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    Starting to see the light on what is coming our way. Need education on how to protect and save my family
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  1. canibuyavowel

    Maine living

    Thanks for answers on this question. Not sure if I'll ever find the right answer with my situation. I guess I am blessed with the small group that I do have. We will have to continue to support each other and our families. Again, I want to thank this site for everyones help with getting me closer to my goal. Not sure if I'll ever be ready but I'm way better off then the masses.
  2. canibuyavowel

    Maine living

    I feel the Northeast is lost. You would think living in Maine would be a great place to be as a prepper. The problem is number. With over 40 years of a state that has been run by the democrats we have turned a state known for its self sufficiency into people who can't tie their own shoe. We are one of eleven states that has more takers then makers. We are at the end of the line for manufacturing. I am 47 years old and most of my life I have seen industry leave this state only to have government programs replace those jobs. I work in the health care industry and work at the largest hospital in the state. We have over 5800 employees. It is now a job to stay under the radar there since I use to try to educate people on things that may happen in the future. I've been told by many close friends that I was crazy. Out of all those suppose educated folks I am part of a 5 person group who gets it. We are looking to expand our numbers and skill sets. I want to move west but the Mrs will not. Seems I'm stuck in a blue state that is in a economical death spiral. My question to the group would be are there anybody else on this site from Maine who would like to build up a group? Second how do I live under the radar in a state and city that is full of people who I have nothing in common with? I may already know most of the answers but just need back up. I'm approaching my year anniversary on this site. Just want to thank all the contributors and senior members for your help with my endeavor. I am so far ahead of where I was last winter.
  3. canibuyavowel

    Accurate news outlets

    Thanks for your help guys. He'll be patrolling with his bomb dog near Shojor. Southest of Kandahar. Near the border. I know he's being monitored. Aren't we all. It would be nice for an outlet for everyday news for the good ole USA. What really strains me is the fact that he and his unit may be asked to use their skills on us. How's that for conspiracy. I did ask him why a bomb dog and not a dog that looked for strip clubs or burger joints. Thanks again.
  4. canibuyavowel

    Accurate news outlets

    I should of phrased it differently. I realize what we have with our current lamestream media complex. I will let me son know your thanks the next time I talk with him.
  5. canibuyavowel

    Accurate news outlets

    I realize this is a site of survival skill but have a question that I think some of you may answer. First let me thank the knowledgable folks on this site. In less then a year I have better equipped myself and family for what ever may come. Know to the question. My son is now in Afghanistan serving in the Army Infantry. Can anyone help me on which websites you go to for accurate information about what the hell is going on over there. He has to be cypted when we talk. I don't mean to increase my sleepless nights but am tired of the watered down information that's out there to feed the sheeple. Thanks for your help.
  6. canibuyavowel

    I think I'm starting to get paranoid

    Hossfly you gave away our Black book secret. You're dead on though.
  7. canibuyavowel

    forum issues.

    This is Secretary Napolitano. Relax everyone. You'll have your site back when we are done with it.
  8. canibuyavowel

    Freedom Vs. Responsibility

    First the movie was an excuse. The detention of this film maker is a direct attack on the first amendment. No matter how many billions we give these whack jobs they will never be trusted. I just hope everyone is ready for the crusades part 2. I am.
  9. canibuyavowel

    I think I'm starting to get paranoid

    Thanks Shawn, you're right. Even though I have only been at this for less then a year (although my gut told me long before that) I am better off then the masses. Strange thing the other day I went to Wally world for some white box 9's and I stopped and looked around at the people there. Thinking if my fears come true that 99% of the people there would not make it. They are living day to day with their only concern is where is the extra big bag of Doritos. So thank you for a bit of reality. I am better off just for the knowledge this and other sites have given me as well as my preps. I'll keep plugging along and doing my best.
  10. canibuyavowel

    I think I'm starting to get paranoid

    I too have been feeling the same way. Current events is a big part of it but also I've on been prepping for less then a year now and am no wheres near ready. I am thinking things are going to happen sooner then I had thought. Same as you QE3, credit down rating, middle east and living in the Northeast surrounded by whack jobs has got me feeling vunerable. This week I've thought about taking the credit card and just maxing in out on supplies thinking it won't matter if things blow up that I'm 10K in the hole. I to need a diversion. Think I'll hit the tree stand and look for Bambi.
  11. canibuyavowel


    What ever you store it in it's a good idea to place in the freezer for up to a week to kill any critters that may be in it.
  12. What caused his death was the peace loving tolerant muslims of the world. It takes nothing to incite them. Can you imagine a world where Christians responded this way every time someone wrote or spoke against Jesus. Crazy. Not us, them.
  13. I don't nor do anyone I know at the ranges practice with hollow points. Makes you think something is coming. I just hope I'm ready.
  14. canibuyavowel

    food saver vs. canning.

    For long term it canning all the way for me. With food saver your looking at a freezer to keep your food safe. No power no food. Canning has served many generations well. Great advice from others to shop smart. Some of the best equipment is the older stuff. Lawn sales are great. Good luck. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
  15. canibuyavowel

    STAY CALM!! Move slowly to the Exit

    I truly believe there will be rioting. It doesn't take much to send the urban centers into a tailspin. I never thought growing up that I would have the concerns about my country and society that I do now. I kind of miss the days growing up in the cold war. At least that would of been somewhat instant fate. Human nature being what it is I expect the worse from people and am usually not disappointed. We are on a razors edge now from the race baiting POTUS to high true unemployment to the real rate of inflation. Once the masses figure it out we'll be in real trouble. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.