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  1. I voted already. Bought another gun.
  2. Do I have to buy a hoodie?
  3. VIS 9

    Nimrods Here is why I think we are near the end

    Well, look what was elected.
  4. VIS 9


    I would not do it. I have an 870 with an extra full choke for Turkey and a separate barrel for slug and buck shot.
  5. What about pork grease for sprinkling as holy water? And a pig foot on a stick for a scepter.
  6. Keep on! Follow the Parrot Al Rashid.
  7. VIS 9

    Bumper Sticker

    REMEMBER!!! When seconds count, dial 911. Police are only minutes, or so, away. Or, take matters in your own hands NOW! COLT .45, when seconds really count!
  8. VIS 9

    Bumper Sticker

    Lead, the new gold.
  9. VIS 9

    Bumper Sticker

    Or: I believe in the 2nd Amendment. Do you feel lucky?
  10. VIS 9

    Bumper Sticker

    How about: Colt. 45 When seconds really count.
  11. VIS 9

    Wyoming's gun control plan!

    I would love to see other Governors also grow a pair.
  12. VIS 9

    Freedom From War....REALY??

    Yes, and so would Franklin and Elenor.
  13. I would buy the guns that I already have. I have had many years to think out what I need, being 66yoa. I have used them in the roll which I purchased them for and I am pleased with what I have, so far. I would rather sink money into things which I do not have. NO REGRETS.....and Snake I have the song by Edith Piaff.
  14. Rod, Being a Catholic I have been totally against abortion, however OBOZO has changed my mind on this issue. I now truly believe that OBOZO should have been aborted.
  15. VIS 9

    Obama's Gun Control Plan

    Really, another school shooting?!! This just can not be true, just after OBOZO signed all of his gun control edicts. Did not the shooters in this case realize they were breaking the OBOZO's law?? Oh, wait, criminals do not follow the laws just the good citizens. THE LAWS DO NOT WORK!!!!!! Get rid of gun control and teach everyone to shoot so they do not miss the target and hit innocent by standers and make sure that the innocent bystanders have the legal right to shoot back. And let GOD (not OBOZO) sort them out.
  16. NV, I somewhat agree with you. The Germans during WWII did not kill any of my family in Poland and I understand from my mother and father who were in the Underground army in Poland, could be trusted for the most part and did not run around killing citizens for the love of killing. If you bribed a german soldier you could count on the fact that he would do as was agreed. (The Polish underground army would buy arms from some of the german soldiers.) On the other hand the Russians could not be counted on or trusted for anything. They would rob civilian citizens walking down the street and if drunk, which was quite often, would just shoot people for the fun of it. Like some of our criminals these days here. These killings started after the Germans left Poland and the Russians were liquidating anyone they could find who were members of the Polish Underground Home Army. I lost a few of my family members in this manner after Poland was "Liberated". Poland was the only country which actually beat the Russians in a war. (1921)
  17. Thank you Snake, I have some experience in the area of Communists and Nazis. I would always prefer the Germans. You can not trust the Russians.
  18. Snake, I could not agree with you more. I can not save the world. Only GOD can do that. (The real GOD not OBOZO).
  19. The people do not trust the Government and the Government does not trust the people. A good reason to enforce the 2nd amendment. I would be really offended if someone called OBOZO, Hitler. He is nothing like Hitler, Hitler loved Germany. OBOZO is like Stalin who wanted to destroy most of his citizens.
  20. Really??!! That is all that you could wrong with my statement? If my wife and your wife were about to die in a house fire together would you really save my wife instead of yours? Nice sentiments and grand gestures for the masses. Real life sometimes sucks. Are we talking real or make believe? I also believe in helping when I can, but lets be real. You are a fine person and I value your opinion and take no offense at your post. I just find odd in this case.
  21. VIS 9

    Sig 226

    I have carried and still carrying my Sig P220 .45 for the past 23 years. Qualifying twice a year at the pistol range (requirement for certification) every year. The old girl still shoots straight and have not had to replace any parts so far.
  22. VIS 9

    Multi use items

    Where do I get one of these Chicom shovels? And how much?
  23. VIS 9

    Woodworking tools in your BOB

    Since you cannot carry all of the tools which you may need, just figure out which tools you might need to manufacture the tools which you need. If you want to make a bowl cutting tool you might need something to cut a piece of steel, sharpen it and hold in the fire to temper or bend it into the config. you need. ie: long pliers, files and stones for sharpening. Of course, tools are heavy. Use what you have at hand. Save the weight for something which may save your life.
  24. VIS 9

    Guns In Europe...

    You know that somewhere there is a FED who is assigned to read all of these posts. I hope he understands that some of these are for his benefit, I do not want him to feel left our or under-appreciated.