currently. i feel i am fairly set in a shelter in place scenario. but once my dad finishes the basement of his house i will be setting up as a bug out location. but i have done quite a lot with very little today
  10. jessiecrafty1

    What have you done today to better your Prep?

    well yesterday i sent my kids with my parents and today my oldest boy comes back with my dads lensatic compass. apparently he needs to know the basics on compass use for boy scouts so my dad gave him the one he uses for his ginseng hunting. so my son added that to our preps bag. ands i sold the crib and changing table and am trying to figure out how best to spend the money. i have a hundred and im not sure whats next on my list of things i actually have to have. i am wanting to get 5 of the wool blankets but i dont really know if i should or not. they would be handy thats for sure, but there are better things i could spend my money on i bet.
  11. jessiecrafty1

    wanted books

    i am looking to expand my survival skills, and have decided that since im a fast reader and can easily absorb the information, i should get books geared towards specific survival areas. in general i am looking for nursing/doctors textbooks, surgical techniques/ first aid information/ things of that nature. also looking for education materials in any subject for persons aged five and up, including college curiculum. mathematics are not my strong suit so im looking for anything above long division really. so basic algebra, geometry etc. along with nursing materials and manuals, id like to develop basic midwivery skills as well. plant propagation and cultivation would be helpful, as would foraging guides. id like to get my hands on some old fashioned cookbooks as well. grange cookbooks my gram used to call them. also anything to do with canning, preserving, dehydrating or other food preparation.
  12. jessiecrafty1

    E-Book or Hardcopy

    i think sc should create them in both, i dont have a kindle but i would get one. also wish that sc would create a common edible plants guide. maybe based on regions, because i cant find a book out there that has region specific information. i do appreciate hardcopy as well, and i do believe as nana does that education is very important. my ultimate goal is to stock up on a whole curriculum based education for my kids in cases of shtf, or teotwawki.
  13. ok i want to plant some things this year, i have a small backyard and last year we tried using our soil and the crops were horrible. i was thinking of using 5 gallon pails but im not quite sure how to do it. i want to plant straightneck summer squash, cucumbers, collards, tomatos, and green beans. i know some may not be possible in pails but id like to do as much in pails as possible. for right now the non gmo heirloom stuff doesnt matter to me, i just want to make a crop that actually produces this year. i have trouble with rabbits and deer as well so im thinking of trying dried blood and mothballs to discourage pests. im going to be trying this over at my parents house, as it will be easier to handle over there. my dad runs a part time nursery so i have access to all the dirt, peat moss fertilizer etc. that i would need. dad has already okay'd the project he has no problem with me using his land for the garden but it is my responsibility. i just want to do the best that i can with it because the garden will be a source of our canning veggies. im also planning on trying to grow apples from seed. i know they will take years but i know they can be done. i was thinking of trying the cardboard and seeds in a glass of water. my dad has done this before, but hes wanting me to do this on my own and im a bit nervous about it. also what are the best ways of going about berry bushes? i want rasberry and blackberry, although i also want to cultivate some of our wild black caps that have taken up in my iris bed. how do i do this? will they respond to cuttings, or do i have to try and remove the whole bush, which is about 6 foot tall. i have taken cuttings of blueberries so im pretty familiar with the process. i am trying to make the 7 acre plot dad has given me, as prosperous as possible. it already has several apples, apricots and pears. also three massive grape vines too. what more can i do? ive never grown cabbage or brocoli before, and i know watermelons need lots of space as do pumpkins. was also planning on some sunflowers but theyve always done well in ground at the location. the space is in full sun. also has a plot of strawberries and 25 blueberries as well. basically dad has taken off my training wheels and im flying solo so to speak. i could plant potatoes and onions as well, although i have to be careful and clearly separate the oniions from the other plants, as my mother in law who i live with is deathly allergic to onions. never had luck with carrots, and asparagus takes too long. any ideas or imput would help greatly, because frankly im sort of lost. dad usually does the gardening and i tend to the weeding and other duties. hes 67 now and im trying my best to figure it out on my own but i dont know what would be best to start indoors, when to plant, any of the other million decisions that are crucial to a good growing season.
  14. jessiecrafty1

    My drunk post

    okay snake, that made me cry. hit a little too close to home there. my ex is a former marine, and a good man, but the military messed him up pretty bad. 4 tours in iraq, he was a sniper there, and developed ptsd because of the things hed seen and done. now he works at a subway, barely making minimum wage and has lost 4 marriages because of his traumas. he drinks to forget, though it never works, and i realized i just cant reach him either. i wanted to go into the army, was set to go after high school, when i became bipolar and things spiraled from there. at 17 i had my first son, but by then my health was in steady decline. so i cheer from the sidelines for our red white and blue, and hope someday that change will take place so that people wont have to go through the hells that our boys and girls go through in and out of the service. ive got a support the troops ribbon on my truck for you guys, all of you that serve.
  15. jessiecrafty1


    my group is composed of probably the most annoying people you will ever meet. myself included. hubby and i and both kids love to sing whatever comes to mind, sometimes repetitively. our car rides are most often composed of linkin park melodies, any camp tunes that my boyscout hubby or girlscout me can remember. or we do youtube skits. basically we try to make each other laugh in what can sometimes be tense situations, ie kids have been in car too long. we also bring along paper and crayons and coloring books. hubby and i are both jokesters so we are often cracking jokes, and the kids are getting good at it too. our best game by far is to think of the oddest thing we can say and then someone follows that up with a thats what she said. works really good when kids are tired. but hubby and i can be very immature and it helps with the kids. the sterner you get the worse things get ive learned.