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    Born and raised in TX, OIF Vet, married w/children.
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    camping, long range marksmanship, backpacking, reading, hunting, fishing..ect....
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    US Army Sniper
  1. stickhorse_24

    question for veterans

    Capt Bart and vonBayern, You are both correct. For a very long time it wasn't viewed as "honorable" by both civilian and military leaders. But however they felt they finally couldn't ignore the effectiveness of snipers. I absolutely agree that it should be an MOS in the army and from what I have heard it is in talks to become one but that will take years. I just hope I'm not to old by the time it happens, lol
  2. stickhorse_24

    question for veterans

    ZM, which ever branch you choose, serving is an honorable thing that most Americans will never have the testicular fortitude to do. And regardless the MOS you pick there will always be crap talking. I'm active Army, 11B (Infantry) and a B4 (Sniper) team leader. In the Army, Sniper is a skill identifier not like the marines where its an actual MOS (and God knows I wish it was). There are moments I love my job and then there are moments I hate it. Life in the military is not easy and depending on several factors (your chain of command, your unit, ect. ect.) it can be better or worse for you than others. It also changes from one day to the next, one commander to the next and one unit to the next. The military is what you make of it. If you put crap out you'll get crap back. Think long and hard about how much comfort means to you, how much discomfort bothers you, and what you want to get out of the military. That should give you a good idea of what you might be interested in doing. I've noticed that most of the new kids we get these days never considered how much the basic comforts meant to them and they have a real hard time dealing with not having them. But if you decide that being cold or hot, tired, and hungry sounds like fun to you then the Infantry is the place for you. I know I love it!!! Wouldn't change it for the world
  3. stickhorse_24

    Its been a while....

    Hey guys (and gals) its been a while since my last post so i thought I would say hello. The last few months have been very very busy but its slowing down a bit so..... I'm back.
  4. stickhorse_24

    WTT Camoform gear wrap

    I have several rolls of Camoform in 2 different sizes and 3 different camo patterns. I will post pics later but thought I would see if anyone was interested. I'm not looking to sell but will trade for just about anything. PM me if interested.
  5. stickhorse_24

    Survival and Fitness

    I use created by Rob Shaul. It is without a doubt the best program i have ever used or seen. He also has another one called, I havent used any of the programs from that site but I can only imagine they are amazing.
  6. stickhorse_24

    The stages of preparation

    I like it. I can definitely get behind that.
  7. stickhorse_24

    Another Knife Giveaway!

    Definitely IN IN IN IN!!!!
  8. stickhorse_24

    post your bob & contents. (:

    Quinoa (pronounced keenwa) is probably one of the best high nutritional value to low weight ratio foods out there. In 100 grams you get 64g carbs, 52g starch, 7g fiber, 6g fat, and 14g protein. Its also a Complete Protein. Basically its a super food. I carry a 32oz Nalgene bottle filled with it in my BOB. I prefer the pre washed kind as the unwashed variety tastes bitter to me, but thats a personal preference.
  9. stickhorse_24

    Problem with link for New Posts...

    yeah, me too.
  10. stickhorse_24

    Right handed,left eyed?

    but it is good to be able to shoot with both hands. once he has some practice. keep us posted on how he progresses. i love hearing about new shooters coming in to the fold.
  11. stickhorse_24

    Right handed,left eyed?

    I was in a somewhat similar situation. I am right handed and right eye dominant, my father is a lefty. When I was a kid he taught me how to shoot left handed. So for 28 yrs I shot left handed. Having hunted and shot my .22 a ton as a kid I became a good shot left handed but when I joined the army it was a little difficult for me when doing magazine changes and charging my M4 which, is designed for the majority of the population, right handed shooters. I qualified for sniper school as a left hand shooter but barely so in the 6 months I had to train up for sniper school I retaught myself to shoot right handed. It took only 2 months to actually make the shooting process "muscle memory" right handed and the other 4 months to hone my skills. What I'm trying to say is that in 6 months I was able to learn, perfect, and pass sniper school as a better shot right handed than i was after 28 years shooting with my non dominant eye left handed. Always shoot dominant eye, especially when just learning. When shooting, the body goes completely limp for a fraction of a second when the trigger breaks and the round fires. Most often you will pull the shot in the direction of your dominant eye, unless your marksmanship fundamentals are bad and you jerk the trigger, your breathing is off, ect, ect. This is called your "natural point of aim", where your body naturally aims a weapon. You can check your natural point of aim by aiming at your target, then with your eyes (leave your face on the weapon) look down for a few seconds (5-10) and then look back at your target. Your point of aim will have shifted, it almost always does. do this a few times keeping track of where your aim shifts, which will usually be about the same spot. This is your where your natural point of aim is. Adjust your position to account for this shift and then repeat the process until you no longer shift. Now when you shoot as long as your fundamentals are good you should put your round right where you want it (within the capabilities of your weapon of course). Hope this helps
  12. stickhorse_24

    personal information log

    Yep. You still active? What unit and MOS? if you dont mind me asking.
  13. stickhorse_24

    personal information log

    lol reg, I've done the same thing. Came up with my own symbols instead of using the military ones.
  14. stickhorse_24

    Goodbye and thank you

    take care brother
  15. stickhorse_24

    My Bug Out bag

    We have an acronym in the military that we apply to almost everything we do. It has also made its way into my daily civilian life as well. METT-TC M= mission E= enemy T= terrain T= time T= troops C= civilians (on the battlefield) When planning something/anything, what is your mission, what are you trying to accomplish and where are you going? who/what is the enemy (this can include more than just people, ie weather, terrain, time...)? what is the terrain like in the area that you will be operating in (this is more than just what the ground looks like. the vegetation, bodies of water, populated areas and their impact on your mission both negatively and positively, so on and so forth)? what kind of timeline are you working with (for food and water purposes and also travel times from point A to point B and in between....)? how many troops do you have with you ( bugging out by your self?) and how many troops does the enemy have (this would really depend on why your bugging out i guess)? how many civilians are on the battlefield (how many might you come across on your route to your BOL, how might they effect your mission both positively and negatively?)? these are a few examples of many many considerations I used when I planned my BOB's, my BOL's, and the different routes to my BOL's. It might seem a lot to think of at first but when you get down to doing it its a fun challenge I find. My plans are always being refined and changed. Hopefully I havent come across as a know it all. I truly dont want to offend anyone. This is just what I have found helpfull and want to pass it along. Good luck with your planning.