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  1. marca

    Ok that did it i am now ticked off....

    My wife and I have started canning. So for 12 pints of salsa. This coming week beets and apple sauce. We have been growing growing more thing every year. We also buy in bulk to can from a few local farmers so we can can.
  2. Canned 12 pints of salsa will be starting on beets and apple sauce this coming week. Also got a 22LR hand gun.
  3. marca

    Greetings from Vermont

    Sorry I've away for awhile due to work. Just wanted to let everyone know I was back thanks.
  4. marca

    A little break from everything...

    May you and your families have a wonderful day.
  5. marca

    Most likely SHTF scenario?

    I believe that a natural disaster is my immediate concern flood or snow. I am building off this to better prepare for larger scenario.
  6. Bought a bag of tealight candles. Made boxes with a craft store box maker so that I put them 12 in a box for easy storage instead of having them all loose in the bag.
  7. marca

    survival tips and tricks

    Along with learning to be quite you should learn situational awareness. Be aware of your surroundings know what is going on around you it will help keep you alive. Avoiding bad situations is better than being caught in the middle of one.
  8. I still have my original ones from the army. Used mostly for doing compass and orienteering. Started teaching my son to read a map and use a compass.
  9. Got a knife sharpened for Bob bag. Went to dollar store and got items for hygiene kit, love the dollar store, $10 goes a long way.
  10. marca

    Dollar Store Preps

    I got coffee filters for water purification, 2 packs of 100 each for a buck. Also found liquid skin adhesive,2 single use vials for a dollar, bought six of them. Dollar stores are one of those places you need to check often stuff changes all the time.
  11. Been checking my teams bag and replacing expired items, my vet resterilizez the outdated items and uses manyof them
  12. marca

    3 Things I don't Have, What to get first?

    Same here default PM me with the info if you would like the suture kit, I can send some suturewith it.
  13. marca

    3 Things I don't Have, What to get first?

    I have a suturng kit that you can have for your med bag if you want.
  14. Here's an idea for your sewing kit. Add a heavy upholstery needle a curved one and a straight one. Put in a piece of 550 cord about a foot long. You can use the inner nylon pieces as thread for heavy duty mending needs.
  15. marca

    New Survival Series

    Being in the medical field and several deployments a bullet of any Cal will do damage. 22CAL will stop you. That's why I all get a 22, light you can carry lots of ammo that is not real expensive. Cheaper to fire 3 rounds of 22 than 1 round of big Cal ammo. Like everyone here we know value how to get the most out of a buck. Hopefully the first thing anyone who is preparing for something learns is situational awareness. Know what is going on around you. You learn this and you are way ahead of lots of people.