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    6 years military schools. 6 years USAF. 37 years Law enforcement. Pro-military. Pro-law enforcement. Pro-religion. Anti-Communist. Anti-Socialist. Anti-lying liberals, guess which one in particular. Still not over what was done to the U.S. military since Vietnam. Now retired and free to speak my mind.
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    Birmingham, Alabama
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    Selfsufficiency. Staying under the radar.
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    Retired, Armed and survivalist.
  1. I voted already. Bought another gun.
  2. Do I have to buy a hoodie?
  3. VIS 9

    Nimrods Here is why I think we are near the end

    Well, look what was elected.
  4. VIS 9


    I would not do it. I have an 870 with an extra full choke for Turkey and a separate barrel for slug and buck shot.
  5. What about pork grease for sprinkling as holy water? And a pig foot on a stick for a scepter.
  6. Keep on! Follow the Parrot Al Rashid.
  7. VIS 9

    Bumper Sticker

    Lead, the new gold.
  8. VIS 9

    Bumper Sticker

    Or: I believe in the 2nd Amendment. Do you feel lucky?
  9. VIS 9

    Bumper Sticker

    How about: Colt. 45 When seconds really count.
  10. VIS 9

    Bumper Sticker

    REMEMBER!!! When seconds count, dial 911. Police are only minutes, or so, away. Or, take matters in your own hands NOW! COLT .45, when seconds really count!
  11. VIS 9

    Wyoming's gun control plan!

    I would love to see other Governors also grow a pair.
  12. VIS 9

    Freedom From War....REALY??

    Yes, and so would Franklin and Elenor.
  13. I would buy the guns that I already have. I have had many years to think out what I need, being 66yoa. I have used them in the roll which I purchased them for and I am pleased with what I have, so far. I would rather sink money into things which I do not have. NO REGRETS.....and Snake I have the song by Edith Piaff.
  14. Rod, Being a Catholic I have been totally against abortion, however OBOZO has changed my mind on this issue. I now truly believe that OBOZO should have been aborted.
  15. VIS 9

    Obama's Gun Control Plan

    Really, another school shooting?!! This just can not be true, just after OBOZO signed all of his gun control edicts. Did not the shooters in this case realize they were breaking the OBOZO's law?? Oh, wait, criminals do not follow the laws just the good citizens. THE LAWS DO NOT WORK!!!!!! Get rid of gun control and teach everyone to shoot so they do not miss the target and hit innocent by standers and make sure that the innocent bystanders have the legal right to shoot back. And let GOD (not OBOZO) sort them out.