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    New Thread - hygiene alternatives

    i thought it was windex. i learned that from 'my big fat greek wedding'
  2. use safety razors for shaving with those old fashioned double safety blades. really sharp thin blades. have a 10 pack($2) from Walmart in my BOB. got the handle on ebay for $20. good blades, cuts good, lasts a while(for me about 5 good full face shaves)
  3. simplejones

    best way to pack fishing line

    and i use preset sizes that way i unspool the line and hook, clip it on a leader line and set the line in the water done
  4. simplejones

    best way to pack fishing line

    i use braided line and sewing machine bobbins
  5. simplejones

    Popcan Stove

    there are good instructions on
  6. simplejones

    Skill VS Gear

    for me its 3+parts skill 1 part gear. every gear has 3 or more functions to supplement my survival. the more you know how to use your gear, the less gear you need.
  7. simplejones

    Edc, ghb/bob

    i have really been looking at the kabar kukri machete, being a fan of kabars. any knowledge about it?
  8. simplejones

    Edc, ghb/bob

    good idea but e-shovel is not strong enough for batoning, and i have thought of making a hoe like scoop and somehow attach it to the hatchet, dont want to weld it tho. the alcohol stove is for when im on a jobsite. but i normally just set the mess kit on the fire itself. i have considered a needle for the paracord guts to use for repairs. havent gotten one tho. the ones i have are for standard thread
  9. simplejones

    Edc, ghb/bob

    lol thanks for the catch, edited it.
  10. simplejones

    Edc, ghb/bob

    yes fire 4 ways so far, flint and knife, bic lighter(used for lighting alky stove), bow drill using paracord and stick with split piece of wood using a hatchet and divot holes with a knife, and friction fire using split wood with a hatchet and thick branch cut up again with a hatchet. wire saw is useless for me after 3 days of good use therefore the hatchet which is good just about forever using a smooth stone to sharpen. yes i need to pocket knife just in case i need to drop the GHB/BOB and run, and hatchet is also good for making natural shelter, weapons, etc etc. yes/no to education, with out any tools your're almost screwed, having tools without education you're screwed. and i practice by going BOB camping. pen is useless to me. light sticks only last a few hours, i use my flashlight everyday and have back up batts to last me hours. i have to consider the fact that i travel between 10mi to 120 mi from home so if my fam is home and i need to get home i need to consider what it would take to get 120 mi.therefore my slightly weighty stuff. thats whats important to me.
  11. simplejones

    Edc, ghb/bob

    yes you're right im not done. this is my list until i have more funding. the first thing so far is to upgrade my survival knife, expand my first aid, and get a sleep gear. but right now with my pack geared more toward GHB rather than a BOB, which was my goal to start, will add on more things to become more of a BOB later on, now i need to focus on my home stockpile and home defenses (not involving firearms since i dont have one yet) since i have a wife with some health issues which would make it very difficult to bug out quickly and doesnt do well with extreme changes, and a little girl(16 months as of feb 1st). so if the worst comes we're buggin in until our lives are on the line.
  12. simplejones

    Make your own stove good instructions and diff types of alcohol stoves
  13. simplejones

    Where can I find nalgene lids for sale

    target sells 3 in 1 pack of 3 diff lids
  14. simplejones

    Edc, ghb/bob

    my kit i designed for me alone in mind for simple, mobility and speed, i do have additional bags for my wife & daughter and will add what i need to add to mine if they are with me. i know alot would say that a military looking pack is not a good idea. but it works for me with the modularity, size and fit. i do not posses any firearms at the time but do have plans for a glock 19 and socom M1A. i will try to post pictures soon of the contents. EDC- keys+whistle cell+wallet in C4 surefire 6p app trail pocket knife multitool survival bracelet raincoat w/ fleece lining(weatherwise) GHB/BOB-camelbak motherlode -food -swedish mess kit & light my fire spork -alcohol stove w/ fuel(stored inside mess kit) -food(2 times a day for 7 days) -hydration -katadyn hiker water filter -omega 100oz bladder(part of pack) -fire -bic lighter -flint -shelter -silnylon tarp with lashings -light -cr123 batts(12) -nav -map and compass** -mirror -tools/utility -flush, gauze, tape, sutures, scapel -painkillers, sm bottle alcohol, quikclot -2X10' paracord -1X50' paracord -CRKT full size folder -duct tape(on old hotel card) -e-shovel -hone -clothes -cotton/polyster zipoff pants & t-shirt(ziploc) -socks(2)(ziploc) -badana **-will transfer to EDC when GHB/BOB is being used winter gear -blk cotton gloves -wool finger stub gloves with mitten pullovers &fleece lined -lg blk cotton watch cap -skull cap -long johns -knee high gaiters in event that im away from home i also have a 6 gal container of water in the car.
  15. simplejones

    How much food is in your bag?

    i carry enough for 2/day for 7 days and 2 more weeks of 2/d 4 7d in a bucket at home. i added protien powder like those for weightlifters to the food