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    I am married with two grown boys. Both boys are Eagle Scouts. I am a long time Boy Scout and remain a leader in our Troop.

    My wife and I bought five acres on a mountain top back in 1979 and built an "earth bermed, post and beam, solar passive, geodesic dome". I don't think anybody knew what a "prepper" was back then but we had those values.

    I am an avid pilot and fly a Maule M5 180C which is a STOL backcountry plane. My wife and I love to fly together. While I am not a hunter I have hunted for game and can prepare a meal from what I take. I don't like to kill animals except for survival. I have handled and shot guns all my life but mostly for skill. I also reload as a hobby. Each year I take a group of senior boy scouts on a one week survival campout to Algonquin Park, Canada. The only way in is by canoe and backpack. I enjoy giving the boys a chance to experience true wilderness.

    Hopefully, I have many years of marriage, camping and flying ahead of me.
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    Poconos, NE PA
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    Pilot, Astronomy, Reading, Target Shooting, Prepardness, Carpentry, Camping
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    President of a software company
  1. Rod

    A heavy concern

    Sex, that is the ticket! As often as possible. Sometimes it is two, three or four times a year!
  2. Rod


    I think this piece of legistration should be immediately brought to vote in the House and Senate. Straight up or down. Let get right to who supports the second amendent and who does not. I really do not want to waste several months listenening to all the equivocation and then have the vote on a friday at midnight.
  3. I had a powder rod break on my RCBS rockchucker progressive press. I don't know how it broke. Probably did it myself accidently. I dropped RCBS an email asking if they still made this part (it has to be 20 years old) and, if so, how much and how would I go about ordering it? A day or two goes by and I get it in the mail from them no charge. That was my reply. They made a customer for life with that simple act.
  4. Rod

    Survival room

    my wife got me this cool screen with a handle on it that you put on top of the skillet when cooking bacon. She says I can now cook in the buff. Great woman. Always thinking of me!
  5. Rod

    Just Rode through the Gates!

    Welcome my friend!
  6. Well, welcome to our humble forum. We will takes your cents and maybe even nickels if you have them.
  7. Something more appropriate as a sign might be "I am anti-gun and a hypocrite" That should leave them wondering!
  8. Snake, I am sorry you are so worked up. I certainly do not disagree with much of what you write. I would like to be able to say something that would help you feel better about life. I apologize for not having the words to offer. Life does have it's burdens, doesn't it. Maybe I am a bit simplistic but I choose to not let the offensive behavior that I see to roll off my back. I mean, after all, they win if you allow it to affect you. Don't misunderstand what I am saying. If the moment comes that I need to act, I will. Until then I think the best thing to do is enjoy life and work to improve anything that is within my powers to do. Stay well my friend and know that I do read what you so passionately write.
  9. Actually vonBayrn, I was enjoying reading the quotes. The fact that such powerful statements are being ignored says something about the mindset of people.
  10. Maybe if the government was really concerned about the children, they would reconsider their position on abortion.
  11. Protecting sensitive equipment is easy. Go to Sam's Club and buy their $189 metal workshop locker. Line the shelves with the rubber liners you put on the bottom of tool drawers of kitchen cabinets. Keep the doors closed. I have key solar power equipment (inverters) that I would put in the metal lockers upon warning of a CME going to strike earth. Radios, communication devices, etc can be stored in the locker.
  12. Rod

    States Rights..

    I think that is an excellent suggestion!
  13. This is one of the two major issues for which I prepare for exactly the reason Mr. Powell stated. You can track CME's from the sun at We should be able to get a solid 24 hour warning if one of sufficient is going to hit us.
  14. Wolfe, I admire you for undertaking to learn those skills. Me, I got one of the yellow books with the black banner that says "Surgery for Dummies" Fortunately, I haven't had to use it yet!
  15. Rod

    Hunting Your Bug Out Hideout

    rezmut, I have a question about planting gamebirds. Feet up or heads up?