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  1. az_geo

    The One Gun

    I recommend a good .22 rifle....I like the Henry AR-7....About $250.00 new. Mine is accurate up to over 100 yrds, extremely reliable.....this is for small game. The Ruger 10/22 is nice, but costs over $100 more. For home defense especially if you are a gun-beginner I would recommend a .357 revolver....nothing fancy or slide/safety, to manipulate, etc. just point and boom...and you can use .38 S&W's, .38 special, +P+, and .357 magnum ammo. or a 12 ga shotgun personally I like a Remington 870...very reliable many accessories and inexpensive...about $300 anywhere (used).
  2. az_geo

    Womens Selfdefense

    Pepper spray is not really too effective especially when your assailant is high on Meth....Also, it is illegal to carry in some places....A better alternative is: Wasp spray....It's cheap compared to pepper spray, and much more effective....It also has a range of 25 feet or so...whereas pepper spray can only be used up close....And, it bis legal everywhere!