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  1. I rest my case. Folks, seems I am in the wrong place here. Think I'll move along and observe for awhile.. Y'all take care.
  2. Goodnight all... I'm done with this thread.
  3. ou Matt - Please re-read what you wrote above.... its incoherent to me. The guy has a right to say what he wants... the same as youy do. I don't like what he says but he has the right to say it.... If the shoe was on the other foot I'm sure you would feel the same way. Get a grip, please.
  4. With all due respect, you have no idea what you're talking about. I hate to be so blunt but you are clueless as to the responsibilities of those who speak vs. those who listen. Anyone can spout garbage... it is not "policy". People can believe what they want. My God, please look at what you are writing.
  5. Foreigners who legally enter the country do indeed have the legal rights afforded under the constitution which does not allow them to vote or run for office. The current exception is for a few clauses related to terrorism. You may want to read the following: http://scholarship.law.georgetown.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1302&context=facpub Warrior - not sure where you get your info related to moving around the country but that is not true except for diplomats from certain countries (like China, Russia, Cuba, etc). That is because those same countries restrict us the same way - believe me, I've been there. Otherwise, you get a visa to the U.S. and you can rent a car and drive from coast to coast. For example, if you are here on a student visa you can travel freely within the country. Likewise, Wardog, how do you conjure up the idea that Morgan is able to "dictate policy?" He's nothing more than a talk show host- and a bad one at that. If a foreigner has a green card they can legally buy weapons in most states as far as I know. But let's get back to the root of the conversation. Mr. Morgan has the right to say the things he does. We may not like it but he does. To deny him that right puts us on a slippery slope I do not want to imagine. Many folks reference the Second Amendment at the drop of a hat to cite their protection to bear arms. They shouldn't be hypocritical about the First Amendment right of free expression. Hope you all have agreat weekend. Jumbo
  6. Jumbo

    Vehicle kit

    Catfish - Excellent list of items, especially the de-icer fluid and good advice. Not sure too many folks carry the belt. I don't but since I do have my truck serviced on schedule, hopefully it will be replaced before it goes too worn. Thanks.
  7. Off with his head then! His nationality has nothing to do with it. Standing on U.S. soil, he has all the rights of any citizen. Where does it say one can't urge others to violate the law? It seems to be ok when it is directed the other way by many. Look, I don't like this nitwit one bit but he has the same right as all of us to say what he wants. Nothing he has spewed so far dictates over zealous reaction, imho.
  8. Jumbo


    Ran across these folks and thought I'd pass it along. I have no idea if they are legit and make no endorsement of them. Please pardon me if this is duplicative but I found nothing in my search of the site. https://www.antibioticsforsurvival.com/
  9. But I hope you all agree he has a right to say these things.... even if you don't agree with him. While I greatly disagree with his comments he has the right to say them. Lets not lose sight of the bigger picture.
  10. Jumbo


    Your zeal is a breath of fresh air.
  11. Jumbo

    Vehicle kit

    If you maintain your vehicle well you shouldn't need a brush for your battery terminals. They should be ok. I keep a candle in a metal coffee can for heat/lighting in the winter along with additional warm clothing, hats, gloves, etc. Jumper cables to help others.
  12. Jumbo

    Glad to be here among friends!

    Welcome.... Like your handle.
  13. Jumbo

    The Importance of a Shovel?

    I keep an old Army GI folding shovel and and will do all the things above. Wouldn't take anything for it.
  14. Jumbo


    +1. Red wings are well worth the money. Don't go cheap on footwear or knives.