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  1. shadowplyr

    back from a hiatus

    hey everyone, to those old timers on here im sure you remember me. to the newbies.... hi all..... i am back for a short time to answer any questions that may be had, or to discuss anything you need. i looked through the boards and it looks pretty tame.... but seems that everyone is forgetting something very important.... you are planning as if everything will go according to plan.... where is your backup? where is the plan B? anyways.... ask away. i will answer when my email beeps
  2. shadowplyr

    Planning the GHB

    ok so lets go through your situation...... lets say...... CME hits, no electronics work. its 3:30 clock is ticking, you have 2 days to get home and get out before people realize shit is gonna get bad and start acting REALLY crazy (this is a tamer situation then lets say bombs going off). you and your wife decide this is a plan A situation (rural route you will meet at X location). so you get to your car and get your bag, take a minute to change into your shoes and pants and whatever else and take off...... by this time it is 4:20 because it took a while to realize this is a bad situation. it is a nice 65 degrees in your state but its gonna get cold tonight so you better go..... you are running with ~ what..... 15 lbs of gear? (if your water is filled up), so not too bad but are you used to this with your marathon running? lets say you are (i also assume this means you are super in shape with not much body fat so the stores are low for you) you are running along your planned route and realize the wife hasnt shown up yet.... you take a minute to wait at the designated spot, and eat one of your cliff shots and a cliff bar now stop..... this is problem 1. your clif bars average around what?? 250 calories a pop? that is NOTHING for you in this situation. you need like meal replacement bars, something with high calorie high carb some proteins to keep you moving..... ok so you wait an hour and nothing. it is getting dark and now you have the REALLY tough decision..... wait or go? the sun is setting.... you have your fire knife so you COULD start a fire but remember opsec is an issue here, are people freaking out yet? if they see you with gear and a fire are you prepared to fight? this is issue 2. you have no warmth gear for overnight, hell a emergency blanket even would be nice here but shorts and a long sleeve shirt aint gonna do shit when you are laying on the ground and it drops to 40-50* outside. lets rewind.... you decide you are going to keep moving, you both discussed meeting at home if you couldnt meet by ____ time after an event. so you pull out your mini mag flashlight STOP..... issue number 3..... this is great for seeing what is in your hands and MAYBE a few feet in front of you, but you are at a brisk jog at this point right? you trip and twist your ankle (fuck..... shit is not going to plan) you are now limping the other what..... 10 miles home with 1 power shot and 3 clif bars...... will you survive? well yea sure.... will you be weakened and have dulled senses and perception due to lack of nutrition and be more vulnerable.... hell yes you will be i ignored the water aspect since you said you were adding some sort of purification to the bag..... this is a decent set up but i am just showing you what runs through my head when i see this set up..... always plan for the worst and hope for the best my friend. the biggest issue here is you are assuming optimal conditions.... no stalls, nothing bad happens, and you can run straight home.... god i hope you can, but you are NOT prepared for any hiccups.
  3. shadowplyr

    looking for ammunition

    i didnt think the hold out on ammo would be so long...... anyone know where i can get .22 LR ammo that isnt almost a dollar a round.... checked my old standby and everything else seems to be sold out.
  4. shadowplyr

    firestarters experiment

    navy, i agree with you 100% which is why i think a fire starter is better, it takes FAR less work to start a fire then trying to slowly build your fire from tinder slowly up, with a good fire starter you can throw the bigger fuel on right away because the starter IS your tinder.
  5. shadowplyr

    firestarters experiment

    navy, lets be real, a lighter will do jack when/if it has rained. and id venture to say most people dont know how to make a successful fire with just a match or a lighter...i have seen first hand how poorly people are skilled with starting fires.
  6. shadowplyr

    firestarters experiment

    chlorene tabs and break fluid is not what i was having in mind here..... im thinking, steel wool and 9volt, or cotton balls with petroleum jelly.... that kinda thing
  7. shadowplyr

    firestarters experiment

    the wife left me alone for the day so i had an idea..... why not see what the best firestarter is!!!!!!!!!! post with your preferred method of making a firestarter and i will make it and see how long it burns, how hot, and how effective it is for starting a fire.... mine is the boyscout traditional cardboard egg carton with dryer lint and wax whats yours? results to follow
  8. science has done it again people....i WILL buy one of these when its actually produced
  9. shadowplyr

    legitimate announcement (stupid spam)

    well i appreciate the restraint you had in not banning me haha, autonomus thanks for the link!
  10. shadowplyr

    legitimate announcement (stupid spam)

    actually i saw these (for the light) might be a better idea than a flashlight
  11. shadowplyr

    legitimate announcement (stupid spam)

    but are they small? i want it to be super small so its easy to carry with us
  12. hey guys, the GF and I are going on a cruise in may and i wanted to find a small waterproof LED flashlight to take (just in case someone falls off the boat) i know thats a bad thought but....i couldn't imagine falling off into the ocean in the middle of the night and not having something for someone to see..... so basically i want to make sure its small enough so we can carry it everywhere but durable and reliable.... a tiny loud whistle would be good to add on too.... let me know if you have any recommendations!
  13. So here we are about 3 or 4 days away from what may be the worst storm for the Northeast since humans populated the area. I'm not kidding, that is a possibility. We know neither how strong this beast will be or exactly who will get the worst of it. Why? Because what is about to happen is unprecedented in the years that human have attempted to understand how the atmosphere works. Hurricanes have merged with colder air as an energetic jet stream interacts before. But perhaps not with the intensity of the factors coming into play this time. A similar scenario has happened before, back in 1991 ... the "Perfect Storm" of movie and book lore was born. Forecasts of that storm were awful leading up to it. The center of that system never made landfall along the East Coast. In fact, at its strongest the core of that storm was a few hundred miles east of New England. Here's what resulted: 80 mph winds and 25-foot waves on the Massachusetts Coast. Offshore buoys recorded 40-foot waves (that is enough to swallow a fishing boat). The Maryland Coast recorded record high tides. The lowest barometric pressure with that storm was 972 mb (that corresponds to 28.70" for those of you who are familiar with those units). Some computer forecast models drop the lowest pressure with Sandy to below 940 mb (27.75"). If you have a barometer at home, take a look at it - it doesn't go that low. If that occurs, this storm will bring the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded on the East Coast. Low pressure means wind, an tropical storm force winds already extend hundreds of miles away from the center of Sandy. Some believe as the storm approaches the coast it may intensify which means stronger winds. That means a widespread area of damage and power outages in the most populated part of the country. I feel there is a good chance we will still have some areas, perhaps entire communities, that lose power and still do not have it come Election Day a week later. Think about that ... no power on Election Day ... a hanging chad could pale in comparison. But here's the problem ... the computer forecast models that all the forecasters will lean on so heavily have no chance of getting this exactly right. Models are either configured (numerically, in terms of the mathematical equations that drive them), to handle either tropical system well, or what we call mid-latitude systems well, that is ones with warm and cold air clashing. There is no model that handles both well. If there were we would have one great model and my life would be far less stressful. The hurricane will merge with colder air and energy from the jet stream and transition from a tropical system into what we call an extratropical one. Historically the computer forecast models are not good when this happens. The latest National Hurricane Center forecast takes Sandy early Tuesday into the New Jersey or Deleware Coast on a westward track (which by the way has NEVER happened since we have been keeping track of these sort of things). They may be weighing the models that handle tropical system a bit more heavily, but those models should become less accurate as the colder, mid-latitude air works into Sandy's circulation near landfall. As of early this afternoon we have a threat or landfall anywhere between the eastern shore of Maryland and Massachusetts. It may be later Monday or even as late as early Wednesday. We will hear about this storm for weeks after it happens. Homes will fall into the ocean and lives will be lost. If the damaging winds are widespread enough, it may be one of the costliest weather events in U.S. history due to the population likely affected. Hopefully those near and along the coast in the Northeast are preparing for what will certainly be one for the ages
  14. shadowplyr

    Hey CapnBart!

    i feel as if there are only so many topics to cover, if they die off an re-appear its a way of breathing new life into the topic. i know i wont go through a old topics 59 comments. also i feel a good way to battle the spam would be to give some more people limited mod powers that are known to be trustworthy like regulator5 and tinderwolf, just an idea....
  15. shadowplyr

    hurricane slides up eastern coast

    hey guys, reporting in from NOVA just about 20 min out of DC. LUCKLY i got sick earlier this week and am almost better so i can be prepared to handle this situation this is where being pre prepped is great, i didnt have to battle the crowds at the store (other than to get my lady flowers for taking care of me while sick). i just grabbed a pack and made sure to stock it with flashlights batteries and glowsticks, the solar charger, and battery operated cell charger along with the hand crank radio. we already have water and food stores so thats all i really need to know where to locate. i recommend everyone else do the same. and remember, if you store tap water, put it in a jug but leave the cap off for ~24 hours to get the chlorine flavor/smell out of it. if any of you need updates from the NOVA area, PM me, ill be glad to tell you what i know