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    Peanut Butter

    Ironic that I found this thread tonight. I spent about 45 minutes after work talking with a friend of mine who served in the 101st. He had joined up but was supposed to be a delayed entry or somewhat. He said The guy showed up the next day to take him. Another (much younger) buddy of mine was at work today for the last time before shipping out to the middle east. He's excited. My buddy from 101st told him just to make sure he keeps his head down, and NEVER volunteer. Anyway, I came home and asked the wife what was for dinner. "it's Friday. I'm not cooking." I instantly went to the pantry, grabbed one of the 5 jars of peanut butter and made that king of all comfort foodS.... The PB & J. Then I sat here reading, laughing, and thinking how ironic it was that I found this thread tonight.
  2. Hossfly

    Internet ?

    It's funny that the talk is about copyright infringement and such lately. We found out last night that my late father's book is now an E book on Amazon and nobody negotiated with my Mom for the copyright. Working on correcting that now.
  3. Hossfly

    Zombie Apocalypse Survival

    Cardio cardio cardio......LOL
  4. Hossfly

    Zombie Dreams

    Oh, I forgot to mention... My neighbors are preppers also.. There's a reason I moved here.. Other than just scoring a great deal on the house. My wife and the lady next door are coupon junkies and I enjoy hanging out with her husband, who can pretty much build or fix anything and loves shooting as much as I do. It's a great place to live!
  5. Hossfly

    Zombie Dreams

    In my case, my neighbors are my backup and/or my first line of defense against the hoardes. I don't know if there will be hoardes or not, but I got to use that word for the first time in years, so it made me happy. Seriously, my neighbors are my biggest asset here and we look out for each other. Their kids know they can come over here and hang with me and the dog and play and they know it's safe here if the SHTF. I also know those kids are some of the best shots I've ever seen, in real life and playing the zombie games on the Wii! Get to know your neighbors. Know who you can count on and when you can count on them. You can't do everthing alone. No man is an island.. That's a stupid saying... No man is a rutabega either... But the best defense is a good offense and it helps to have a team outlook and backup. It also makes prepping a more enjoyable hobby if you have a buddy to share it with or at least your wife can hang out with his wife when you bring another 1000 rounds home from the store.
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    The zombie podcast

    Glad ya'll like it.. Let me know what you think after you've heard a few of the episodes.
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    Hey Rick? I didn't see if anybody had mentioned it but my wife chose the S & W Bodyguard .380 as her first weapon. She likes the laser, which I find to be ok but not really worth the trouble of turning on. But the gun is accurate, comfortable to hold and fire and reliable and easy to conceal. I carry a Keltec P11 and I've actually been thinking about getting my own BG380 as a BUG or for when I just don't feel like carrying inside my belt. As far as I'm concerned, it's the perfect pocket pistol. Not a bad kick either. I can't hold onto the Ruger 380 or the LC9 when shooting them. They bounce up out of my grip.
  8. Hossfly

    Greetings from the Gulf Coast

    I'm a transplant from Memphis, but I married an Auburn fan and her daughter. I managed to stay out of the Tide-Tiger debate by hollering, "Delta State Fighting Okra!!!" every time somebody brings it up. It leaves 'em stunned long enough for me to run away. Not much of a sports fan since a cracked a vertebra in my senior year of high school. It's just not as much fun to watch as it is to play. Ps- but I did watch the game... That was a good one.. (ticked my wife off big time).. I'll be sleeping on the couch tonite... Wasn't fast enough with my yell.