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  1. Have watch a few of the episodes now. Defintely get some helpful items from it. Now I just have to figure out how to rig my pickup with 12ga on the hood and M4 off the roof. (just hate cutting holes in the roof)
  2. Uncle Vinnie

    What would be your role in a Post-Collapse world?

    A burden. Actually, I'd try to assist in any way possible with whatever would need to be done. So I suppose, like others have said, Jack of All, Master of none.
  3. Uncle Vinnie

    Hey Gulf Coasters! We got one!

    No lie, and ain't that the way it is. I'm just really glad that I had kept a window unit from years ago, at least the bedroom is good to go for sleeping comfortably.
  4. I have a two burner, propane Coleman. Plus, found a couple of those Sterno stoves at Wally World. Not to mention, BBQ pits, smokers. That's for cooking. Battery operated fan, and lot's-o-lights, and even got a small battery operated digital tv. So, for short term issues, I'm set. Long term .. well, let's hope that doesn't happen but plans are in place.
  5. Uncle Vinnie

    Hey Gulf Coasters! We got one!

    This only figures. A/C has been having issues lately, but was hoping it would last for at least one more summer, or until a storm came around, but last night it finally gave up the ghost.
  6. Don't count on Texas being all that stable. Last summer we had rolling black outs all over the state and even bought some off Mexico, if my memory serves me correctly. Just this last spring I saw them, and heard them, demo a gas run power plant just a short distance from my place. Haven't seen anything anywhere nearby that's replaced it, and I know that Texas City, just south of me, pulls a lot of power for all those refineries.
  7. Uncle Vinnie

    Hey Gulf Coasters! We got one!

    Got all the gear set, actually, it stays that way. This definately ain't my first rodeo. Now it's just a wait and see which way Ernesto goes, as to whether the plan goes into effect, or remains in standby mode.
  8. Uncle Vinnie


    I have the Remington R25 .308 in AR platform. Works great, and I have actually made my younger brother jeaslous as it's as accurate down range as his custom bolt action .308. I have some targets where I can cover a 3 shot group at 100yds with a nickel. Mine really likes the Remington Core-Lockt 150gr SP ammo. And, Magpul offers 20 round mags for it for about $20.00 at my local gun store.
  9. Uncle Vinnie

    Denver Shooting

    I might have misstated myself or possibly been misunderstood. When I said had gun laws been in effect, I meant, stricter gun laws, he still would have found a way. I'm not saying that there should be stricter gun laws.
  10. Uncle Vinnie

    Getting out of NYC!

    As with the other responders. The first thing that came to my mind is a Kayak or similar water craft, storage space with easy and close access to the water. Have a stash away bike on the other side so you can skeedattle on home to take care of the wife. Glad to see your company has a plan now.
  11. Uncle Vinnie

    Denver Shooting

    And that's the sad fact. Had there been gun laws in effect, it might have only slowed him down as with all crimminals. It's us law abiding types that would get screwed over. Besides, most of his purchases were made online, which means he used plastic and no intentions of paying.
  12. Uncle Vinnie

    Food Storage Information and More

    Found this site: http://www.stilltasty.com/ a while back. Very well organized and setup for each type of food group. Most interesting thing I found, is that most commercial canned goods have about a 5 year shelf life when stored correctly.
  13. Uncle Vinnie

    Show me Your SHTF Coffee Maker?

    Although I have an enamel camp coffee pot, the last time I stayed at a motel, they had those singles in the room. I would ask the room service lady each morning for a few extra and then stash them in my bag.
  14. Uncle Vinnie

    Denver Shooting

    I know this may sound callous, heartless and unfeeling but I will offer up this as something to think about, because since yesterday, it's been heavy in my thoughts. I'm glad, not in a sadistic way, that someone didn't take him out. Had he been removed, the officers would have never known about his apartment and how it was boobie trapped. Can you imagine what further certain death would have been dealt, had the cops shown up, with the entire neighborhood watching, as they breached the door and set off those explosives ? I'm very sorry for those 12+ families who have lost loved ones, and those that will have to go through the rest of their lives with this experience in their minds, but ... it would have been worse had he not lived to tell. Think about it.
  15. Uncle Vinnie

    New from Texas

    Howdy from another SE Texan. Best suggestion I can give you for hurricane survival. Study the storm surge charts for your area, so you know whether to stay or RUN! Try to keep your gas tanks full with some extra treated and stored. Prepare for loosing power. If it's coming our way, start freezing lots of water, for keeping your perishable food longer. Have lot's of water stored. Have non perishable food stuffs and ways to prepare it. I have a two burner Coleman camp stove with plenty of extra canisters. Stock up on disposable plates, and utensils, you don't want to have to spend your extra water doing the dishes. Flashlight, radio's and lots of batteries. These go fast just before, and right after the storm hits. Basically, have everything you think you'll need before the storm hits. The stores and gas stations are going to be very busy afterwards, and you really don't want to have to fight the masses who waited until the last minute.