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  1. Windage and Elevation

    Hello, friends from Texas!

    Howdy, my name is Bill. I live in Central Texas. I'm an old dude, but still love learning, and mastering new skills. I'm an EMT for a 911 service here, and also an Emergency Response Team member for an industrial company. I enjoy reloading, shooting, computers and riding my motorcycle. I hope to learn some good prepper and survival skills here, and maybe I can share a little info, too. Bill
  2. Windage and Elevation

    Help me answer a friend, how much ammo is enough?

    It sounds to me like the main thing he needs to stock up on is education. Sounds like a little piece of heaven for a retreat (BOL). He has guns, ammo, food, farming area, etc etc etc. Main needs now should be skills, don't you think? Remember, a President is seen as wise mainly if he surrounds himself with good advisors. Conversely, a prepper is seen as wise (and long lived) if he surrounds himself with skills and others that have skills to plug the 'holes' in his knowledge. Now os certainly the time to be 'cramming' for the big test. He and his friends need to COMMUNICATE about what skills each has, and what skills are necessary for a group to survive. As far as gun 'stuff', I would only recommend parts kits to keep his guns running. Remember the old saw - Two is one, and one is none....