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    Married for 14 years with a 10 year old daughter.
    Employed in Emergency Medical Services (13 years), and volunteering with a local fire department (16 years).

    My interest in survival / prepping is for no particular scenario, rather it's about having a better chance of surviving any scenario.
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    York County, South Carolina
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    Captain, Volunteer Fire Dept.
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    Emergency Medical Technician
  1. able_archer

    looking for help with my B.O.L. concerns

    Great suggestions, thanks. Clearing away a lot of the trees and brush is definately on my list, especially those by the water so we can keep a clear view of anyone approaching by water.
  2. For several years myself and three other friends have made our bug out plans, however I have recently decided that some in my group have an inability to make or stick with plans and that has caused me to rethink all of my bug out plans for my family and I. With a wife and an 11 year old child I cannot afford to make plans that I can't count on. I live in upstate South Carolina in a home inside city limits with just 1/4 acre of property, and due to finances I am left with very few options in the event of any EOTW scenario. Unfortunately I am left at the mercy of having to depend on others around me for a B.O.L.. Living just more than twenty miles from Charlotte, NC I know one thing for certain is that I absolutely cannot stay in my home. I am fortunate to have a father In-law who has a modest lake home on Lake Wateree, SC just about an hour south of my home. Due to it's somewhat remote location, Lake Wateree for the most part has yet to see a gigantic population boom. It is a relatively small lake sourounded by miles of prime hunting land full of deer and wild turkey. His home is a 4 bedroom log cabin (great bullet stopper) with a basement that opens on the rear (lake side) of the home. The home sits in an elevated position over the lake, which I like for security reasons, as well as homes on both sides and a large (aprox. 150 acres) wooded area across the street. here are some of the pros and cons of this location for me.... Pros... Plenty of room for everyone we plan to bring down. log construction provides great protection from many firearms. elevated position overlooking the lake. seemingly and unlimited supply of water. fish and game are plentiful (while it lasts) good neighbors that we should be able to band together with (no idea if any are preparing) Cons... Just 30 to 45 minute drive from Columbia, SC (the state capitol) many who escape the city due to food / water shortages will flock to area rivers and lakes for obvious reasons. This is my prime concern. Can you actually defend a home on the lake. I'm looking to see if anybody has any suggestions as to how to make this a safe B.O.L for my family.
  3. able_archer

    that dang common cold.

    Unfortunately there is no real treatment for a common cold, only meds that can mask or temporarily relieve it's symptoms. As far as what med is best to treat certain symptoms depends on the person him/herself, what works well for one may do very little for another. However, there have been many studies that have shown that zinc can significantly shorten the life of a cold, as will vitamin C. Vitamin C can also help fight off a cold before you get it. My suggestion is to stock up on vitamins and supplements that help boost your immune system.
  4. able_archer

    How much is 1 Acre? Near You.

    Upstate SC is anywhere from 6k to 12 k depending on which town you're near.