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  1. Can anyone give me some suggestions? I have an Esbit, but I don't think it's going to cut it for the entire family. Thanks!
  2. bnbr75

    Zombie Fiction or Something to Chew On

    About a year ago, maybe a little longer, I stumbled upon one of the BEST zombie fiction writers I've ever encountered. His name is TW Brown. He has a couple different series under his belt and is amazing. I have pretty much everything he's ever written on my kindle, but he also co-owns the publishing company that he publishes his books through with his wife. They are great people as I have been in touch with them both via email multiple times. His best work has got to be his Dead series. Absolutely PHENOMENAL!! He also has a series called Zomblog. If you have an Amazon account, look him up. If you like Zombie literature, you'll dig this guy!
  3. bnbr75

    How to make a successful storage plan

    Quick question. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong when I do a google search, but where can I find canned butter?
  4. bnbr75

    Best EDC knife?

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Very helpful!
  5. bnbr75

    Car emergency bag

    Will energy bars melt/spoil in the trunk of my car with the heat?
  6. bnbr75

    Car emergency bag

    Can anyone tell me where to go for the best price on emergency bars? I would normally go to Amazon but a lot of other users have been noting they can be bought cheaper elsewhere, but never leave a where.
  7. bnbr75

    Car emergency bag

    The hormel chili is on sale at a local store right now for 99 cents a can so I may get a few of them. I also currently have a case of water in the trunk. I'm in Ohio and anyone who knows this state knows that the weather makes up its own mind as to what it's going to do. Lol How often should I be rotating water and food supplies from the car? I have an EDB I've been working on that has a liter bottle in it. I know it's not as much as I should have, but like I said I have a case of water in the trunk and if I have to abandon the car, I will snag as much water as possible. I also live a 7 minute drive from work. It's 20 minutes on bike and about an hour on foot following the railroad tracks. So my main concern is making sure we are covered when away from home.
  8. bnbr75

    Car emergency bag

    I'm trying to put together an emergency bag for the car but with the warmer months coming, I'm worried about food spoiling in the heat. What kinds of foods can I store in a bag in the trunk that won't spoil or lose nutrition in the heat?
  9. bnbr75

    Bleach to purify water...

    Thank you!
  10. bnbr75


    My local dealer is trying to turn me on to these and we just recently purchased out first guns: a .22 rifle and a 9mm handgun. What does everyone think? I was thinking that it would be a nice, space saving item to have in the BOB. And a lot easier and quicker when TSHTF to keep up maintenance on the go. Thoughts?
  11. Sorry if I am asking a question that I should have easily found in the forums. Here is what I am going through. We usually have 2-4 2 liter bottles a week become available. I like to clean these out and fill them with water so that we can have water saved for cooking/cleaning, etc. My question is, how many drops of bleach should I be adding to each 2 liter to make sure the water is safe? Again, I'm sorry if I'm asking questions whose answers should be common sense but we are new to prepping and are really working hard to learn from everyone here. Thanks so much!
  12. Wondering what suggestions you might have for a newb?
  13. bnbr75

    Need storage ideas

    Will storing water out in my shed be a problem when summer hits?
  14. bnbr75

    Need storage ideas

    It is a very small house. We have a shed, albeit a very full shed I will have to clean out, but I might be able to start using it. But will the summer heat cause my stored water any problems being out in the shed? And the water BOB? Can I fill it and store it somewhere? We will still need our tub for now. Thanks for all the great ideas!
  15. bnbr75

    LDS Canneries

    I found something. The closest ones to me do not offer canneries as far as I can tell.