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  1. Tryn2Survive

    Hey everybody

    Hey guys I've been off for awhile, but I'm back! hoping you'll all have me back, I'm looking forward to getting back on the scene and learn some more and hopefully offer some helpful insight.
  2. Tryn2Survive

    What would be your role in a Post-Collapse world?

    I'm an EMT, unfortunately I never much cared to study anything else, hopefully I'll be able to make on that alone haha
  3. Haha well I'm glad my mistake could make for a good laugh!
  4. Tryn2Survive


    Those are both totally awesome!!!
  5. - because I am a man, I will grill my own steaks so its done "correctly", and I will always tell you that your "asain tossed salad" is delicious.
  6. Tryn2Survive

    what would you do?

    Had pretty close to the same situation, we were right outside the door, I put my shot gun right inside the door and a knife in my pocket, it was 5 guys on me and my buddy and we knew the guys and we knew they were here for trouble. we stayed with our backs to the door, One guy flipped and had to be "neutralized", things settled down and we talked them into leaving, the next day my roommate and I filed a police report, nobody pressed charges we just wanted to have it documented to be on the right side of things. thats my story..whats yours? lol
  7. Tryn2Survive

    Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask or see.

    I've seen a few nasty injuries, but damn, I dont like seeing that kind of thing at all...maybe I'm just being a baby, but those are people? I honestly hope I'm never forced to do that to somebody
  8. Tryn2Survive

    Homesteading is Possible

    hey I'm from a rural town in Nebraska haha theres always money to be had..If you're willing to work for it, I'm sure everybody around here would make it just fine in a rural area. but ya gotta be where you're happy, and I respect that
  9. Tryn2Survive

    Healthy Life

    Though I do agree with NavyVet, I personally think that Exercise may be a little more important, it allows your metabolism to work faster helping to burn that large pepperoni pizza you ate for dinner. besides that it feels good to get out and do something physical
  10. Tryn2Survive

    Ruger 10/22 take down model!?

    I'm 19 haha and no worries I think I might keep the lights on in that place
  11. Three blondes walked into a think one of them would have seen it...haha?
  12. Tryn2Survive

    Test, this is a test

    Sweet, so the Zombie Apocolypse starts in Boston? sounds like a plan, I wonder if those giant zombie rats and be rounded up and trained to do something constructive like pull a plow or something? any ideas?
  13. Tryn2Survive

    lost sheep,

    I think people are just grabbing at things to believe in, Its just a shame I've never met these people, if they are good, hard working, honest people who are willing to help their neighbor, or somebody that is truly in need then they can believe whatever they would like. sorry just had to get my little rant out there
  14. Tryn2Survive

    Anyone got any advice?

    along with socks, some extra underwear, and some sort of like baby powder or gold bond body powder to keep your, you know "body" dry and prevent chafing
  15. Tryn2Survive

    Brain farts

    I was reaching into the toaster last week with a fork to try and remove a stubborn piece of toast, caught myself about a second before I stuck the fork in and said "what the hell are you doing?" then unplugged the toaster and proceeded with my breakfast haha