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    Water Water everwhere

    Thanks a lot, I've been looking for water purification methods besides tablets for a while!
  2. alwaystrapped

    Prepping with an infant in mind

    As a dad to one year old twins, a lot was constantly going through my mind before they were born trying to think as you are. I'm not sure of the baby food because my kids ate all freshly prepared food, never the store bought stuff. I think the food expires about every six months which is a bummer. A lot of the freeze dried like the yogurt, and those type of baby foods will last for a while and my girls love them. From my experience they were eating puree foods from 3-9 months. We steamed any fruit and mashed it for them. In survival situations fresh foods are the hardest to come by in even the most prepared scenarios. This is why breast feeding is extremely important. An infant can survive off just breast milk for as long as six months, then they start to require other food as a supplement. Since rise or oatmeal aren't that difficult to gather i would recommend those because they also have a long shelf life. And having some stock of the puree baby food that could feed them until 12 months would be ideal because by one year they can eat everything that you would eat. Make sure you have some good knifes that you are able to sharpen. Cloth diapers, and clothes for cleaning because obviously you won't be able to go to the store. That's all I can think of right now so i'm done rambling.
  3. alwaystrapped

    BOV and GHB

    Good idea, i like the hyundai and kia SUVs because they have that rear floor storage compartment. The rear storage in my SUV is where the spare tire, jack, and all that equipment is kept. I'm in the process of attempting to retrofit the car and have the spare placed elsewhere so i can use that area for my BOB and items to get home if im at work. Although since i've been driving my dad always made me keep a tote full of emergency supplies (blankets, fire starters, flashlights, flares, spare vehicle fluids and hoses, etc) in the back of my car.
  4. alwaystrapped

    dog or no dog?

    I would keep my dog around, she is well trained and faithful. Being a retriever she is great for bird hunting, and like most of you said she is like a kid to me. I can see some people debating keeping a dog depending on the breed. If the dog could get your entire family killed it might make you think twice about keeping it.
  5. alwaystrapped

    Hello from Northern CT

    Hey all, I'm new here, a friend of mine got me into the site and more aware of survival. I work as a paramedic. I'm hoping to become more prepared for a wide array of situations, and gain information and skills to help me on that path. I'm married 5 years now, and have twin one year olds. Hope to learn a lot here, and thanks to all in advance. -alwaystrapped