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  1. simpsop

    Best EDC knife?

    I carry at least 1, sometimes 3 on me at a time. Always carry either Gerber Paraframe 2 or Kershaw Vapor, Usually also carry Gerber Suspension multi-tool... least expensive & best feeling multi-tool I have tried. Also have a SOG paratool Sometimes also carry Kershaw Vapor 2 Car always has a cheapie Hummer rescue knife with punch & belt cutter, also a Gerber Paraframe 1, and a 6" fixed blade tanto... brand escapes my memory. Laptop bag has small Kershaw multi tool with scissors, etc, and a Kershaw Amphibian fixed blade diving/survival knife, plus a cheap throwaway 2" jacknife I got free with my old CRKT daily carry.
  2. simpsop

    EDC (Everyday Carry) Contest 2012

    I'm in! Waiting for the go signal!