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  1. TheMcs

    campsite security

    Every time I've gone camping, we stay the night, pack up after breakfast, do our daytime thing, then set up camp in a different location for the night. Next weekend we'll be doing something different, staying put for 3 days. A large part of the day we'll be away from the campsite. Now I believe in the common good of most people that are like-minded, but all it takes is one. What do you all do during the day? Break camp and lock it all up in the truck? Leave it out and trust? Looking for ideas. Thanks.
  2. TheMcs

    Hey from central Oklahoma

    Welcome TimH from a fellow Okie. The Texans around here aren't bad for Texans.
  3. TheMcs

    Blow darts

    I had one when I was younger. Just a cheap 4' from a gun show. Assembly of the dart (in my case, heating the tip of the metal shaft to insert into a plastic end) was critical. Had to be straight. Dad told me not to shoot any animals with it. He caught me taking down sparrows in the back yard and threw it away. It was quite accurate, it can see the value of one for small, small game.
  4. TheMcs

    Mosin Nagant Madness

    Good to know on the ammo price, I haven't looked into that. I got his card, if he's going to have more at the next show, I'm bringing more cash and a hand cart. I know what you mean about shows. Used to be plenty of good deals there. Now the new gun prices are the same as or higher than retail. It's still fun to walk around and see all the stuff though.
  5. TheMcs

    Mosin Nagant Madness

    Those $250 M-Ns very well could have been M44s, I'm still a bit iffy on IDs. I'm reading up on all that now. Thinking back I can't recall if they were short or long. $250 seems to be the going rate for the carbines. I found a few round receivers online today for $120ish. The guy I bought mine from said he sells the rounds cheaper than the $150 hex. I might have to buy a round receiver or two. I want to scope one, he begged me not to drill into a hex receiver.
  6. TheMcs

    Mosin Nagant Madness

    I went to the big Tulsa arms show this weekend with the intent of finding a M-N. First thing I found was a dealer with $85 440rd spam cans. Told him hopefully I'd be back. Looking for one particular thing at this show is a shot in the dark. Saw a statistic that if you were there all 18 hours they are open to the public, and saw every table, you'd have less than 5 seconds at each table. I just picked a direction & went. I found 3 dealers relatively soon with 1-4 M-N 91/30s for sale. They wanted from $240-260. I got disappointed fast thinking I'd missed the $100 boat. Then I found a few of the Chinese models for $160-170, but I wasn't interested in those. Came across a guy with a 1907 M-N, for $500. Not interested in that either. I finally saw a guy buying one at a small single table. Nice looking one too. Then I noticed there was one more on the dealer's rack. Now there were a couple other guys looking at it. I asked the buyer how much he was paying. He said $150. I swallowed my manners and interrupted the dealer, asking if I could handle the M-N. Got my paws on it. VERY nice hex receiver. Smooth wood with a clean deep finish. This thing is slick. I hung on to it til I had the dealer's attention and asked how much. $150. Sold. Even came with the bayonet. Only thing I need is a sling. When I checked it out at home, all numbers matched except the bayonet. I need to look up the markings. Went back to the ammo dealer, they only had 1 spam can left. Bought that. He said they'd started the show with a full pallet of the stuff. Seems like the M-Ns are getting more popular. Sure hate to think they'll be going for the $250 range soon. Can't wait to fire the thing!
  7. TheMcs

    Krazy Glue for Wounds

    I've used the New Skin stuff as well. I spent quite a few years around salt water with constant cuts & such, that's where I found my love for super glue. Never have had a reaction to it. I used it on my kids from time to time and haven't noticed anything on them either. I imagine it's better to stick with the medical stuff though.
  8. TheMcs

    Rambo66 new to this sight

    Welcome neighbor!
  9. Now you're talkin. During the ice storm several years ago, where we were without power for 10 days, I had 5 lbs of Hot Tamales and 5 lbs of cola bottles. Good candy makes most anything tolerable.
  10. TheMcs

    the travon martin shooting.

    Well crap, I'm as guilty as the media then. My apologies to all for not verifying the photo I posted.
  11. TheMcs

    Krazy Glue for Wounds

    I do that all the time. Use the gel type though, it's less messy. I keep tube in the house, garage, truck, GHB, BOB, etc. It works and it's waterproof.
  12. TheMcs

    the travon martin shooting.

    It's a bad deal either way. I don't think it deserves national media attention, but the race baiters have been quiet lately so they're due.
  13. TheMcs

    top 4 zombpocalypse weapons

    Gerber LMF II 22, I'll go with mebanecop's suppressed Ruger crossbow And this; Innovation-Factory-Truckers-Friend
  14. TheMcs

    Hail from MO, please don't judge me

    Welcome. MO is an alright place, not as good as OK, but alright.
  15. TheMcs

    hello to all.

    Welcome aboard Board.