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  1. My wife and I are addicted to the TV show, "Mike and Molly". Tape it and laugh all the way through it. It adds much needed humor into our world. After every show, there is a plane white page with black type that usually spouts some random thought from the producers. This was tonight's random thought. I nearly peed myself when I read it and thought I'd share it with you fellers: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It appears as if roughly half the people in this country think that they're in mortal danger from their own government.That's a lot of people sensing a lot of malice and threat. I worry that I don't see it. Sure, I see inefficiency and incompetence, but I've always seen that- regardless of which party is in office. And frankly, I've always welcomed it. I don't like my big bureaucracies to be cold, calculating,profit making enterprises driven by a steely, clear headed singular vision. A cursory glance through history would indicate that well organized governments tend to enjoy well organized parades, followed by well organized ethnic cleansing. Which is why I celebrate the magnificent, muddle headed ineptitude of our democracy. As far as I'm concerned, a little confusion and waste may keep the trains from running on time, but it also keeps people like me from getting a one way ticket in a cattle car. Are our tax dollars being misspent on poorly run social programs? You bet! Do we get more buck for our bang at the local post office, Amtrak station, nuclear submarine or methadone clinic? Of course we do! But keep in mind that bureaucrats who can't find their ass with a flashlight and a hand mirror are not likely to find you either. To paraphrase Bobby McGee: "Freedom's just another word for who the hell's in charge here?!"
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    A response to fellow liberals

    I do love and respect you OC. You're right. It's not about his skin color. I don't even hate him. And I couldn't begin to describe what would happen if I tried to beat my wife, but I do know she'd kill me if I beat my dog. My beef with him is that he isn't following the Constitution in any way. If govt did the 18 things they're supposed to do, there would be no problems, but the federal govt has been overstepping it's bounds for years and has taken larger steps under Obama.
  3. If I don't speak against an increase on taxes for those that earn over $250,000, who will speak out against the taxes that will be put in place when it comes down to my level? just because somebody earns an assload of money doesn't mean it's MINE (or the governments) to take away and to use as they please. What's the incentive for trying to earn that much or for hiring people to do a job that will help me earn that much? When will he admit that he did nothing to help those killed in the attacks on our embassy while he watched it happen in real time?? When will he admit that he doesn't know how to lower unemployment? Raising taxes won't help! If I don't speak out against his abuse of the office when it doesn't affect me, who will speak out against it when it does affect me? He has abused his power and his office non-stop for four years. How is it even legal to tell the Catholic church that they must pay for birth control when it goes against their very principles? What makes him think he can FORCE me to buy government healthcare? Having the government in the healthcare business will lower prices and increase competition? It will drive private companies OUT OF BUSINESS because a private company can not compete with government. There's so much more to add to this, but I'm beyond tired and more than a little frightened. And it's not because of Right Wing fear mongering. It's because I pay attention to what's happening and actually passed economics 101 and can see what's coming. Don't believe me? Watch Greece and the European Union. They're only slightly ahead of us on this road. Now that he doesn't have to worry about another election, I wonder what the message to Vladimir will be. Haven't heard that one for yourself? Look for it on YouTube. How will he deal with Isreal, our closest ally in the middle east? What is his plan for dealing with Iran getting a nuke? His economic policy is backwards and his foreign policy is laughable. I'm not trying to offend you OC, or anybody else, but this path won't work.
  4. Forward Komrades! Higher taxes, fewer jobs, more state control of our lives.. Time to take a decision or two about our future (or lack thereof)....
  5. Coming soon on FX, The Americans... Looks to be about a couple of sleeper agents. Think it's another attempt to desensitize us and get us to think it's okay to turn in our neighbors for anti-government opinions (ie- wrong thinking will be punished)? Yeah, I'm a conspiracy theorist but just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not after me!
  6. Thats why I watch The Walking Dead and Mike & Molly.
  7. A lot of outspoken people on the left have been threatening riots if Obama loses. I don't think it would be wode spread but I'm sure there will be a few.
  8. started as a normal truck and has been rebuilt to survive anything. Even has NBC filters and a sniper cage (why cage a sniper?) http://autos.yahoo.com/blogs/motoramic/survivor-truck-built-drive-end-world-143718470.html
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    I think I found the survival vehicle I want

    That really is the quote of the week isnt it?
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    ok so im gonna ask anyways...........

    Me to a voter who finished and was walking out, when I noticed the long lines: "Did ya have to wait long?" Him: " hell yeah! Four long damned years!" Pretty much sums it up don't it?
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    At the bookstore

    I'm feeling goofy before the election
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    At the bookstore

    For all my hunter friends: I shot my first turkey today! Scared the hell out of all the people in the frozen foods section, but they'll get over it.
  13. Hey Reg, having some problems with that email I gave you. Can't get anything to come through. Here's one that'll work though:


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    The Walking Dead

    Last night was a BIG show! Won't spoil it, but there are some big changes afoot!
  15. Just had a poboy and now sitting in a cigar bar enjoying the day! Bout to go on a cemetary tour with the wife. You guys should be here! It'd piss off the wife but she'd learn to love ya.
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    The Walking Dead

    Redneck's rule!
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    Why to Prep? and News reporte..

    I never soaked mine in salt water. Why do that Pig?
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    In New Orleans. Wish yall where here

    Back from my mini-vacation in New Orleans with my lovely wife. Had fun and glad to be home but I am missing it a little. I think I'll pour some beer over my head and go stand by the garbage can so I can remember it through smell. Great fun, great town with a great history, but it smells like a garbage dump! Went on a cemetary tour. Kinda fun. Love the history, but it's hard to believe that a cemetary only 300 feet by 300 feet has over 10,000 bodies in it. Multiple bodies in every tomb. Each body is "buried" in the top of the tomb for a year and a day. The heat of the summer dries it and ,uh, rots it. Then, they come in, put the bones in a bag and push them down a shaft in the back of the tomb to make room for the next body. This is the origin of the term "gettin the shaft" or so the tour guide said. More info than you wanted to hear? Yeah, me too.. Would have been happy to just sit and eat beignets and drink coffee at Cafe' Du Monde while watching the French Quarter freak show. I don't usually judge people, but when you see a 6ft4in tall, 350 lb guy sporting a black bra, a frilly ballet dress and smoking a cigar, the only thing you can say is WTF!?!? Ps- didn't realize I had posted this thread in General Survival, thought I put it in General Discussion. On the other hand, I did survive a forced march through New Orleans! NOT a place I'd want to be if it hit the fan.. That place puts the "DAMN" in "weird"!
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    My first hog hunt

    I went to a buddy's hunting camp so I didn't bring camping stuff or anything. I took enough food,water, and snacks to go for 3 days in case we didn't get lucky. We were only out for a day and a half though. I did carry my .45 pistol in case of coyotes, wild dogs, wounded hogs and just for some fun shooting.. I carried a borrowed .338 rifle but didn't get to shoot it. Mostly we just sat around the campfire eating wild pork and staring at the sky that night. It was HEAVEN!
  20. There's another reason we're not hearing about the bad things happening though fellas.. I talked to a buddy in New Jersey today and the press isn't reporting a LOT of stuff. It would embarrass somebody who has a lot to lose next week. I'd bet a months pay that we'd be hearing about everything if it was another party.
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    S&W Bodyguard .380 review

    As some of you know, I'm a fan of Sootch00's YouTube channel. Well, he finally came out with a review of the BG.380 which my wife carries and I couldn't agree more with his opinion. Some of you may be looking for a nice little mouse gun and I thought I'd share this with you. It's an excellent pistol and it's amazingly accurate out to 10-15 yards or what I consider self defense distances. It's very small but it fits my bear sized paws as well as my wife's dainty little paws perfectly. VERY nice pocket or backup piece! Here's the you tube link: http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?feature=em-uploademail-new&v=lNsMog4oUcg&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DlNsMog4oUcg%26feature%3Dem-uploademail-new
  22. You mean, " Big brother is watching " don't you?
  23. I was flipping channels the other day and one of the Lord of the Rings trilogy came on.. You know you've been on a prepper websight too long when you wonder if learning Elvish would be a good idea so you could maintain opsec on yer comms...I am such a geek!