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  1. Someone said that they had never seen bad four..probably if you keep it in the freezer it will be ok..I have done a lot of reading on storing food and what lasts the longest...I read once that when flour goes bad that even rats will not eat it. I always wonder how companies like Emergency Essentials and the others sell flour in a can and say it will last for 30 years...would really like to get an answer on that one. Tom214
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    Talking about guns and Mason jars...boy is there no better feeling that being prepared or what??..I just purchased a book on root cellars...thinking of building a small shed...covering it with the rubber roof coating called "Ice & Water" then spray foaming the inside..then covering the shed with dirt and making a small outside entrance...I can then store food like Squash--Onions--Potato's and other root vegetables for the a roof over your head...does it get better...nothing at all like the feeling of being prepared no matter how small of a package you have put away. Tom
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    Actually this is not as crazy as you think...during world war 2 sugar and the basics of life were had to have a card or some form of ticket in order to purchase certain food items. I remember during the 60's my father found a large box in the garage...we opened it and there must have been 35 lbs of sugar.. each 5 lb bag was wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. Here the homeowner was hiding it in the garage so they must have been strict about how much you could have. Obama keeps getting into our lives more and more...they even tell us what our kids can take to school for lunch now. Its getting crazier every day now.