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  1. Mrdahut

    Thinking about the future

    I have picked up a part time apprenticeship with a local butcher. As far as he knows its so can can learn to strip game more efficiently. Great skill to pick up
  2. Mrdahut

    day after tommorow ????

    Well I must say there is a lot of fact manipulation on both sides of the argument. But one can not ignore that there is a change in the climate. Its source on the other is entirely able to be debated. Even the ancient climate events that model the effects of atlantic thermocline shut down have debate as to how much it effected over climate. Still its no doubt that there is a direct correlation between gulf stream and water levels on us eastern coast. As well as temperatures. Strength of that effect is what is debatable. Being an admitted prepper in plan for worst and hope for best.
  3. I live near a north east maritime research center. The buzz going around in their circles is that since sandy there has been a major reduction in speed of the gulf stream.. current theory is that it could collapse in as little as 5 years. The climate decay seen in day after tomorow would take another 5 to 20 years. Thats 25 years till manhattan is under ice cap
  4. Mrdahut

    saf3 communication

    Ok so some folks remember me from the past. I pop up from time to time. This time I come bearing information. Tor network is fully compromised. I got my first hint about 6 months ago, where some information sites went down all at the same time. Having talked to a contractor buddy since then I have been told that at this point real time reading of 128 bit encryption is common and easy on the nsa's level. Not a huge surprise the big surprise was that with focused effort 256 is just as transparent. That all for now.
  5. Last week US State Department supposedly approved the short sale of 2 dozen GBU-37 bunker busters. These are precision super bunker busters. From what was said to me short sale means they are coming out of the US stockpiles not from the manufacturer; so delivery time could be as short as 3 weeks. Secondly we are supposedly re negotiating with Saudi Arabia about over flight for us and other allies. Draw your own conclusions.
  6. Mrdahut

    oddball bob items

    well then you may be either extremely sheltered or terribly unimaginative. ( ok that was purely a joking comment.) but honestly out side of dirty uses those stupid little keys actually unlock a lot of luggage and such
  7. Mrdahut

    EX pat SUrvival

    I have been seeing a LOt and I mean A LOT of interesting and in expensive land throughout the Americas and oddly in Spain and Greece. I know of at least two family's that have expatriated to leverage their limited saving into longer term value. Granted most are also getting into farming in there new locations.
  8. Mrdahut

    rust supression

    yeah i saw the price on por15 and not sq ft not square as in roofing. and remember a standard 40 shipping container is almost 3000sq ft so not as large as you think
  9. Mrdahut

    rust supression

    POR seems like it will be pretty good. gonna get expensive fast though it looks. got about 4000 square feet to cover
  10. Mrdahut

    rust supression

    Hey guys need a good long term rust inhibitor for metal. Must be able to be applied by some one at home. Must be able to handle 20plus year in soil. I have read about a few epoxy paints but they all see mto require some crazy spray rigs and ovens.
  11. I have done minimal gear deep woods trips. I love them and they are great. But First and for most If you don't know what you are doing FOR REAL THEN STOP. I do it because I enjoy it. I do it with experienced deep woods campers never alone.(insert sophomoric joke here.) I always have some sort of emergency communications device. And we leave extremely detailed plans of our movement and schedule. If you really haven't done this before take a few survival schools not just basic class form the local hunters supply shop. Once you are out there all the prep in the world means nothing when you run into something you don't know . Even for an experienced person what is not known is always more then what is known. DO it once get luck gets ya cocky gets ya dead.
  12. Mrdahut


    8.6 today pretty decent power
  13. Mrdahut

    coronal hole

    I highgly doubt sun gods. BUt yes thats one fuck of a CME problem if it boils out.
  14. Mrdahut

    The all important BB gun.

    ok since no one has said it You'll shoot your eye out.
  15. Mrdahut

    Long island on fire!!!

    Fire are very near me almost out and not really all that big of a deal. media blowing things out of proportion again. Well except for the fact that it started ona a major research reservation that has a lot of NBC compounds on it.