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  1. Vito12

    10 reasons to not have food storage.

    in the same way as we can say that criminals can't blame society for what they are, because then they are blaming me, personally. i am a member of that society. is your prepping done for just you, or does it include your (extended - maybe) family. insomuch as you are your family and your family includes you, you are your society, and your society includes you - a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. i know that unfortunatel being proud to be gay is "socially" and politically acceptable, (since i know that i don't agree, and maybe you don't agree, surely that means that society is wrong), but it is not socially or politically acceptable to be a proud prepper. start in a small way - lobby, stand for office, write to national geographic, inform them that you think that ridiculing preppers is not going to get them fed when tshtf, write letters to your local newspaper and radio or tv station, informing thenm that you wish for better program content and unbiaised news. get your neighbourhood watch and / or resident's committee to become a prepper-friendly organisation. spread the word - not that you are prepped and therefore the go-to guy when it does all fall apart, but that enough is enough, society doesn't owe me anything, and i most definitely am not to blame for all of society's failings, but you expect that for all the taxes that get paid, your children deserve an education, not a seminar in STUPID! is your sherrif an elected official, that means he answers to you the voter, not to his party, or is he a policeman, whose focus is law and order. the one thing about the western world's liberties, is the fact that everyone seems to have forgotten that the elected official - from president, down to local councilman do not owe any allegiance to their party, but everything to the constituency and the tax-paying voters.
  2. Vito12

    Best Places to Survive

    my $0.02 worth opinion is that if you can already be at your retreat, that would be so much better, unfortunately financial considerations mean this is not easy for the majority of us, anyway back to my opinion: don't panic, i believe that, especially with all the recent hype, what will happen is panic, another outbreak of H1N1 or Asian Avian Influenza will only kill 100,000 people, the other 10,000,000 deaths will be attributed to the disease, but looters (of pharmacies and doctor's rooms) as weel as the defenders of such place will be more likely to die of gunshot wounds, being trampled underfoot, than of dying of the disease itself. since much of the western world has become so accustommed to being mollie-coddled by their governments, the people (vast majority - not the preppers) will be incapable of handling the trauma of an earthquake or another katrina, maybe this time further north towards washington, new york, even boston; panic would ensue. again more circumstantial, rather than event-deaths.follywood always shows the panic, and then the hero says something, people quieten down, and in the gospel according to follywood, everyone survives; but that is wishful thinking. i don't have the answers so this is all i have to say
  3. Vito12

    Enemy Expiration Act

    terminate with extreme prejudice - prejudice being the operative word. sounds to me like boston hasn't had a good party in a while, at least 240 years!!!! in the same way as the law says innocent until proven (or at least decided by a gang of your peers) guilty, surely the house and the senate see the necessity of "does this bill look right or does it smell so bad, even the flies stay away", are there no set questions to judge a bill, or have they all prostituted themselves to such a point that when it comes to a common sense question - will it work?, who is going to pay for it? (the already overburdened middleclass taxpayer - the rich couldn't care, and the poor don't pay taxes), what happens in the future when my own loyalty to the party / patriotism gets called into question?
  4. Vito12

    So what would you do?????

    problem with repealing everything back to the first ten amendments is: you get rid of all the alphabet agencies, bureaux, departments and services, and end up with five million odd unemployable (rude, don't know how to communicate with "normal" people, unable to communicate without a gun in their hands and a team behind them) people. but you will have a whole lot more dollars in pocket, because irs would only take enough from state to run federal government, state takes just enough from local to operate, and local takes only what they can justifiably get out og the common taxpayer. and since the common man is more self-sufficient, taxes will be negligable. no, imagine all the unemployed people - lobbyists, bureaucrats and the pimple-faced dude scratching his arse in the back of senator X's office, which would also disappear - only a secretary to keep senator up to date, and a filing clerk, if he doesn't have the brain cell to write his own speech, why is he even in office?
  5. Vito12

    Registered Prepper

    don't sigh with relief yet. here in south africa we know all about politicians getting told that a law is wrong (against our constitution - allegedly modelled on yours, and for some reason considered the most liberal of its kind in the world - at least seventeen years ago when it was written), who quickly reword a bill and tack it onto the back of something else. in the run-up to 2010 soccer world cup, we had too fix all our freeways - no maintenance for fifteen odd years (i know, it doesn't make sense to us who live here either), and then some bright spark had the idea of tolling on these freeways, which has already been paid for by the taxpayer, as well as every vehicle owner over and over. people got uptight, and eventually there is now a moritorium on these tolls. until someone (in government) asks why we have electronic toll gates that are standing idle, and the debate will again start. my contention is that this e-toll is not just about making a few extra bucks from the already over-burdened taxpayer (only about 5% of workforce - the rest, despite supposed government-sponsored "equity" - the majority of voters are not paid sufficient to be able to still be taxed), but this is 1984, big brother. what is the best way to control people? yes, right first time, to know where they are! that is why they are still despite the moritorium trying to convince people to register their cars. in a country where in excess of seventy percent of cars are older than five years, and the owners would never even bother with what we call tracker (lo-jack to the americans), they need another ploy to get people to put a tag in their car! while you still have constitutionally aware politicians, (and voters) ensure that this doesn't happen to you. no voter education in this country, only voters. democracy works best when the voter doesn't realise how he is being taken for a ride!
  6. Vito12

    So what would you do?????

    your officer then having invested his life / career in his community does not have to get a degree in foolishness at an out of town / county / state school, but get a useful degree locally. also as a paid public servant he answers to his community, not to some foolish notion of getting his second or even third star by his late thirties or early forties. and in the unlikely event of it being necessary to do any operations at home, they are local militia, not federal troops who may not, by law operate within the borders of the us of a.
  7. Vito12

    So what would you do?????

    get rid of the massive national army idea, first off! see second amendment, militia law, posse comitatus, various writings of washington, franklin, jefferson, etal. all local militia only, but yes standardise training - all military personnel, (read FREE MEN) are required to be trained (as infantry first and clerks, storemen, cooks, medics, etc second) and armed - own choice, including full auto, as long as they are proficient.remember that you don't need a large army if you are not involved in prosecuting the wars of the new world order. make friends with who you can, but those who would be enemies will still find it hard to get a foot in, because your local militia will shoot first, interogate the survivors!