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    Alabama PBS TV

    You're right VonBayern... Must have been another percocett dream.. Last night I was tramping through the jungles with Earnest Hemmingway. That one was cool. The night before I dreamed I was at a parade in Jackson,TN and I broke my iphone, my flashlight and that cool survival tool of some kind.. Then I couldn't find my Jeep. This is why I never got into drugs in college. I just don't handle em well. I keep waiting to dream about the Swedish bikini team. So far, no luck!
  2. Hossfly

    Flea Market/Garage Sale Finds

    NEVER buy a used ball gag!
  3. Hossfly

    What Trumps?

    It's their private property so it's their call. At least that's the way I've always figured it. I know different states have different rules and the required signs in some states must be post the code or some such. Do a web search for each state you're interested in and you should be able to make sure. All I've searched is Bama, Florida,Mississippi and Louisiana.
  4. Hossfly

    Multi use items

    It's ok Snake. I'll say it... Tampons and feminine napkins.. Good for stopping blood loss.. Whodathunkit? Duct tape.. It's good for everything that doesn't respond to WD-40 (excellent fire starter btw) .357 revolver... Also shoots .38. (Just a thought that hit me)
  5. Hossfly

    My revised BOB

    I forgot some good leather gloves
  6. Hossfly

    My revised BOB

    Wet wipes are good, but toilet paper is a must have! A .22 pistol would be a good choice or a take down rifle. grab 4 or 5 Bics in addition to the Zippo. A couple of trash bags Some Zip-loc storage and/or freezer bags for keeping track of small items (storing soap,etc...) A good crowbar or this: http://www.sears.com/dead-on-annihilator-trade-ultimate-wrecking-bar/p-00937335000P
  7. Hossfly


    I found some that I'd like to get up the road at the Army-Navy surplus store. Don't remember the price but I remember not being freaked out at it so it had to be less than $100. That's my freak out level. I think they were current issue military or very similar.
  8. Hossfly

    What happens when you run out of coffee?.

    I'm stocked up on coffee... Like a good FedEx man should be!
  9. Hossfly

    Gun grab Part..2..coming soon..

    I'd march next to you folks straight through the front gate of Hell if it came to that! You help me to know that I'm on the right side.
  10. Hossfly


    Careful Matt! It hit here around 8pm last night and we had tornadoes popping up everywhere. Hit a hospital downtown pretty hard, still on generator from what I heard. No injuries or deaths so far, thank God!
  11. Hossfly

    Roll Call

    Had one helluva wild night round here. Tornados all over, one even hit a hospital downtown. Do a google search for "tornado in Mobile" and you'll see the video of it. We made it through good here, but it hit the fan this morning. Wife is MAKING me go shopping with her! She did say we could run by the chiropractor first though. Kicked back right now watching Capt. Bart and friends fight the Uruk Hai at the Battle of Helms Deep. Laurie insists on getting my old, tired butt outta the chair and doing "something productive" though.
  12. Hossfly

    Roll Call

    I have officially survived my 25th Christmas (or Peak Season as we call it) at FedEx. You wouldn't think it, but there is a WHOLE lot of difference between working 60 hours per week and 70 hours per week. Had trouble getting out of bed this morning cause I'm so sore. Delivered four AR's to one of my gun shops yesterday. Could have bought one (cash) for $550 two weeks ago. I asked him how much they were going for now. His exact words, "You better work some more overtime Hoss".
  13. Hossfly

    Gun Control Explained

    Awesome link Jumbo! Read the whole thing and more while waiting for the youngun to wake up for Santa.
  14. Hossfly

    Gun grab Part..2..coming soon..

    I don't want ya'll to think I'm ignoring the mental health aspect. What I'm getting at is that our mental health was better back then, mainly because we were raised the way we were raised. How many kids these days are on Ridlin or some other drug? How many people are medicated due to stress or anxiety? How much has the level of stress increased because people haven't been taught that stress is a normal thing?
  15. Hossfly

    Gun grab Part..2..coming soon..

    It's not mental health and it's not gun control. There have always been bat-crap crazy people out there. It's the fact that for the last 100 years, the U.S. Guvment has been in charge of education and has dumbed down the populace a little at a time. They've taken God, the Pledge of Allegiance, moral values, and common decency out of schools and taken away the ability of the parents to raise their children. They've replaced all that was good, Holy, true, and right with dependance upon guvment and the hand out mentality. These multi-murdering azzwipes are maladjusted and mental midgets with an inferiority complex and no control of themselves because of these changes to the American way of life. When I was young (graduated in 1986), guys would go hunting before coming to school and they'd come to school with their guns in gun racks in their trucks. Nobody EVER thought about shooting their classmates or teachers because we were taught that it was wrong. We were taught personal responsibilty and (from Peter Parker's Uncle Ben) that "with great power, comes great responsibilty". Our fathers taught us "this is a gun. Touch and you'll be punished for a long time. When you're older, I'll teach you how to use it." And we listened because we respected our elders. And when we were eight or maybe ten, Dad would take us out in a field and show us how to use this new tool. And how to be safe with it. We learned lessons from Beaver and Wally, and Andy Griffith and Aunt Bea. We had values and morals and honor. We were taught to say, "please, thank you, may I, and you're welcome, and yes sir and no ma'am". And we had respect for the things that made this country exceptional and WHY it was exceptional. We knew what people meant when they referred to "This great experiment" because we knew our history, the good parts and the bad parts. Fundemental transformation is just what we got and if you ask me, it's just what we deserve because we LET them do it to us, and we thanked them for it. Maybe our great, great, great grand children will throw off the yoke of tyranny and stand up to fight oppression like our great, great, great grand fathers did.
  16. Hossfly

    2012 ........

    "Sixteen days till Bellus"
  17. Hossfly

    How much clothes for a BOB?

    You could always vaccum pack yer spare clothes. It'll shrink em down and keep em dry. Spacebags storage system anyone?
  18. With the attacks on our embassies, QE3, local violence, political rhetoric, general nonsense and assorted crap going on, I've noticed that I'm starting to look at things a bit different from "normal". I look at cars and trucks and think to myself, "no computer chip there. It'll survive an EMP." While making a delivery today, a dog barked and started growling from under the porch. I immediately noticed a shovel that I could use to fend off an angry mongrel. While driving, I notice cars that may be following me to my next stop in order to steal the package I leave or take my truck- that's actually happened before. I watch people walking down the street and have noticed a concealed pistol several times. I've become hyper observant and it's really starting to bug me. I come home at night and my brain feels like a bowl of pudding! I feel like I felt on Sept 11th when I saw the pics of the first tower hit. Perfectly clear sky, burning tower, and my first thought was, " that was intentional. Not an accident. We're at war". About the time I finished the thought, the second plane hit. I know we promote and practice vigilance and preparedness, but how do you tone it down without completely stopping to keep up with the news?
  19. Hossfly

    Need financial guru advice

    Make no mistake gs (and Nana), if I can get that money out, it won't be kept in monetary form. Pay off some debt, stock up on a LOT more supplies, and I know of this nice little place for a "huntin' camp" out in the middle of nowhere.
  20. Hossfly

    ok so whatcha eatin?

    We had tacquitos for breakfast today. The wife lived in Corpus Christi for a while and loved the food and people but HATED the place. Opened up a jar of the home made salsa and some onions and peppers we canned andnpreserved this summer. Awesome!
  21. Snake, it seems lately that all we are doing and all that we can do is try to work around the stupid people. Problem is that there are so many of them that the course we set must be farther and farther from our true direction.
  22. Hossfly

    Need financial guru advice

    I think I can, but I have to call them and arrange it. The rules are broken down in "lawyer speak" which makes about as much sense as listening to my butt whistle. I'm not so much worried about the 401k in particular, but just the fact that our new monarchy may decide to claim private property and replace the Bill of Rights with Roosevelt's version, ie- Freedom from want, hunger,etc... What the govt can give, the govt can take away.. Know what I mean? Sometimes I wish I was still blind.
  23. Hossfly

    Need financial guru advice

    Turns out that I am unable to withdraw my 401k funds under the plan I'm in. So if/when the fed takes em over, I'm screwed out of it. Back to plan B..... Powerball. LOL
  24. Hossfly

    who is currenty reading what?

    My liberal, social work professor wife (who voted Romney and is starting to see the light) downloaded Agenda 21 the other day. She's totally enthralled by it and keeps reading parts of it to me and asking if I've ever heard of such a thing. I keep telling her I heard about a year or two ago and that everthing in the book is in place now and the clock is ticking.
  25. Hossfly

    Gold n Silver_WHy is it valued ?

    In a SHTF situation I'm thinking that a carton of Marlboro's or a pint of bourbon might be more valuable than gold. Food and a stash of full gas cans, a dirt bike or 4 wheeler or even a good knife. Maybe it's my German ancestry bleeding through, but I've always gone for function over form.