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  1. Urban Wolf

    What have you done today to better your Prep? III

    I have been networking a little. forming a tight little band.
  2. Urban Wolf


    Hello all, Im looking to meet up with Massachusetts folks from this site. Maybe we can meet up for a round up type thing. Please leave a message. Thanks
  3. Hey Rat.

    Hope your well. I had to go gray for a while. Still keeping a low profile. See you in the funny papers.

  4. Urban Wolf

    "You gotta have faith"

    Faith and hope. I call myself a christian, but am quick to tell folks im not a very good one. I do the best I can and try harder every day to do better.
  5. Sorry folks, I have been out of the loop for a while. My wife wanted me to get some thing to enlarge my penis, so I did. Her name is Jill, she is 23 yrs old and is coming over again tonight.
  6. Urban Wolf

    Howdy from Arkansas!

    Welcome to the site
  7. Urban Wolf


    Welcome back.
  8. Urban Wolf

    Greeting's from North Idaho

    welcome to the site
  9. Urban Wolf

    Im back

    Thank you all for your kind words and prays.
  10. Urban Wolf

    Just beginning prepping!

    My 1st Bob was a old hiking back pack. Start with easy. You can always up grade later.
  11. Urban Wolf

    How's your ammo supply?

    I dont have enough. Yet.
  12. Urban Wolf


    lots of good stuff mentioned. When ever I pick up a 12pgk of wobbley pops, I also pick some some nips. All kinds. I dont do hard stuff so theres no chance of me sucking them down my self.
  13. Urban Wolf

    Home invasion/ car jacking at gunpoint

    People are friggin worst than animals. My town is getting bad as well. Just goes to show you, you have to take care of your self.
  14. Urban Wolf

    I love BOOBIES

    Here is a nice pair of boobies
  15. Urban Wolf

    Im back

    Sorry that I have not been around much. I was mourning the passing of my beloved Mom. I have alot of catching up to do. Good to know I can always find the latest stuff on this site.