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  1. DesertRat

    This interview is chilling

    The scary thing is how much they "know" us already. Face scanning technology is just icing on the cake for them. The know all about me; where I live, where I work, what I buy... My brother in law is in the Air Force with secret security clearances and they monitor everybody in his family, Because of that my wife and I have heard "the CIA chirp" on the television many times. They know us already. I think it would be safe to say that if you frequent this site, not to mention the many others sites out there just like this one, then you are on some sort of anti-government list DR
  2. DesertRat

    Time to invest in a multitool. Help?

    Hey everybody it is good to be back. It has been quite a few months since I have been around here. In the multi-tool debate, if you can call it that, I would not leave out a ranchers fencing tool. I have said it before I have used it more than a leatherman, although I wouldn't bug out or even leave the house without a good leatherman. I keep a fencing tool in my truck and in the bug out gear. It is worth a look to see if you would need one. check the link. It is good to be back friends. DR.
  3. DesertRat

    Hello from Albuquerque

    Welcome to the less BS forums. That is the same reason I joined up. See you around. DesertRat
  4. This is a great thread. I love hatchet and Brian's winter (somewhat of a sequel). I am planing on doing a small group reading with it next school year. Personally, I enjoy last man on Earth books. So, my list is: I am legend, The Road, The Earth Abides, After London, The last Man on Earth, Lucifer's Hammer. DesertRat
  5. DesertRat

    preppers physical conditioning.

    This is absolutly true. Running helps runners. I add pull-ups, push-ups, burpees, and many other functional body weight exercises in my training, but running does take up the bulk of it though. I will end by saying whatever routine you chose make sure your exercises use the most muscle groups possible for each move. The human body works togther like the perfect machine that God made it (until we blew it), no muscles ever work in isolation in real world work. DesertRat
  6. DesertRat

    preppers physical conditioning.

    I know there is a big to do about crossfit, but it has very big flaws. 1; it is not for everyone. If you can't do one pullup scaling down doesn't matter, not too mention a deadlift or overhead squats. 2; If you can't get to a offical gym your body mechanics may be off and that is a recipe for pain and maybe serious injury. 3; How can you ever get good at something if the last time you were perscribed to run it was a year ago. I just checked the crossfit site and the last time todays workout was done was in 2010. I have been a runner for pretty much my whole life. I suggest running, that is scalable,... runner's world has a great routine called iron strong, or iron ...something (I forgot) but it is one of the best calesthenic workouts I have seen. And that style is perfect for survival. I might not be able to lift 300 lbs but I can run for 12 miles. which is better in a survival situation? I go for distance. Anyway, whatever you do make sure it is functional. DesertRat
  7. DesertRat

    Back to Basics

    I have the 1981 edition and just like the title suggests it covers the basic, but the basics of just about everything. This is a keeper and one to take if I have to leave town. Pick it up. DesertRat
  8. (Spoiler Alert) IMHO I thought the book was a commentary on how you decide to live. The world is screwed up and it is a dog eat dog world, right now, in reality. You can decied to work over your fellow man to get ahead or decide to "keep the fire". The man is keeping the fire and teacing his son to do the same, but as the story progresses we see him resort to more unethical treatment of people, it is his son who draws him back to "the fire"; reminding his dad to pray for thankfulness, treating other people right, not leaving a man naked in the world, ect... When the man dies the son asks the other family if they are keeping the fire too and will not go with them until, or give up the gun, till they say yes. Almost to say; If you don't do the right thing when called upon, it doesn't matter how you can help me I will not go with you. Maybe I read too much into the book, but it is one of the most positive books I have read in a long time. The hypothetical situation mirrors our reality...without the ash. DesertRat.
  9. DesertRat

    Mountains, or Plains?

    This is a tough one. I lived in the mountains while going to college and I remember the growing seasons to be real short, and we often had hard freezes in early or late summer. If I lost my entire survival garden to frost... its a tough pill to swallow. You would have better concellment in the mountains and hunting would be better, I think. And this is a personal opinon, but I hate the cold. I haven't spent much time in the plains, only trips through them and one extended stay in OK. I know that the desert is usually off peoples bug out radar but if you know how to save rainwater and live (research how the Navajo people have lived and still live) the desert is an option as well. There maybe the possibliity of going south. Really, I suppose it depends on where the trouble is and go the opposite direction. I know I wasnt much help, but it is my two cents. DesertRat
  10. DesertRat

    Where Do They Get The Money

    My wife and I are public school teachers, therefore we make peanuts compared to our education and work hours. This is how we do it: slow going. We do not have stores for years, a bug out location, tons of firearms, etc... We set a little aside for prepping (food, water, gear) each month, if we can, and do what we can. We also have a baby on the way so our ear marked funds will go down even further. Do what you can a let God be God. DesertRat.
  11. DesertRat

    Hand Tools for SHTF

    My favorite "multi tool" is the rancher fencing pliers. It comes with a hammer head, pry hook, plier teeth, and wire cutters. DesertRat
  12. DesertRat

    Cast Nets?

    I thought about using cast nets at one time, so I called a friend of mine who works with the forest service and his answer was that they are against the law in our state. I would check with the forest service and wildlife office in your state to make sure that you can use them. If the a wildlife officer catches you with them and they are illegal they have the authority to take everything you have with you, including your truck. DesertRat.
  13. DesertRat


    This is why I love this forum. I have been prepping for years and I have never thought of a watch. I have just been using the clock on my cell phone. Thank you for showing where I am falling short. A good watch has just been bumped up the list to number one purchase.
  14. DesertRat

    On the Subject of Religion.

    My Christianity effects my TEOTWAWKI planning, becuase in my mind an end of the world situation involves me leaving the Earth anyway, in the way that I don't prepare for the "end", unless you concider my faith as preperation. What it does effect is the way I think about others who might need help. I do not talk about my preps, but if some needed help I would help them. Also, I take a religious view on world events, and I see a one world government coming, I see I.D. tags already going into peoples bodies, and many others. DesertRat. p.s. This is the only thread to post this without sounding like a thumper. No matter how many "sins" you have commited, will commit, Jesus loves you more than you can ever know and wants you to know Him too.
  15. DesertRat

    Where can I find nalgene lids for sale

    LOL. I was way overthinking it. Thanks.