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  1. Uniden has a FRS/GMRS unit that has true voice scrambling. I think it's GMR1448. Supposedly no one can eavesdrop on your conversations. I'm going to try a pair.
  2. mrrick308

    Emergency Broadcast System

    True but using text messages to the region would be more effective. How many of you actually listen to the radio all night waiting for an alert? There are many other methods other than broadcast radio that are more effective. I am spearheading a group to visit with a Congressperson and the FCC to eliminate the mandatory requirement of the EAS. Will keep everyone posted to the progress. Don't hold you breath tho.
  3. mrrick308

    Nat Geo TV put Us thru HELL & We Loved It

    Tuesday nights at 9PM Ch 186 on Dish Network.
  4. mrrick308

    Battery Standardization

    All those Sanyo batteries and chargers are available from Thomas Distributing. Google them. I buy many rechargeables from them. Good service. the 123's can be had from for less than a buck each. New stock.
  5. mrrick308

    Getting Started

    I started with a single stage to load 6mm rifle ammo for hunting. Once I got hooked I went overboard and have all the Dillon progressive presses. Why? Just because I could! It's fun to crank out one round a second in almost every caliber. Seriously, if you do a lot of shooting, reloading is affordable and the progressive will pay for itself. You don't have to go overboard like I did. Besides speed, you have more consistent and accurate rounds without the possibility of a mistake.
  6. mrrick308

    Getting Started

    Yes, you can shoot lead bullets in some rifles. You just have to follow the reloading manual carefully. You will have more leading in the barrel but with regular cleaning the barrel will last longer. Rick
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    9mm Bulk Range Fodder Recipes

    Dittos! That's my favorite load too. Rick
  8. mrrick308

    Affordable Calibers & Reloading

    I have a P95, P90, and P89. They are excellent semi's. Nice looking, easy to clean, rock solid. Reloading 9mm and 38 SPL's is almost the same price. My personal preference in a revolver is the Taurus Model 85. Not that expensive and great for women too. I prefer the longer wood grip over the factory rubber one though. I have a 7.62X54 but haven't shot or reloaded yet. If it doesn't eject I can only assume there's something wrong with the action.
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    Sulfur is not that expensive. I buy sulfur and salt peter on ebay from gulfcoastliquidators. Great place to get food grade lye for soapmaking too.! Rick
  10. mrrick308

    What's Your Take on Reloading?

    Dittos! I'm a 3++ I own every press Dillon sells including shotgun. Toolsets for almost every common caliber. My idea of entertainment is going to ranges and picking up brass. It's like gold. My buddies and I can reload 3000+ rounds in one Saturday morning. As a concealed carry permit instructor I go through a good number of .38 spl's. Prices for components is about 1/3 the cost or factory loads but varies sometimes. For legal reasons factory ammo must be used for self defense. Rick
  11. mrrick308

    Emergency Broadcast System

    As a broadcast engineer I can divulge some answers. We have to issue a weekly EAS test and pass through a monthly test from an LP (local primary). We have always done this since EAS was morphed from EBS. The test last fall was to originate a message from the White House just to see if it actually worked. It was a massive failure as most government plans. All radio, tv, and cable were supposed to receive the same message. Didn't happen. Long story. EAS is a totally obsolete form of disseminating official information. It is just a revenue generator (fines) when a station misses a test or if equipment fails. Rick