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  1. Vicioustom

    I used to be here, then I wasn't

    It never really got bad, but I no longer have to worry about marital problems, and I have a changes of scenery.
  2. idk, always retained our mags under fire, resupplies didn't come loaded in mags for us, we had to load our mags. Fighting over an area the size of a small town and letting your mags hit the ground as you go is a great way to insure you will end up having no mags to load.
  3. Vicioustom

    Looking for suggestions

    I'm 5'6" and I handle a 12 gauge efficiently. Anymore you can get loads that get the job done but have drastically more control-ability. Learning the right techniques for shooting a shotgun makes all the difference, there's a finesse factor in it, and form. I like my Mossberg, I liked my 870 when I had it. I'd get an autoloader if I had the money and use for it, the modern ones are a far cry from the antiquated ones that gave the class a bad name, and they can cycle just about anything, anytime, and have less felt recoil. of course for a drag it in the mud, beat it hard, put it away wet and don't care but it darn well better work it's hard to beat the Mossberg 500 and Remington 870.
  4. Vicioustom

    axe > machete

    Danm, your Norse pole axe is most likely a Dane Axe, an awesome weapon and tool used for hundreds of years in Scandinavia, light, long and with a peculiar recessed heel and advanced toe design that made it wonderful at splitting bits of armor aparts. didyaknow they were typically used one handed with either a shield or a Seax (large, long utility/fighting knife carried by nearly everyone in northern Europe and could be considered part of the machete family) in the other. They sure did love to fight, and damned if they they didn't survive pretty well.... and interestingly they used both. Anyone that knows me knows I'm a machete guy, just a matter of preference. And saying an axe head is going to be tougher just because there is more metal has obviously never heard of pot metal. What grade of steel is said axe head, if it's even steel at all, since metal could very well refer to a slab of copper. A machete isn't a peice of sheet metal, it's anymore than an axe head is a lump of metal. Both have been selected from a task specific grade of steel, then they are shaped, either by impact, pressing, or stock removal. They are both then hardened if not multiple times in different areas to control characteristics like edge holding, edge taking, springiness, resistance to chipping etc... and finally they are tempered to even out their stress points. A lot more complex than cutting it out with some tin snips wrapping hockey tape around one end and calling it a machete. I suggest you try an Ontario, or my personal favorite a Condor, and if you're using a 20 dollar axe I recommend safety glasses, even when you're just looking at it.
  5. Vicioustom

    7.3 Powerstroke

    Admittedly a lot of the dangers of things like EMP and Solar Flares elude me. So i'll just ask, a more modern diesel engine like the 7.3 ford power stroke, How would it hold up under those conditions?
  6. Life had a few surprises for me, so I've been away for a while, anyone remember me?
  7. Vicioustom

    Self Defense Training

    That's a tough one, at age 50ish, being on the small side, and being a bit out of shape... Reactions are a little slower than they used to be most likely, joints can't take near as much repeated impact (As A general rule, I know there are those rare sixty year olds who are still physical powerhouses and physically superior to most 20 year olds). You'll want something aggressive that shuts things down quick before the thirty years of smoking and not so great conditioning can catch up to you. Effective striking takes a lot of years, repetition, and full contact sparring to get good at none of which is particularly good for you joints especially if you're like most people over 30, meaning you have some injuries already. The only thing I can think of for a type of skillset would be throwing or standing grappling with a lot of emphasis on blood chokes. Heck maybe Aikido, although, as was mentioned earlier I've never seen great results from it. Judo on the other hand has some potential. Just my $.02, put away the pitchforks and torches.
  8. There's an outdoor/surplus store here, Canfield's, that sells a bit of everything and ranges from the cheap low end gear to the high end expensive equipment most of it practical. I can wile away more than a few hours in that place if given the chance. It's the sort of place where you can chat with the folks working there without getting some product pushed on you. I try not to buy a lot of gear, but when I buy a piece I try to get the highest quality I can afford, and will save up for a while to get exactly what I want since I don't have much disposable income anymore. So if I get it out of the shiny new wrapper and it's damaged or has a defect it does hurt me a bit more than other folks. The people at this shop understand that, and try to do right by their customers. Because of some of the oddball gear they carry there they haven't always been able to direct exchange my purchases on the few occasions when it was necessary, so they've either upgraded me, or on one occasion helped me repair the item in their workshop, something I wouldn't have been able to afford, or been able to do myself at the time. There used to be other businesses like this in the area that I frequented, like the gunsmith that I'd had do all my work for close to nine years. Sadly most of them have gone out of business.
  9. Vicioustom

    A Medic Bag to Survive 365 Days?

    A buddy of mine and I were chatting over some beers a while ago, and as we're both combat vets, and he's a former medic and current paramedic so the conversation ended up turning to nasty traumas. He seems to like the newer AFD dressings. I've not had the opportunity to use one yet since no one around me has been kind enough to get horrible mauled yet, but here's hoping.... May be worth a look at least.
  10. Vicioustom

    what would you do?

    My trip in the police car after a shooting related incident has the be the most terrifying 20 minutes of my life, which is saying something after some of the places I've been, and things I've done. If you think back on it long enough, and hard enough you may be able to figure out the critical choice you made, or failed to make that let the whole situation unfold. I know it seems like armchair quarterbacking, and that bad things do in fact happen at random, however I try to think a few moves ahead now after reflecting on some things that went south, so I find myself getting into fewer of those situations these days. I still get into unpleasant situations, but it's rare these days. Just some food for thought, hope you don't interpret it as lecturing, or preaching.
  11. Vicioustom

    what would you do?

    All the aches and pains I wake up too from doing anything other than this has shown me the wisdom of these words.
  12. Vicioustom

    POLL: Vest or Plate Carrier

    Full vest with side plates if we're talking about blood, snot and ass flying through the air, like a massive urban assault. Plate carrier for just about anything else. I know the soft Kevlar piles are alleged to stop all sorts of stuff, but the only thing I've ever seen it reliably stop is mild fragmentation. SAPI plates on the other hand, well I owe being able to sit here and type this to one. The plates by themselves in a lightweight carrier aren't that heavy so any perceived mobility loss is well worth the added survivability. Then again it's all a crap shoot when it comes to violence, may take a bullet in a distal artery and there isn't much that's going to stop it in that case.
  13. Vicioustom

    the M9 bayonet

    Double post aside, the M-9 bayonet is a great bayonet and a crappy knife imho. Too thick, bad ergo, etc... It feels more like a hammer in the hand than a knife. If you need a bayonet then it's a good pick, if you need a knife then look elsewhere.
  14. Vicioustom

    12 gauge Mini Shells

    I've played with these shells a bit. I like them, but have had some feed issues in just about ever shot gun I'ved used them in unless it was operating at turtle pace. You can braze a small tab onto your shell lifter that allegedly corrects 99% of feed problems. I've not done it myself but I've seen a Remington 870 that was so modified and it seemed to work.