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  1. indianwarrior3

    the debate

    either way, the country as we know it, is over. Goodbye USA. I'll be staying home in November and packing my bags and heading into the woods. Forget this sh#t sandwich.
  2. indianwarrior3


    dans depot, R.I.P, good riddance
  3. indianwarrior3

    How's the Weather in your area lately.

    weather has been pretty good last couple days, but they are forecasting 7 to 11 inches of snow for Tuesday night. I say bring it on. At least the temperature will be around normal and not -10 F ! I cant wait for spring to get here so I can do some camping, fishing and gold prospecting. I got a few new spots to check out and cant wait till spring floods are over to get my shovel dirty!
  4. whats up with china buying up manhattan? reports say that china now owns 60% of lower manhattan. some of the buildings include the empire state building and the JP Morgan building. which just happens to be connected to the federal reserve building. are they cashing in on our debt? in cahoots with Omuslim, whoops, I mean Obama. my bad. NEW WORLD ORDER? what do you think?
  5. indianwarrior3

    anyone listen to Dave Hodges?

    seen an interesting article from 12/21/13 talking about a false flag event happening in near future along gulf coast/new Madrid fault line. seems interesting to me, what you think? go to to see for your self
  6. indianwarrior3

    The end could be closer than you think...

    not just china, I would also keep an eye Russia. they have been sneeking along quietly in the weeds for some time now. they could make a powermove sooner than u think.
  7. indianwarrior3

    this place is dead

    come on people! this forum is dieing a slow painful death. where is everyone? hello! I look on here and see a lot of posts here that are a year old or more. wtf!? lets get back to business and what we came here for.
  8. indianwarrior3

    new BOB ideas

    funny u mention keeping someone off the ground, snake. referring to the game cart partsman mentioned. bodies are much easier to move with a cart like that, especially when u r workin alone. plus its big enough to fit two people
  9. indianwarrior3

    How's the Weather in your area lately.

    1 warning point!? im living on the edge! whoooo-whaaha!
  10. indianwarrior3

    How's the Weather in your area lately.

    -5 degrees F. wind chill about -20 -30F. western PA. its freakin delightful!
  11. indianwarrior3

    Attack in Boston

    i will update info as it comes in and i have time to do so.
  12. indianwarrior3

    Attack in Boston

    Expect more. i have information from my fbi buddy that more could very well happen. not just at mass gatherings or sporting events. they dont attcak the same way/types of places more than once. it could be anything next. its time to start keeping an eye out again.
  13. lets just say i have a good friend of mine that works in the FBI. he keeps me updated on the "plan" to to use the military to ultimately turn the USA into a communist country by force within the next 20 years. basically you will be forced to comply or you will be treated as a hostile and shot on site. it seems the government is tired of dealing with the peoples "voice" and freedoms and this will be their way of getting their way. all this talk about taking your guns is just a way to get you confused and side tracked while they take way more those rights away from us.