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    long time gun dealer *retired* and former gunsmith, have educated opinons on most commercially available guns, go ahead ask and i will try to give a straightforeward answer
  1. gorillamath

    7.62 x39 - 7.62x25 interchangeable?

    those 2 types have vastly different chamber pressures and while the greatly reduced pressure of the 7.62x25 wont make your gun blow up the case length and throat diameters can cause some real problems, if you can make it go bang in there it will erode your chamber if not really bugger up your extractor, pin and various other parts, its the same thing as shoving 9mm into your .40, sure you can make them go bang like that now and then but its never a good idea
  2. gorillamath

    community college welding schools

    alot of community colleges and trade schools have welding classes that are federally subsidized, making them extremely cheap to take. the local one (pre slow econ and budget cuts, dont know current cost) ended up being under $200 not including tools for 3 semesters of full time welding coarses and they offer lots of full time employment skills classes, worth looking into if only to get use on nice industrial machines and learn a few tricks while your at it
  3. gorillamath

    Bug-In Castle Defense

    smoke one think you might look at is your prewelded bars idea but add extra heavy duty d links around the outsides of your windows now, if shtf simply take your cages and attatch them to your waiting mounting points with sheilded hasp padlocks, the key and weakpoint to this system is always the mounts and what your walls are made out of, i tend to figure the heaviest duty i think i need and double it or better on projects like this (sense making on what i mean by the mounts?)
  4. gorillamath

    testing your bob

    did not see this one anywhere but i also leave work around 1 or 2 am so.... when this thought struck me it seemed so painfully obvious but i have to my best recollection never seen anything on it. Take your bob, as is right now and go camping for the weekend, i garuntee you will have a list of things to add and maybe a few things to pull. if you doctor your bob before you go then it wasent in the kind of shape it should be now was it, your only cheating yourself there and we all do it. rants and ill organized thoughts aside its never a bad idea to have to use your bob (or a clone of it) enough times that you know it works and have the fat trimmed out of it, just dont forget to add or keep its teeth, with luck thats never needed but defense is important in my book.