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  1. Trypticon

    Any Machinegunners Here?

    I used a belt rig as a machine gunner as it allowed me to carry far more ammo than a chest rig. Front left, front right and centre rear pouches can hold 300 rounds of 5.56mm each in 50 round belts, the other 2 can hold 400 rounds of 5.56mm link. The rig would be worn under my plate carrier which I then attached my spare barrel bag to via fastex clips that stopped it from swinging while running/crawling and also gave quick access to the spare barrel.
  2. Trypticon

    which is better in your opinion and why?

    if its not a lawful order, then you do not have to obey
  3. Trypticon

    preppers physical conditioning.

    Unless you plan to be running away carrying nothing, I dont think long distance running is practical training. Weighted squats combined with route marches are great if you plan to be walking long distances with your BOB. If you arent a fan of running but still want to get a cardio workout, burpees are great. If you dont know what burpees look like, watch
  4. Trypticon

    Priorities of work

    1. Security - Siting and digging in fighting positions (shallow pit, deep enough so i can duck down and not get shot) - Setting up early warning - Secure withdrawal routes 2. Acquire water - Filter, purify and refill water bottles - Setup bulk water storage if I'm, staying for awhile 3. Food - Eat once water bottles are full. - Search for food/set up snares once I've got a meal into me 4. Shelter - Depending on weather and time of day. If the weather is good, I'll setup once it gets dark
  5. Trypticon

    Alice Pack

    if you find the outer compartments dont close properly, sew an extra clip on them
  6. Trypticon

    those crazy swiss

    Get dressed and undressed inside your net. Why should your net rip in rough terrain? You set it up when you go to sleep, take it down when you wake up. The zip is off the ground, so long as you do periodic inspections for holes, there is no way even scorpions could get in. If you're being followed by insects, spray around your net before you get in. I've used mine for years and have yet to have any problem other than hearing the whine of mosquitoes trying to get in
  7. Trypticon

    those crazy swiss

    Rectangular mosquito net with base and zipper access keeps everything out.
  8. Trypticon

    Tactically Unsound?

    If you're worried about people stumbling onto your night location, then take steps to reduce the chance of it happening. - Only enter your night location after dark - Break track / fish hook / walk down a river / any other kind of deception plan so you aren't walking straight into your night loc and have some chance of throwing off anyone tracking you. - Eat/wash/clean weapons/toilet break elsewhere before it gets dark. The night loc is solely for sleeping. Light and sound discipline should be heavily enforced. If you're worried about not being able to get out of a sleeping bag, then dont zip it up all the way. It can be used much like a blanket with the option of zipping all the way up during colder nights. I've never used a tent myself, but in cold, windy and rainy situations when I'd want to use a tent, I'd also expect the threat level to decrease as potential enemies are forced to take shelter as well
  9. Trypticon

    Sleeping Pad

    Whatever sleeping pad you choose, I suggest using a Bivvi Bag over your sleeping bag as well. If you put your sleeping pad inside your Bivvi bag you will be more insulated than if the pad was external. The Bivvi bag will also waterproof you and most have build in mosquito nets.