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  1. Sorry if I am not online very often. I just recieved news that I have been acceptd into the paramedic program

  2. terrance450

    READING Articals..???????Have you???

    101matt. Yeah you are definately right! Thanks everyone for all the info that has been posted!
  3. terrance450

    The Walking Dead ~ Zombie Talk in General

    finally caught up with this series. My favorite character is Daryl! I checked the time on most of the episodes and its about 40 to 44 minutes. I can over look most of the dumb things these ppl do, except the tents. Do you really want to sleep in a tent when there are zombies around? Come on they had a big dodge van with lots of seats in it. That thing HAD to be safer than a tent.
  4. terrance450

    On the Subject of Religion.

    Wow! A lot of info here. I talked to my wife, took the suit out of storage, and we have decided to go to church on sunday! We are looking for a better understanding of faith. If I have any more questions its g good to know you are out there to help. Thanks
  5. terrance450

    what "saying" sums it up for you?

    "Death is Proof that you are not Alive Anymore" by Unknown
  6. terrance450

    On the Subject of Religion.

    I picked up a cambridge KJV bible on friday, and actually started to read it. Im not too sure if I have missed something but can some one tell me why it lists everyone's kids? I havent been to church in a long time so I figured here would be a good spot to ask a few questions.
  7. terrance450

    Bug Out Motorcycle???

    I personally have a 2011 KTM 450exc. http://oldboystoys.com/2011/05/06/motorcycles/2011-ktm-450-exc-review/ here is a link to it. I love this bike, but the down side is that it is a maintenance horror. I have to check valve clearance every 15 hours. Also It has a short fuel range. (bigger tanks are available) The reason I bought it was the Dakar Rally. If you are looking for something that can get you to your BOL, beat the snot outta it, and only have to wash it once in a while, then i could recommend 3 bikes 1) http://www.suzukicycles.com/Product%20Lines/Cycles/Products/DR-Z400/2012/DRZ400S.aspx?category=dualsport This is a great bike. A friend that I ride with loves it. He can punish his 400 all day and nothing breaks. If I could go back I would probabally buy one of these. 2)http://www.dirtrider.com/reviews/dirt_bike/141_0305_honda_xr400r/index.html Another good bike that will never let you down. This one would be for some one who is under 175 lbs. It can hander bigger people just dont do any jumps. 3)http://www.yamaha-motor.ca/products/products.php?model=3879&class=13&group=M|&LANG=en This would be a great bike. Cheap, air cooled, reliable and you can get a huge tank for the thing. Small enough to put on one of those hitch bike carriers and still be out of the way. If the above bike seem a little too small to you i recommend reading a few book by robert wicks. Adventure motorcycle series. They are printed by haynes. He goes over all the big bikes. 600cc +. Hope this helps
  8. terrance450

    how old are you?

    When ever I do something really dumb, my wife looks at me and says "shoe-size!" I love acting 9!!!
  9. terrance450

    E-Book or Hardcopy

    I am pretty sure this site has been posted here before. I have just started to go through it. http://www.enlisted.info/field-manuals/ And here is another that I found qoite enjoyable http://www.thedump.scoutscan.com/scouts.html
  10. terrance450

    A place to go: BOL

    Thank you for all the info so far. It looks like I have a lot of homework to do! I also set up an appt with a retailer. On the phone she said she had some stuff that would get me started.
  11. terrance450

    A place to go: BOL

    Hello everyone, I am hoping you can help with this. My wife and I watched the "Survivorman Off The Grid" video. Wife says she would be ok living in the country like that. (whoo hoo me!!) The problem is I have no idea how to buy land. A discussion area on how much land to buy, where to buy, HOW to buy BOland would be greatly appreciated. Thanks from Terrance450 in Canada! ADDED BY CAPT BART Terrance450 - I've moved your post and threads here as we discussed on private mail. I think this is a more appropriate post location. Thank you, Capt Bart
  12. terrance450

    Pick a job, any job...

    If I was 17 again, I would definately take welding and paramedic. Every welder I ever met can make something useful out of junk. (I actually believe that they train you to see something useful out of anything).
  13. terrance450

    Introduction Thread

    Hello everyone and thank you for all the great info on this site. PResently I live in Victoria BC Canada with my wife. I work at a cemetary, but plan to finish my education this fall to become a paramedic. I do not have any adult military training, but I did attend Air Cadets for 5 years. What got me to this site was a crash on my brand new dirt bike. less than 30 kilometers on her and i fell and dropped the bike. Well a sore hip, hand, shoulder and a wounded pride got me to thinking. I ride alone quite often, if that happened when I was alone, what would I do? So I started my search on what I SHOULD have in my backpack if that ever happened again. (All I had that time was a roll of duct tape, a pocket knife, and about 500ml of water.) Living on a big island that has 94% of all its products trucked in on a ferry is most assuredly not a good idea. Add in a rising unemployment rate, a large increase in crime, and a rapid increase of ummm un-favorable population. If ever the SHTF or TEOTWAWKiT this wont be a great place. I went to an emergency preparedness seminar hosted by the city on Wednesday, and basically they said if a SHTF senario happens expect all the stores to be empty in 24 hours. Expect relief in 7 days. Be prepared for civil unrest. Well combining the bike crash and the seminar, I started to prepare. 1. EDC - Bank Card, DL, pocket Knife, FA kit, duct tape, sunglasses, watch, $20 in fives and $2 in loose change 2. Favorite BOPistol - will be a springfield Armoury 1911 mil-spec (fired one and loved it) 3. Favorite CPistol - illegal in Canada 4. Favorite BORifle - will be a Remington 700 SPS (what borrowed from family when I used to hunt - go with what u know) 5. Favorite Rifle - My grandfathers 444 marlin (now at my brothers place) 6. Favorite Shotgun - Mossberg 500 (again a go with what u know firearm) 7. Amount of food - in house 5 days no cook stuff 8. 7 favorite items in BOB - Duct tape, bowie hunting knife, some MRE's, FA kit, change of clothes, lots of fire starters, maps and compass 9. BOLocation - fellow prep friend has a 38 foot sail boat. We have food/water for 14 days. 10. BOVehicle - 2011 KTM 450 EXC to get me and the wife to the boat. (the bike can easily be stored on the boat) 11. BOB - Mountain equipment day pack. (to be replaced with a GORUCK G2 before valentines day) 12. Home Def Pistol - see #2 13. Home Defence Shotgun - see #6 14. Fav Surv book - bought my first few yesterday SAS survival, and survivors by Rawles 15. Fav Surv Movie - i am legend and survivorman (neat to see and he is Canadian) 16. Fav Surv Knife - my bowie until i get a better one 17. Surv tools - xtra motocross gloves, 1/4" socket set, wire pliers, duct tape, wire, WD-40 tire levers, front and rear tubes. hollow breaker bar and axle socket, tiny tire pump, more duct tape, and tomorrow 25' of 550 para As you can see I am still a ways away from being prepared. I go for my PAC both restricted and unrestricted in 3 weeks. Im also taking sailing lessons, karate, and soon archery. When I finish school the wife and I will be heading north to the Yukon territories to make our home. Thanks again for a great site full of good ppl and advice.