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  1. Since Portland (the city where the even occurred) has a ban on carrying loaded weapons in public, I don't know the extent to which it would have helped. Of course that ban SHOULD have prevented this, right?
  2. azatty

    Buying 'Land Locked' Land

    In general, you have an implied easement across adjoining land for access to your property. To get an express easement, you have to condemn an easement across the adjoining property that has the closest access. But this could mean that you have to sue several neighbors to ultimately get access. The right of way belongs to the railroad, not the state, and they tend to guard their ROWs jealously. It's useful for stealthy access, but don't count on it always being there or available. I don't think that they'd willingly grant you access. A few years back when we were doing a hotel/condo development in Mexico, FerroMex wanted us to spread some grease around to even talk about using their ROW, and then have all owners along the coast between the city limits and our project contribute to a lobbying fund to get the "necessary permits". Um...yeah.... And we were already in good with the necessary politicos! Not as bad in the U.S., but railroads and utilities don't budge. What I typically advise clients in your situation is to contact adjoining landowners and determine if they would be willing to enter into a road development agreement. It gets you the easement and spreads the cost of a road over multiple owners. It's not ideal, but it's often the best alternative if you absolutely need to have a road. That said, opsec might best be served by not having a road. You don't normally go looking for someone on land with no apparent access.
  3. azatty

    Help for students

    Better to identify multiple hide locations on your routes and hunker down to let them pass, then continue on an alternate route. For many reasons, shooting is a last resort in an escape/evade situation. Not the least of which are (1) you immediately identify yourself as a threat, (2) you give away your position and possibly the direction of travel, and (3) you pick a fight against a potentially superior force. The few hours after an event is when you are most likely to have to get home from school. Short of nuclear warfare or Red Dawn, people won't know how bad the situation is, and most will respond with the typical minimum of effort--hit the supermarket for some groceries and get some propane for their grill. Although it probably won't be pleasant, very few (if any) people are going to be stalking you. Thus, it isn't likely that you'd have to discourage pursuit. If someone does come after you, you need to assess the situation before using the boom stick. Hence the hide locations.
  4. azatty

    A one dish survival meal.

    Bread. Something compound like a casatiello (has butter, salami, cheese in it), and you can add in dehydrated or freeze dried vegetables. It's packable, will last a couple days, and can be baked in a dutch oven. And it tastes great.
  5. azatty

    Help for students

    What you can't carry, you can bury. A couple feet of pvc drain pipe is waterproof and will cost you less than $10 to turn into a buriable cache tube. Put a knife, matches, and other "contraband" in them and bury them them someplace nearby. Worried about how to bury them in plain sight? You can ask to plant a tree for Earth Day or Arbor Day or some other PC/community service reason. With a little creativity you could probably con the entire student body into digging your cache sites under the cover of an explanation the PC school administration will wholeheartedly embrace.
  6. Notwithstanding our past relations with Russia, I've long thought the smart foreign policy move now is to get Russia and India closer to us. China and certain nations in the Gulf are the more likely threat, and having them boxed in on two sides with nuclear capable nations over whom we could exercise influence would be a nice deterrent. Not to mention that Russia is on the UN Security Council. Undoubtedly, Russia ran the Red Dawn scenario against every major city in the U.S. during the Cold War. That we're bringing them here means we fear them about as much as Mexico (whose troops we have trained).
  7. And according to Max Brooks (Zombie Survival Guide), zombies stand a better chance grabbing and holding you if you have long hair. That, in my opinion, is the best reason to have short hair. Gotta worry about the zombies, you know...
  8. It takes a professor to make that observation? I said the same thing back in 1998 when the "dotcom" bubble was forming, and I only have an undergraduate degree in Economics. Like Regulator says, "wealth" is the key to weathering a financial storm. "Wealth" is physical assets; things you can use to keep yourself afloat during a crisis. And don't discount your own skills. Barter economies quickly develop when currency has no value.
  9. azatty

    Rifles for the apoyclypse

    You know, Vis, I was grinding over your very thought. I'm doing a bugout test into the desert with some friends this weekend, and I've been considering which guns to carry. I settled on a 12 gauge shotgun and my Glock 20 (10mm). I'll carry 32 rounds if birdshot, buckshot, and rifled deer slugs for the shotgun (more of the bird and buck than slugs), and four 15 round mags for the Glock. The shotgun was a no brainer. Wth the chosen ammo load I can hunt doves and quail (the most plentiful game birds in the desert), or take down a deer. And the self-defense applications are obvious. The 10mm was a harder choice. It's not a widely used caliber and scrounging for ammo would be hard. However, its most likely use in my scenario this weekend is against predatory animals if the shotgun isn't deployed. The 10mm fits the "hunter's companion" role, and can still be used for defense.
  10. azatty

    Help finding an AR

    American Spirit Arms builds a nice .308 AR. Not cheap, but it's completely American made.
  11. azatty

    How much is 1 Acre? Near You.

    The power company servicing the area will give you 1000 feet of cable for free per lot. The piece is large enough to subdivide, and I don't have to record a plat for a four parcel subdivision. So if I want wired service, I can get 3/4 of a mile for free after dividing it. But I'm planning on a combination of solar, wind, and generator (we have an industrial generator already). Then wood and propane, of course.
  12. I'm a bit late in replying, but have you considered an "Archimedes' screw" for your lift station? Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used them for centuries to lift water into irrigation ditches by hand. Google it. I'm sure there's a design you could use.
  13. azatty

    How much is 1 Acre? Near You.

    I'm picking up a piece for $250 an acre. It's undeveloped, at least a mile from utilities, and I'll have to sink a well on it. But it has a great view and the roads to it are more of a fond memory than anything usable by normal vehicles.
  14. azatty


    My great grandparents weathered North Dakota winters in a sod house. Native Americans built adobe shelters. When technology fails, look at your feet. Nature gives us everything we really need.
  15. azatty

    Iran is having a problem

    But you're an evil capitalist glutting yourself on the labors of the proletariat! I think it ought to be a requirement to run your own business before running for office; it gives you perspective. Believe me, I know how you feel. And add to your statement the fact that if you come up with an idea, bust your hump to implement it, spend your money to market it, and make it a success, everyone in the company has a hand out expecting a bonus if you have a good year.