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  1. Go to YouTube and search for RC FPV... You'll freak out when you see what can be done using a radio control model plane and some easy to get equipment.. There's even a few that have fitted airsoft guns and have dogfights. Before long, we'll be able to fly and fight 1/72 scale WWI models in the living room. Actually, you can now, but they're very simple models.

  2. When UPS went on strike back in the 90's, I was running deliveries on Music Row in Nashville. I heard that joke at every other stop! I finally started telling people (when I sensed em starting it) if they finished the joke, I would not be deliverying to them again and I wouldn't take their packages either. I was sooooooooo glad when UPS's union got their crap together and came back to work! My stop count went from a relaxed 110-120 stops per day to a frantic 180!

    And my route went from 20-30 streets in the area down to a street and a half.. Thats right... 180 stops in a street and a half and I was running the whole time! I actually carried 13 guitars up three flights of stairs at one time! My customer bet me $100 bucks I couldn't do it.

  3. i think UPS and fedex do the same thing if i remember correctly...


    You remember incorrectly Wally.. It goes by weight or if it it's large and light, it is adjusted by size measurements.

    The only questions we ask at FedEx are, "does it contain liquids, haz, or firearms?"

    Stick a card in it if you want, no problem, just don't try shipping your Aunt Bertha's severed head.

  4. That's a great price, but I won't buy a 33 year old rifle that I can't hold in my hand first and look at up close. They stopped making them in 1980 and God knows what's been happening to them as they travel around the world?

    Shoots straight and a lot cheaper than any other SKS I've seen around here lately.

  5. I recently bought an old Chinese SKS for $300 at a pawn shop I frequent. It shoots straight and is powerful enough to bring down a deer or a hog out to 250-300 yards. The bonus of having this rifle is that 20 rounds of 7.62x39 ammo is only $5.17 per box and it's also about the only ammo left on the shelves at my local WallyWorld. They do have some 30-30 and 30.06 so Capt. Bart would be happy too! It pays to know your gun shop guys too. This gun was marked to sell at $475.00 but he gave it to me for $300 cash, out the door..

  6. Down to 275 this morning. Only 75 more to go! The walking/running program starts this weekend and the wife is searching Craig's list for some Bowflex stuff now so I can build back in some muscle. The ankle has recovered and my constant back pain is gone. I'm sleeping better and I think the protein seems to help keep my stamina up throughout the day. I'm eating very little red meat, mostly chicken if I actually eat food instead of protein shakes.

  7. Rod's my hero! I started at 314lbs around Christmas. Heaviest I've ever been and I was embarrased by it. I mean, I'm a Haas and that's where I got my nickname Hoss, but I grew into it! This morning I was at 281.2lbs.. The kicker is that the less you eat, the less you get used to eating, the less you need to eat. I guess the stomach really does shrink, but I never really tested the theory until now. Tonight was the first time I've eaten bread in over a month, just a bite! I haven't had a Coke since New Year's Eve and I took a sip of one today and it just tasted like sugar water. Blech! It's getting easier to eat healthy! My goal is 200lbs although all the charts say I should way between 178-186lbs. I'd be a beanpole with a HUGE melon noggin! Two hundred will be skinny enough.

    I sprained my ankle at w ork today though, so I'm kinda worried about the effect it'll have on me. The ankle has a broken bone in it since 1995. Just never healed and floats around. Only cure is surgery and six weeks laying on my ass.. Nope!

  8. Ditto DonDon, Portion control is the key. Protein also helps. It'll keep you full and helps muscle growth. I also started eating my meals on salad plates. Makes the meal look bigger! I jump started by drinking 6 servings of sugar free Carnation instant breakfast every day. Top it off with a cup of beef boullion for dinner. Believe it or not, I wasn't hungry. I did that for about a week a dropped 11 pounds. Now I make sure I get 70 grams of protein per day in a couple of skim milk protein shakes. I drink a lot of water and a lot of juice. For dinner I have 2-3 ounces of salmon or 4 ounces of soup. I've been keeping my calories under 1000 per day. I love Braunschweiger. it's got a lot of protein and not bad on calories. Sometimes that's dinner. It helps if you set a goal, or so they say. My goal is to be able to survive and thrive on low calories when the whole workd has gone ape because their BigMacs are 10 or 12 bucks. Just pretend you're on the TV show, "The Walking Dead". Also gives you a good chance to test your BOB or GHB preps to make sure you can live on em as long as possible.

  9. I'm doing my part for the country! I've lost 26 pounds so far this year! I'm 44 years old and just realized that I can't eat like I did when I was a defensive tackle on the high school football team. I'm already back into some of my old blue jeans and shirts, and well on my way to fitting into the rest of them.

  10. Thanks to recent surgery and some food restriction, I've discovered a new addtition to my supplies.

    Protein powder, like weight lifters and work out nuts use! It mixes well with water, it's lightweight, and will provide protein in addition to your regular supplies. One scoop of the brand I'm using contains 30 grams of the suggested daily amount of 70 grams. Protein also gives you energy and makes you less hungry throughout the day. If you're a little heavy, it'll help in your weight loss efforts and if you workout, it'll help in your muscle building efforts. Put some back for a SHTF day!

  11. You're right VonBayern... Must have been another percocett dream.. Last night I was tramping through the jungles with Earnest Hemmingway. That one was cool. The night before I dreamed I was at a parade in Jackson,TN and I broke my iphone, my flashlight and that cool survival tool of some kind.. Then I couldn't find my Jeep.

    This is why I never got into drugs in college. I just don't handle em well. I keep waiting to dream about the Swedish bikini team. So far, no luck!

  12. I don't normally watch PBS but thanks to some surgery and a broken ankle I have some downtime and was flipping channels. Came across a show called Discoverying Alabama. Figuring I wouldnt mind some type of historical thing, I flipped onto it. This episode is a guy walking through the woods up near Birmingham with his dog, giving some historical perspective on living off the land and the way the Native Americans lived. He described medicinal tonics from Dogwood, pine and cedar and he ate pine seeds and reindeer moss along with acorns and other nuts. Very interesting stuff that I've read about but it's nice to see the actual methods. Also, it's a very relaxing setting. Helps the pain meds work and lowers the stress.

    Maybe PBS isn't so bad?

  13. It's their private property so it's their call. At least that's the way I've always figured it. I know different states have different rules and the required signs in some states must be post the code or some such. Do a web search for each state you're interested in and you should be able to make sure. All I've searched is Bama, Florida,Mississippi and Louisiana.