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    23 years old. Working full time as a paramedic in the central valley area.have a girlfriend with a 4 y/o and one in the oven!
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  1. Mudbass7

    the latest super bug

    NDM-1 was first discovered in 2008... only difference is now there's been 3 people that have brought it back to the US so it's time to freak out. My only hope is that if it does go wild, it infects Obama, Feinstein, and Pelosi, to name a few... then when i get it i can die happy... >.<
  2. my guess would be AR-side. but he's in texas so his prices aren't gonna be Shi-ite compared to places like california or colorado
  3. That is, if you're trying selling mags too
  4. Mini-14 are selling quite well still too due to being SA and accepting detachable mags, last i saw they were going about $7-900. Send Rayz a PM, he might be interested in some mini-14 mags.
  5. for a colt? i would say you could get 2k depending on condition/extras it might have. but thats here in Kommiefornia...
  6. Mudbass7


    go to the post office
  7. Mudbass7

    budget friendly semi-autos

    you can get a field grade M1 Garand for about 5-600 bucks! i picked up a Rock Island Armory 1911 Tactical FS for $550. basic GI model is $500
  8. If you pay shipping and reimburse me, theres a bit of .40 at my local gun shop. probably fairly over priced though.... Also, i ordered 4 more Pmags. Up to 8 Pmags and 1 USGI steel mag now... Dropped my AR off at the gunsmith the other day to have the front sight assembled, and i think im finally getting through to the girlfriend, she offered to buy me a bucket of dehydrated food for my birthday
  9. Also, they make a railed handguard which replaces the stock one for it as well if you want to attach a light laser foreward grip etc etc
  10. Mossberg 930 spx. like the one in my picture
  11. ordered 3 more 30rd Pmags and got some reloading manuals
  12. Mudbass7

    I'm worried about guns

    sorry, a little off topic here but- sig can you confirm that for me in any way and see if they would ship to either CA or AZ?
  13. Mudbass7

    I'm worried about guns

    Or move to wyoming or oklahoma, or any of the other states that have or are trying to make it a felony to enforce and new gun legislation and dont worry about it
  14. Mudbass7

    I'm worried about guns

    I don't think shotguns will be banned. if so, semi-auto's only. Nor do i think .22's will be sought after in the ban (havent seen either of these in any of the gun legislation announced, with exception with the saiga-12 12ga with a detachable magazine). It looks like they're limiting round count to 10 so a garand would be safe. my reccomendation would be to get what they're going after now. an AR or an AK. If you can only pick one, well... theres a whole can of worms in itself...