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  1. When they first came out with the shots, it was one in each arm , then one on each side of chest , and one on each side of your waist. Hurt like hell and those welts took at least a month to go away, they changed how they shot you with it later and spaced it out more so you could take turns on each arm. Needed 6 of them and a booster each and every year to keep it effective. It was mandatory to take it or get out . There were rumors that only one company made the anthrax shot and certain general had stocks in company. Also if I remember correctly when all the shots started getting mandatory a fighter group in Cali refused to take them after their tour in the first desert war and started to leave the service , now it's optional . Veterinarians take them cause they work with animals and the spores can come from them ( I think cows and pigs )but that only one of many types of anthrax
  2. Homegrown

    Gift to the family

    Wolfe, wise food comes in easy open buckets, just pull the tab and it resealable. Just understand that it'll say 60 servings but it will be in 15 pouches so it's like two servings per pouch . Each meal has about 400 calories so it's good to supplement with the fruit and/or veg meals . Wise meals are vegetarian so they sell a meat meal bucket to add to ure meals . Mylar packaging is used so meals will last 20 to 25 years stored in cool temps . I try to have a mixture of wise pouches / with mountain house cans .. With mountain house cans , once you open it you would have to finish the can in about a week . As far as taste goes they both taste good .. Well so far all the ones I've tried and shared with family , everyone said it taste really good , just a little salty but it's to be expected with most freeze dried foods
  3. Homegrown

    trying to convince family members to Prep.

    Awake , I find that doing a indirect approach works well . Find a interest they like or introduce them to a new hobby. .. Hiking .. Needs a backpack with food,water etc. like 101matt said he would take nephew fishing, now he can integrate survival smarts and tools , even make that lead to a overnight camping . I did something as simple as buying a vacuum pack to help with keeping food in freezer from getting freezer burned and gf liked it so much , she see what else we can seal to keep fresh , now she's doing aspirin in small doses so she can take them with her and not the whole big bottle. As for my kids , when the electric goes out or we are watching shows/movies they like to watch that has emergency situations happening , I ask them what would they do or what would they need to help them in that situation . I think this method helps cause its their own thought progression, and they form ideas on their own , especially when it's shows on tv that they like to watch since they seem to relate more to them
  4. Homegrown

    AR15/M4 parts review

    I bought a quad rail and grip and wanted to share my thoughts. I got a aim sports quad picatinny rail for about 43 dollars on amazon and read the reviews . Most liked it but some complained of stripped bolts. Thought I'd give it a try since the cost was pretty reasonable. I was impressed with the quality , all metal and comes complete with Allen wrench. Install took ten minutes tops and I didn't have a problem with stripped screws. I just lined them up and loosely tightened them making sure the screws were all in right and tightened them slowly and evenly . Added a magpul rail vertical grip for 25 dollars. This grip can mount on regular furniture and is compatible with picatinny rail . The grip is nice and it hollow . It also came complete with its own Allen wrench and feels sturdy .. I think for the price they are worth it , as far as for longevity and if it will stand up to abuse remains to be seen . I wont be using it everyday so I would think it would last the lifetime of my guns . I like the quad rail system because I can mount a light on the side and it's easy to operate with my thumb when I'm holding on to the grip .
  5. Homegrown

    Otis gun cleaning kit

    I have both the pistol and ar 15 cleaning kit in my bob, I like them a lot as a more complete way to clean my guns when i'm out and about . Bore snake works well but I guess I'm old fashioned and enjoy cleaning it old style .
  6. Homegrown

    amazing boot site

    Schoeny... I really like them...the zippers on the side makes getting them on and off a breeze , I got wide feet and usually wear a 4e wide shoe, I ordered the wide and they fit perfect. I' m still breaking them in , but like the weight , if you're not used to wearing shoes that end just above the ankle , it'll take some getting used to. I wore military boots all my life and since retiring I wore just athletic shoes .and this boot fits right in the middle of athletic and military shoes . I do have the stealth that has that composite toe front , like a steel toe version with composite instead. That's what the cz stands for . The non composite front shoes is just a little cheaper but I like my toes protected , I dropped too many things on my feet to know that little extra money is worth it . I hope this helps
  7. Homegrown

    What's in/on your nightstand?

    Glock 22 , spare mag , my spyderco manix2 , zero tolerance 350 , cell phone, 3 d cell mag light ( for looking out into yard ,long distance) , a tactical light( for in house carry), my iPad so I can get on forum without leaving the bed :-)
  8. Homegrown

    Act of Valor

    Hey Ruger 92 , sorry if that comment got you worked up , I too served 22 years , my comment was to dick Chaney making money on our service with Halliburton company . Not to anyone's service to country , my apologies
  9. Homegrown

    Act of Valor

    Hell yeah it's a racket for making money , just ask dick Cheney and Halliburton
  10. Homegrown

    Threat to America

    Yes tinder wolf , I agree, it's all about how much money that can be made instead of how we can stop using our finite resources. You would think with all our progress we could be living easier yet here we are today in a world that two parents need to work just to survive , we spend more money today just to live, here in my area to have solar electric installed and tied into the grid it cost about 30,000 dollars , how can your average person afford such cost? But here's the kicker , because people who could afford to put solar electric cause the electric company some profits, ( notice I said some profits , which means the company didn't make their record profits) they want to raise the electric rates , so now the people who couldn't afford 30,000 dollars will now have to pay higher rates ...... Now for the last real kick in the pants .... We already pay the highest rates in the nation . It's too bad greed takes over rational thinking
  11. Homegrown

    Act of Valor

    Saw it and liked it, they were not actors but pretty much nailed the teamwork , brotherhood, and sacrifice of family and self for country. I hope non- military people who do watch it at least learn what is given to them by others who sacrifice , It had great action and showed how easy we can get attacked ... If you like action movies it's for you , the rest of you love story movie goers,... Well you might cry once or twice
  12. Homegrown

    new cub

    Congrats timber wolf , love every minute , all too soon they grow up and leave you
  13. Next thing you know, there will be laws on how much tide you can buy or will it end up like Claritin and it becomes a behind the counter purchase
  14. Homegrown

    AR-15 mod

    You can get a lower receiver for about 110 to 125. Buy a kit around 575 with a m4 flat top , stainless steel barrel, m4 stock ! Put it together and have a complete Gun for about 700-750 , then go crazy with everything else like light, laser, optics then it's skys the limit in cost
  15. Homegrown

    Glock Talk

    I favor glocks, and owned quite a few different brands , S & W , berettas , sigs ( which I really like but prices are so steep) rugers. I had 9mm and started shooting 10mm after the FBI changed over long ago after that shoot out with the bank robbers . We have a mag limit law here allowing only 10 in mag, so I switched to a bigger cal for more stopping power. I tried 45 but it was hard on the family to shoot so settled on 40 for being as common as 9mm in availability. I've seen glocks go through some hell and keep firing so I tried it and got hooked . As for buying handguns here where I live , you need a NRA class on handguns, apply for each gun and wait 10 days . As with knives , your flavor of gun needs to fit you and with so many aftermarket suppliers, it's easy to custom fit your gun to,your liking..