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  1. mactex

    Backdoor option to CC in some 26 states.

    I hate to say it, but I know way too many CCW holders who managed to pass the test(s) - not only here in Tx, but from many states - but who do not have a clue as to what the law is as far as when it is appropriate to act or not, much less the particulars. They know where NOT to carry by the signs on the doors - if there is not a sign telling them not to carry, then they carry. I sincerely hope that no one is fooling themselves onto believing that the classes - in ANY state - prepare anyone for the true responsibilities of carrying a deadly weapon just because they took the test and passed.
  2. mactex

    Home Invasions

    Pardon my ignorance, Crazy Rebel, but why do you 'pretend' to take a picture of them instead of acutally taking apicture of them? If a crime where to occur in you neighborhood soon after that, that picture could be a lead to the responsible parties. Also, if you were to make a target of yourself because they thought you DID take that picture, it could be a clue to apprehend your attackers. Just wondering why you just pretend...
  3. mactex

    What's in your vehicle?

    I, too, travel long distances in TX - not everyday, but often enough where i don't want to load and unload my 'Peace of mind' each time. I carry a basic BOB (or GHB, if you prefer) along with basically everything Old Hog has. However. since the legislation has changed here I always carry a Moss 88, M1 carbine, AR7, 22/45, and M92(Ammo for all),[firearms secured in hidden compartment in bottom of trunk - can be found, but take a while and even longer to open w/o combo. Except Moss - it is on top. easy to reach], cell phone w/ charger plus extra back-up battery that holds charge, as well as 2 tarps, dome tent, 2 sleeping bags/rolls, self inflating mattress, rain gear, single burner stove (which will also burn on unleaded), sterno/stove (low signature), cooking equipment, weeks worth of rations (plus dehyrated coffee, hard candies, 5 lb rice, Tang, oatmeal) , BK-2, BK-7, Cold Steel SRK, SOG Spec Elite 1, 100 feet paracord, duct tape, gorillia tape, zip ties, basic fishing set-up, 2 unopened pints of vodka, a case bottled water, 2 one gallon conatiners water (for me or vehicle if needed), full first aid kit ('first aid' being the key phrase), 2 weeks personal medication, exrta clothing(season approprate), foot gear, goggles, gloves, sunglasses toilet paper, insectiside, FRS radios, litium batterys (last longer, not effected by heat/cold), Headlamps, 2 pair close/2 pair distance flashlights (LED), solar battery charger (AA/AAA), 12 each AA/AAA rechargable, Kerosene lantern(gt. fuel & wicks), led lantern, binos, flairs, gerber collapsable saw kit, short axe, Kaytadyn Vario filter, steripen, chlorine tablets, military canteen/cup, 5 gallon collapsible water jug, 5 gallon gas can (empty), standard auto stuff: Jump cables, tow rope, shovel, tire inflator, fix-a-flat, spare fluids, 4-way lug wrench. To keep up with the world, if I am forced to leave my car I carry a Red Cross AM/FM/WEATHER solar/crank/battery radio. A copy of the Boy Scout manual, SAS field book, the Bible, playing cards, maps of all area travelled. The last item is a two wheeled collapsible game cart so that I can move what I can away from roadway, if required for safety, and to utilize to begin the trek homeward if the situation allows it. I keep 20 of the large, 3 mil thick industiral trash bags in the event I have to cache any of my supplies and have the opportunity to do so. Overkill? Most certainly, Lose 1-2 MPG? Without a doubt. Ever once, for a single moment, regret having it? Nope. When I was twelve years old my father (career military) and my family were transfered to West Germany - 6 months after the Berlin Wall went up. I was the oldest male in the family and certain responsibilites went along with that, and that was when I first started what we now call prepping. Keep what you can, you can always throw it away or trade it if you can't carry it. You can get home with the roads closed from 10 -15 miles, maybe, 200 - 300 calls for a different approach and possibly having to make home where you find it for thethe time being. Good luck and try to learn something new everyday - it will keep you young! Please overlook the longwindedness of a old blowhard and neophyte computer conversationalist. user.
  4. mactex

    What's in your vehicle?

    I sound like a broken record and that is because I depended on liquid bleach, stored in all my vehicles, home and retreat as primary chemical puriification of water in emergency situation for years and felt perfectly prepared. You can imagine my suprise when it was pointed out (by my 89 year old grandmonther) not to leave it too long or it would be no good. After checking (just search clorox bleach) I found that the longest - the longest - that bleach remains good is 8 months to a year, less that than that in a high temp environment (like the trunk of a car). While bleach is utilized in many water systerms for purification it is all done with liguid belach that is replaced frequently. The only way to store bleach for use 'down the road' is in one of the powder or tablet forms. After much research I have decided on Calcium Hypochlorite in the form of pool shok. And it is even more specific than that - most of the CH you find in wal-mart, Lowes or Home Depot (at least in my part of Texas) is only 48 - 52 % CH per content and while that will work it takes much more of it and is normally mixed in with additives (such as anti fungals) that are not something you want to consume. I finally settled on POOLIFE TURBOSHOCK SHOCK TREATMENT. It is 78% and has no additives that are dangerous. What you actually do is use it to mix up a batch of your own 'bleach' and then use that to purify you water source. Keep in mind that it loses it punch rather rapidly, so don't make too much. The good news is it is cheap and goes a long, long way - a 1 pound bag will treat up to 10,000 (ten thousand) gallons of water. CAUTION; this stuff must be treated with respect. When it get together with mositure it can be very corresive and release dangerous gases. It will eat its way through any kind of metal so you want to store it in plastic or glass (with plactic lid). The last I got was less than $4 a pound and is not only a great method for chemicallly treating you drinking water but if you mix it more strongly it is an excellent cleaning/sterilizion agent. On top of that it would make a excellent barter item. The three inch tablets that come in the plastic buckets would also probably work, but becasue they are compacted it would take longer to dissolve and although I have looked I have not found the formula to utilitze it. I am intentionally NOT including the formula I have found so that those of you interested will see all the warnings that are given for handling and storing this product when you research it further. Help spread the word - I cringe to think of how many people have gallons of bleach stuck back, counting on that to purifiy their water and will only find a strange smelling liquid when they need if to purify their water.