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  1. Thanks. I have been perusing the book section and have found several I'm interested in. I don't know if the government is intelligent enough to ask drivers for anything. My experience during Hurricane Rita and Katrina says no. However, I do wonder about that scenario as well.
  2. This is a good question. I have been prepping for my wife and son. We just finished adoption paperwork so now I have unknowns to consider. Plus we all have that one inlaw. Grrr.
  3. Thanks for the book recommendations. I'm trying grow my library with books like these in addition to science,survival and history. The first thing I told one driver was to get in better shape. I'm still in my ignorant youth (late 20s) and still work out. This particular guy is a flabby 40 and 260lbs and makes regular runs from Alabama to California. My scenario to him was solar flares kill his ECM. He's looking at covering almost 2000 miles to get home. Its not going to be an Oregon trail necessarily but it ain't good. Oil field trucking in the desert taught me a lot about how unprepared most drivers really are. Anyway,since I'm just recently (couple of yrs) starting delve this deep into survival I figured I would pick more experienced brains. Thanks for the help and keep it coming. My ears are larger than my mouth, slightly.
  4. I stopped as a witness to an accident. One of the men got ignorant and started fighting with the guy he hit and myself. He pulled a knife about the time a trooper and a sheriff arrived. The trooper tased him. His reply, "Shoot me again mother *&%$". The sheriff deployed his taser. Response? "Is that all you got?" They finally had to wrestle him to the ground. Both tasers hit him square in the chest with not even a twitch. I was stunned and kind of disappointed to not see the jerk flopping like fish. The only payoff was when the trooper punched him in the ear.
  5. Slingshot may be what I go with in the end. Its not the best option in the world but its better than nothing. It is stealthy and silence is golden and dead silent even better. As for tasers, I recently had a situation that troopers got involved. After watching them hit the guy twice in the chest and his response was to brush them off like mosquitoes, I don't put much stock in them anymore. I appreciate the ideas from everyone thus far, however I feel the thread has focused more on weapons than what I initially wished. The fault is mine. My recent conversations with fellow truckers has brought to my attention their predicament. Most are long haul (I'm regional) and are just beginning to realize where they stand from a survival stand point. Stranded for some of them could mean being months from home rather than hours or days. We've been collaborating to come up with ideas for their situation and I figured this would be a good place to look for ideas.
  6. As far as I know, the restrictions only apply to firearms. I need to see if ammo is restricted. If not, that opens some new possibilities. Honestly, the whole situation bothers me and it should bother anyone. At the current rate that civility is declining added on to the growing possibilities of man-made and natural disasters (EMP, solar flares, etc), the likelihood of getting stranded a long distance from home is increasing. The thought of being stranded without weapons and possibly without communications is beginning to weigh on my mind more now that my home is in good shape.
  7. No, I don't cross the border. D.O.T Hazmat laws restrict my weapon choices if that's what you're wondering. I considered my bow, but my rig barely has enough room for my equipment and myself. Yes, I can and do carry a SOG. It has to date ran crack heads off my steps on two different occasions. Its not a huge problem but I'm one who is never without a gun, so I find it disconcerting when I'm forced to be without. A pig sticker just doesn't quite suffice.
  8. If this has been addressed previously feel free to slap me. I drive hazmat trucks which restricts my normal EDC bag. I carry enough gear to get home which I estimate at around 4 days walking on average. However, due to the nature of my work I can't have my usual compliment of firearms. I'm out of ideas. If TSHTF I don't like the idea of being defenseless until I can make it home. I've looked at miniature crossbows but I don't think they have enough power to be much use. Thought this might interest some. I know I can't be the only traveling individual out in the world of the awakened.