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    Mechanic from Whakatane, Into pistol shooting, fishing, waterskiing, cooking, writing, guns and survival.
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    New Zealand
  1. LyonRuge

    G'day, from NZ, down under! This is a small site I have put up to aid in preparing for a disaster. With advice from those who have suffered through the Christchurch Earthquake. It will grow!
  2. LyonRuge

    G'day, from NZ, down under!

    Hi guys, back again, been away for a bit, making youtube videos, just did a few prepping ones, specifically, first aid, and a few reloading ones, have a look if you feel inclinrd, OrthaNZ at you tube... let me know if there's anything I have wrong, comments and critique welcome...
  3. LyonRuge

    Pre-Made Kits

    Celox, thats it, thats what ive got in my kits, only a small amount, bu we saw a video on it on our course, very impressed!
  4. LyonRuge

    Pre-Made Kits

    I guess that may have just been a story,the question i saked was of course, did the CO survive and he answered yes, its hard to imagine anyone surviving that sort of trauma. weather or not it is true, it gave me a lesson ill always have...
  5. LyonRuge

    Pre-Made Kits

    One of the stories i recall ansd always will, was the instructor talking about his CO who was the guy who trained him here in NZ, when they were deployed in Afg, they were with the NZ SAS, he was hit by machine gun fire, 13 hits, 26 holes, Tutor was the first there, he took the head, the next guy was filling the holes with bandages, he said the guy was unresponsive, eyes rolled back, no colour in face, the next guy turned up and put his pack under the CO's legs, elevated them, within 30 seconds, the colour came back to his face, his eyes rolled forward and he started talking to them. I'll never forget that, and always remember, elevate the legs!
  6. LyonRuge

    Pre-Made Kits

    looks interesting! we did things like assessing a patient wearing welding gloves and blacked out face mask, so we were in the hold of a boat 4deg, cant see cant feel your hands etc, really practical stuff, also did cpr, oxygen admin, defib training, we carru o2 and defib on the cg boat, i really enjoyed it, will do a follow up soon, but it gave me interest in first aid, and medical/trauma/accident/survival training, just another bow to the string, but worth a weekend given up, and paid for by CG!
  7. LyonRuge

    Pre-Made Kits

    Yeah, it was a great course, the company is called yacht lifeline, they do marine medical training and installations on big boats mainly, but they take care of our coastguard medical training, which is why i was involved, im a coastguard rescue volunteer. just gonna look up nasopharyngeal airway...
  8. LyonRuge

    Pre-Made Kits

    Wow Tom, thats a nice kit. I did my SAR Marine Medic course 2 years ago with a guy who attached to the NZSAS in Afgan. It was only a two day course but very practical 1st aid, and stories that i'll never forget. The key thing i remember was that all throught the course we only used what he called Trauma Crash Pak. It only contained large dressings, a tri bandage, gloves, survival blanket, face mask (CPR), very little else. When i got home i went through my 1st aid kits and with ABC in mind, airway/breathing/circulation, i looked to see what was useful. If you dont have an airway, aint nothing in a first aid kit gonna help, even if you are prepared to try a trechiotomy (SP), and if you arnt breathing, unless theres a defib in there somewhere, again not much use, so that leaves circulation, most first aid kits come with sticky plasters, ok if you cut yourself shaving, but no good if your bleeding out! So i kept my two big kits, and redesigned them, made my own crash paks to put in, bought some clotting powder whose name i have forgotton, and just made the kits relevant to large wounds etc. I did keep all the little knick naks, but if have to bug out, it will be in a car and my big first aid kit/surival kit is what goes out on my boat, so its a pack on its own, not too large, it all fits into a medium sized cooler bag, which helps protect it, ...
  9. LyonRuge

    Need help with urban survival...

    I think one of the most important things is to be AWARE. Whats going on around me, in my town/city/backyard, where are the hazards? what might slow me down? what can i use on my property to help/secure/defend myself. I have done a little Karate, and i think that helps with being alert/assertive/aware, but just thinking about survival is just as important, having on your mind all the time makes you open to things you may not see if you werent thinking about. i dont mean be obsessive, but be make survival an interest and you will always be on the lookout for things that will help. Once you start to plan/prepare/get ready it becomes easy. And keep in mind, what YOU find EASY to do, others will find EASY NOT to do! Be alert, be aware, be ready. Then your allready way ahead of those who dont. And just like in the wild, the predators will take the easy hunt, the slow/small/weak and infirm, not a prey that will be prepared, to fight back.
  10. Well, after reading and posting a bit over the weekend, i decided to check my BOB's, had some canned food in there from 08, so im replacing that all with new tins, ate some, still good, but i think ill change it every two years.
  11. LyonRuge

    G'day, from NZ, down under!

    Well, after reading and posting a bit over the weekend, i decided to check my BOB's, had some canned food in there from 08, so im replacing that all with new tins, ate some, still good, but i think ill change it every two years.
  12. LyonRuge

    What's Your Take on Reloading?

    OK, my 2 cents worth, im a reasonably new pistol shooter, i wasnt going to bother with reloading, but as i have come to love sending lead downrange, it is quite imoportant! I have spent maybe $500 overall on gear, i reload .38, .357 and 9mm, it only took one visit to our hunting and fishing shop, one box of 50 9mm American eagle, $92! ye gods, i can reload 50 rounds for about $12, It has also become a really enjoyable hobby, i love picking up brass at the range, and filling it back up at home! Cant think of a better way to spend a winter night really, I'm sure you guys can buy your reloading gear and supplies much cheaper than we can down under too! but i also know you pay less for the factory loads, personal choice i guess...
  13. LyonRuge

    Hi from Colorado

    Hi Kaj, welcome aboard!
  14. LyonRuge

    Three Lessons From Katrina

    Wow! thats eye opening!
  15. LyonRuge

    hand gun questions

    I also own both, love to shoot them all too, i think in a combat situation, i would prefer to have my 9mm, simply because its easier to load and fire lots, hopefully this will never be an issue...