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  1. Excess7

    Something that got my wife thinking

    Mine is familiar and has trained with me on our firearms (though prefers her little M4 with polly lower), she has her CCW and carries non lethal daily (no firearms allowed at her place of employment) and carries here less than lethal and CCW on the evenings/weekends. She knows the lay of the land in terms of what we have and how to use it. In terms of emergency plans etc should SHTF while we are working, she has all the plan A's and B's. There is even one scenario where she comes with our BOV (is that the right acronym for bug out vehicle?) to swoop me up at a predesignated list of locations! I guess I lucked out with her!
  2. So, my wife has always been on board and does her fair share and what I ask in terms of preparing, being safe, etc. but she rarely really has any extra input on top of what we are currently doing. A friend let her borrow a book titled The Hunger Games and since she started reading it, she has been a bit more active and throwing out some decent ideas, not just inspired by the book, but also some new stuff not just regurgitated by what she has been reading. I was impressed. I am sure I am not the only person who has a spouse that is on board but not overly interested, and I thought I might share that this was a good way for mine to gain a bit more interest. (I guess it is a pretty good book also.) That is all.
  3. Excess7

    Paracord items for sale

    My current belt is 42 & 3/4" - 43" from the outside end of the buckle to the tip. The two holes I use are at 35 & 3/4 and 36 & 3/4 depending on which firearm is CC. If you take out the part at the end of the buckle where the dimple for the rod lies through it bumps everything down to even halves. Edit -- Black How much? Paypal I assume? Thanks!
  4. what color of belt would you like? I have black, olive drab, blue. and what is your waist size?

  5. Excess7

    Paracord items for sale

    I am interested in a belt!
  6. Excess7

    self defense ammo question.

    Another vote here for the Hornady Crit Defense or TAP, and the speer stuff always gets good reviews in ALL calibers.
  7. Excess7

    Realism AR vs. AK

    I am just not a fan of the .223 round but I can appreciate the use and availability of it. I am planning on getting a different upper for the ar-15 to convert it into a 6.8 spc because I like the round more, but availability dictates that you have to keep the 223 upper around also. In terms of distance and the long shot, it all depends on who and what the threat is. This for me will dictate the ar-10 vs ar-15 vs AK decision when SHTF and the need to bugout arises. If I have and can pack enough ammo it would be ar-10 or the AK, if I cant, .223 wins by default.
  8. Excess7

    Introduction Thread

    You guys have it well under control here. I am mostly looking to read but I am not afraid to post should I have some insight. I look forward to sharing what little I know and what I hope to learn!
  9. Added a small sleeve of baby wipes and chap-stick to my get home / outing bag.
  10. Excess7

    Introduction Thread

    My turn! I have been reading the Cache for a a few months, and I must be dense because I just noticed you even have a forum. My brother and I both were raised in a household that believed in self dependence, but also knew not to bite the hand that feeds. With that said I have been hunting, fishing, camping and competitively shooting for as long as it has been prudent. My brother is equally as interested in these types of things, but lives 1000 miles away. We have a unique ability to plan, and discuss equipment and other BUGOUT options given each geographic consideration with unique potential plans to meet up in a SHTF type situation. 1. Please describe your Every Day Carry? On my person every day I carry at minimum, wallet with some CASH, cell phone, SOG Twitch II, black bandanna, LED flashlight on my key ring along with a P-38 can opener and my Ruger LCP .380 with 2 mags (one loaded with ball points, the other with JHP's) 2. Favorite Bug Out Pistol? 4" Springfield Armory XD .45ACP 3. Favorite Concealed Carry Pistol? I carried an XD for a long time, but it is too bulky for every day use. The LCP .380 will do the job should I need it, so it has been promoted to the daily CCW. 4. Favorite Bug Out Rifle or Carbine? Depending on the situation a custom AR-10 (20" barrel .308) or the trusty AK-47. 5. Favorite Rifle or Carbine? AR-10 6. Favorite Shotgun? Mossberg 500 12 gauge 18.5" 6 round, tac'ed out including a light. 7. The amount of food you have at your house? Enough to meet the planned need. Anybody else store salt? (OPSEC) 8. Name your top 7 items in your Bug Out Bag? Water storage and purification, MRE's, Fire starting, Knife, First Aid Kits, Paracord, Canvas Tarp. 9. Describe your Bug Out Location, if you have one? A location along a river near a rock face defensible from all angles, with shelter opportunities. (OPSEC) 10. Describe your Bug Out Vehicle? 2nd Gen 4Runner, V8 swapped, 4x4 lifted with meaty tires. 11. Describe your Bug Out Bag? REI Traverse New Star in dark green utilizing straps to hang extra items. 12. Favorite home defense pistol? Defer to the gauge, but my .380 is the only pistol not secured. 13. Favorite home defense Rifle/Shotgun? The Mossy described above mixed with PXD1 ammo and #2 shot. 14. Favorite Survival Book? Carla Emery's Encyclopedia of Country Living. 15. Favorite Survival Type Movie? Hmmm, pass. 16. Survival Knife? KA-BAR Becker Tac Tool 17. Survival Tools in Your Kit? 2 different types of Gerber multi tools, Saber Cut hand chain saw, entrenching tools, hatchet.