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  1. SUB 2K is a nice gun...extremely hard to find right now
  2. Jizzy

    Hi from Colorado

    Hello Kaj, and welcome!
  3. Jizzy

    Hello From Iowa

    Welcome! I love Iowa...I'm just north of you
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    Absolutly correct Snake. Best post I read in some time
  5. Jizzy


    Here in MN its not bad despite our liberal leanings. There are just too many hunters in this state so no one touches the issue. We have a good c&c law and not too many restrictions...
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    Hello from the Northstar state

    Thanks Tinderwolf
  7. Hello everyone, I thought I would introduce myself as I have been lurking around the forums for a while now. Im a handyman/ photographer from MN. I've lived here my whole life and have a lot of experience in the outdoors "roughing it". Lately I've been doing a good deal of research into SHTF situations and that brought me here. Im very happy I found this wonderful site and look forward to learning from all the different people in this community. -Double
  8. A tripwire tied to a stack of pots, pans n' rocks works just as well as a battery operated personal alarm. Ive used it to wake me up in bear country and it works well. You already have those items in your bob. Good to go!
  9. Jizzy

    Sleeping Pad

    REI is great. I've been going there for years! I consider sleeping pads a luxury item, but nice to have. I use thermarest when camping, but they are worthless when they get a hole(cant expect to bring enough patches for SHTF). Go with closed cell foam pad. Warmer and rugged. Cheaper too. can also be used to splint a limb...i found out the hard way.
  10. Jizzy

    my BOB

    Just curious: Why tent stakes?