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    Helping to bring the wife on

    :mad:That a rough question for a lot of married people. One wants to prepare for TSHTF and the other doesn't. I not married, so I don't have that problem. A friend of mind did. He solved the problem by getting rid of his wife. He told me that all she was was a mill-stone around his neck. He kids were grown so that wasn't a problem. I have relatives that think I am crazy for thinking about survival. Most people I talk to can see the danger we're in or they can't or won't. The only solution (other that divorce) is to have the person who doesn't want to do survival planning to watch a move like "The Road". Maybe that would help. Maybe not.
  2. TopCat

    Hellow from Arizona!!!

    :mad: I am a 70 year old, white male, who lives in the Phoenix,Az area. I am concerned about the direction our country has taken especially with Clinton, Bush and now Obama as President. We have a $15 Trillion Dollar debt and growing at the rate of $150 million a day. If something isn't done soon and I don't think anything will be done until Run-a-Way inflation occures; than all hell is going to brake lose. I want to be ready and not go down the tubes with all the losers.
  3. I am a 70 year old, white male, that lives in Phoenix, AZ. I have been concerned about the direction this country has been taking. With our massive debt, unless something is done soon, is going to cause Run-a-Way inflation and TSHTF times. I want to be ready.