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  1. barbie.dragon

    Denver Shooting

    I already see anti gun stuff from facebook statuses on how "oh if gun laws were stricter, this wouldn't be a problem!" But the problem is, anti gun laws just make it more difficult for good people to get guns. Bad guys always find a way to buy guns. always. :<
  2. barbie.dragon

    Followed and picture taken incessantly on walk

    Ok thanks for all the tips and stuff I told my mom some of the stuff and she said she's glad she can get away ect. And I'll probably tell my landlord abut a deadbolt for the door since we only have one lock on it....
  3. barbie.dragon

    Followed and picture taken incessantly on walk

    Nope not a movie star. Just a single mom that works as a preschool teacher. She just looks like a normal asian woman. Nothing special :< 10pm is a rather strange time to go out for photos in a small town like Saratoga though :< Yeah the scary part was the car just kept following her. When it got to the end of the street it made a u turn and just kept following and at one point they just top pictures and just kept driving next to her. She yelled at them to stop but they refused and there was no noise from the car. Just silent. She decided not to go out at night anymore. I recommended her to go out earlier like at 7:00 pm instead of 9 or 10pm. She tried to take a photo but when the car got ahead of her it drove off really fast so she couldnt take the picture and it was too dark. To be quite honest she doesn't look that old apparently. A lot of people tell me my mom looks too young to have me (I'm 19) and they think she's in her mid 30's. My mom decided it would be best to just come home because it was less than .1 miles from the house. I can basically see downtown from my condo if I stepped out. My mom's English isn't perfect so in a panicked situation I don't think she could have said anything coherent since I can't say coherent things either and English is my primary language! She's around her late 40's so I don't think she's too old but I've told my mom I am very against her going out for walks so late long before... And I think Saratoga is probably the safest place to live out of all the other areas around here. At least the part of Saratoga I live in basically has no serious crime. Most of the people living here are Asian and White, avg income $140,000 and avg housing value almost $1 million. (Of course I don't count as a part of that because were just renting a small condo and just getting by...) And we're pretty secluded from the other parts of Saratoga. 1 Murder the past 50 years or 100 I don't remember and stuff like that. I was so surprised this happened because there were people sitting in restaurants (they have outdoor areas too) so I'm confidant that nothing terrible would have happened but who knows. I really hate the kids living in this area. We're just renting a condo here because I feel like this is the safest place for my mom to live. If it were one of the stupid little brats that lived here my mom would have definitely heard laughing? I don't know. The creepy part was them coming back I think 3 times to harass my mom. My mom said it was just really silent when this basically happened and the camera was clicking away. Oh my mace is illegal in Saratoga? Derp thank God you told me that. Again I hate the annoying kids here. Going to high school in Saratoga sucked since they were so privileged and I wasn't. Oh well that's life.
  4. barbie.dragon

    Followed and picture taken incessantly on walk

    Ok I think we're going to file a report... God it's so creepy because the area I live in is practically crime free since it's a tiny little suburb or whatever...
  5. So my mom was on her routine night walk in downtown saratoga. Downtown Saratoga is a very SMALL downtown and its just one little street. Lots of people in restaurants ect. My mom told me there was a dark car sitting at the parking lot and started following her and TAKING pictures non stop with flash! I am assuming DSLR since the rate it took pictures was pretty fast according to her description. At first my mom thought the person was taking pictures of the building since tourists apparently come to Saratoga for sight seeing. Then the car started to really follow her and take more concentrated pictures of her. The car then sped away only to make a U turn to come back and take more pictures. The car was cruising RIGHT NEXT TO HER and taking pictures. My mom thought she was gonna get napped so she further into the sidewalk and screamed at the car to STOP. The car then sped away and she ran home but the car was around the corner ish. She didn't get to see the licence plate number or anything. Can we file a police report on this? Or is it just a waste of time? I just found out today so I basically flipped out and told her she shouldn't go out at night anymore and I wanted a chain lock installed on the front door. I guess I will have to talk to the landlord about that. ANYWAYS. Has this happened to anyone? My mom felt like the car was just waiting for her to walk by it. God this is frickin insanely annoying for me and frightening for my mum.
  6. barbie.dragon

    Time to invest in a multitool. Help?

    D: so i ended up not winning the bid which is ok. My brother is currently enrolled in ROTC so he can go buy stuff that is cheaper at the bases so I guess that is where I will be getting my stuff... :< I still can't decide between the Wave and the XE6 and the reviews I found online arent really helpful.... Oh well, patience is key
  7. barbie.dragon

    Time to invest in a multitool. Help?

    Ok I put in a few bids for the juice xe6 hopefully I get a good deal!
  8. barbie.dragon

    Hot in power!!!!

    D: that sounds quite scary actually. Stay safe and frosty!
  9. barbie.dragon

    Time to invest in a multitool. Help?

    ahh i see! the SOG one is out of my budget :> but looks very cool
  10. barbie.dragon

    Time to invest in a multitool. Help?

    Yeah I've heard awesome reviews about the Leatherman Wave too! But the XE6 is so pretty and if it is as durable I want to get that instead :X
  11. barbie.dragon

    Family photos: essential to BOB

    Yeah I was also thinking having copies of those in a USB is helpful too assuming computers will work ect!
  12. I've seen a lot of people talking about bug out bag essentials like water purifiers ect but one essential I've failed to see are family photographs. Worst case scenario you are not going to be with your family and hope for the best right? And having photos of fun and better times is always a great morale booster! Maybe I'm being too sentimental or something but I truly believe family photos are essential! Oh and if you don't have family then this doesn't really pertain but having photos of good memories is always nice!
  13. barbie.dragon

    Scary reminder of how it isnt safe in the cities

    @danm: Yeah LA is pretty rough. They just have too many problems. Division of low income to high income is also pretty high there too so maybe that attributes to that? I looked up that in my county there's less than 10 people that have a licence to have a concealed carry! 10!!! But there's a lot of crazy people in California too ;D Jalapenos eh? Will try that hahha! @rapture333 That's true up to a certain point. I believe worse things happen in urban areas because of the dense population it is hard to pin point who did what. And the country is more remote in the US isn't it? Argentina is a little bit different from the US I believe :< I wouldn't move to New York for job and protections since New York is pretty dangerous. But of course that was "back in the day" which is so much more different than now.
  14. barbie.dragon

    DO NOT BUY from Forge Store!

    Oh my... I think you should return all the items and talk to your CC company? :< sorry that happened!!!
  15. barbie.dragon

    Time to invest in a multitool. Help?

    Ahh I see! Does anyone have any experiences with the leatherman juice xe6? :< I saw a lot of reviews that were polar opposites of each other and I'm a little confused