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  1. Major Krisis

    Raised bed gardening

    I might have to look into the compost thing. One of my winter projects is to actually build the beds and get everything set up for the 2014 growing season. Of course, that's after the other 20 or 30 little projects the fiancee want's finished are finished
  2. There is no "like" button on here, but I'm with you there Wardog. Since we're on the topic of carrying, it wouldn't hurt for everyone to do a little self-analysis here. Are there situations where you have intervened because you were armed and/or had training, where "normal" people wouldn't have? I know for a fact I have. Danm does make a point that perhaps as being more prepared than most, we may tend to put ourselves in potentially harmful situations helping others.
  3. Major Krisis

    Old School Tool

    On the subject of old school guns, does anyone have any experience converting a standard Mosin Nagant 91/30 into a sniper variant with a (reproduction) period scope? I wanted to convert my Mauser to a sniper, but to do it correctly requires more than twice what it would cost to upgrade a 91/30, and I really like my Mauser as is.
  4. Major Krisis

    Fuel in vehicle how much do u have?

    I keep my work vehicle full-up, my personal vehicle I don't let run below half (unless the girlfriend borrows it) and there is no telling where the girlfriend's car usually is. 1/2 a tank in my personal car will get me about 200 miles in decent driving conditions. 200 miles would get me out of the state either North or South running, and get me to the mountains or the coast.
  5. Danm, personally I would think long and hard before you jump on the bandwagon of people saying that. If you approach survival situations with that same mentality, you're making a whole lot of assumptions without any hard facts and essentially resting your survival on a lot of lucky breaks and good fortune. A very wise instructor of mine once told me "don't go home because the bad guy let you go home."
  6. I agree that there are idiots who own guns. I agree there are some people who would be far better living without guns as they will only (a) get themselves into trouble or ( give guns to the bad guys. I also agree that it is far better to avoid a confrontation and stay "off the radar" than it is to get into the confrontation under most circumstances. As stated, sometimes the fight comes to you though. And you need to make sure you're up to the task. To delve into the Martin/Zimmerman case, many of the "facts" presented in the initial post are just plain wrong. To start with, had Zimmerman seen Martin breaking into a house, the facts of the case would be NO different. In Florida as in much of the rest of the US, you are not allowed to use lethal force to defend property. The homeowner, had they been home, would have been operating under a completely different set of rules from Zimmerman as an outside observer. Had Zimmerman heard a homeowner scream (probable cause to believe an innocent victim is inside), then yes there is a possibility that he could have used lethal force to defend that person. To say Martin was not a real punk is just not correct. Do a little digging, the "kid" was no saint. Reference the skittles, tea and Trayvon Martin being some innocent kid, I'll refer you to this I'll refer you to this exceptional video on YouTube. I will agree you should carry weapons and tools other than just a gun. I doubt anyone here would disagree with you on that point. We don't know what else Zimmerman was carrying that night other than a handgun and a cellular phone. That being said, my priorities for grabbing tools/equipment look like this: gun, flashlight, knife, everything else. I would not rely on pepper spray/mace/oc spray, I've personally watched more than one person get sprayed with it and continue what they were doing, only squinting their eyes slightly. Didn't even slow them down. "Less lethal" weapons, in my opinion (and experience and training), should only be deployed when you have lethal cover, in the event Murphy is with you. All of your arguments about the Zimmerman case rely heavily on armchair quarterbacking. When you start laying judgements down on people, you MUST remind yourself of one simple fact. You weren't there. You didn't see what Martin or Zimmerman or those witnesses or the law enforcement/fire/ems that responded to the scene saw. You saw pictures and printings of what news stations with agendas WANTED you to see. Courts don't work like you think, and "the whole truth" is never shown in court. If you've never been part of a jury trial (not watching it, in it) then you know just how much information is not admissible, even legally obtained and truthful information. Ideally guns are for shooting people that are "over there" before they get "over here." Well, analysis of lethal force encounters in the civilian world shows that the overwhelming majority of lethal force encounters occur at less than 5 yards. Even someone who is ridiculously out of shape can close a 5 yard gap and leave you virtually no reaction time. Ideal conditions rarely happen on the street. I would agree that both Zimmerman and Martin made what I would consider poor choices that night. Did the gun contribute to Zimmerman's decision to engage rather than observe? Possibly, but Zimmerman is the only one who knows that. Was Martin really only going out for a fruit punch drink and some skittles? Possibly, but only Martin knew that. Was Martin trying to kill Zimmerman? Maybe, there is evidence that would support the argument in either direction. Was Zimmerman out to kill Martin? Doubtful, I don't see how there was any way Zimmerman would know that leaving his vehicle that night would directly contribute to Martin's death. Some people will engage regardless of access to weapons, the apparent physical strength of the other party, or numerous other factors. People don't always act rationally, with clear heads, and the ability to sit back and run a cost/benefit analysis of each and every situation they come across. That being said, I'll give my 2 cents. Get a gun. Train hard with it. Become proficient in its carry, use and maintenance. Shoot it whenever you can to reach and maintain your target accuracy. Know how to hold onto it if a bad guy gets close enough to try to take it, holstered or in your hands. Know how to draw it from being seatbelted in a car or while pushing a grocery cart. Know what it is capable of in YOUR hands. You fall to the level of your training, so make sure it's a short fall! When I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I want to be the baddest unseen thing in the valley.
  7. Major Krisis

    Old School Tool

    If you are currently looking for an old school Mauser rifle, might I suggest the M48 Yugoslav or the Czech VZ 24? Both can be had for significantly cheaper than a German Kar 98k, they are better quality (in my opinion) than Turkish or other Mausers, and they are essentially the same weapon built under contract in another company. On the plus side, if you want to modify them you won't give a historian a coronary if you drill and tap it for a modern scope mount. Make sure whatever you get comes in 7.92x57 (commonly referred to as the 8mm Mauser) because that is what's most readily available. M48 Yugo with accessories Czech VZ 24 with accessories
  8. An excellent article from Popular Mechanics website on raised bed gardening. This is my late-winter project which I am currently budgeting for. Any of you expert gardeners, I live in central North Carolina and the whole area is overrun with ants. I've been using some off-the-shelf ant killer that's been working well, but it seems as soon as I kill one ant hill I find another 15 yards away or so. Any suggestions?
  9. Major Krisis

    Finally Seeing Some Sanity

    Some sanity has returned to NC. Finding 9mm, 22LR and .40 is still very difficult but possible. The local Wal Mart had a significant quantity of .45 cal 165 gr bullets. That would seem to indicate to me that people are no longer desperate enough to buy loads like that. You can also now find ARs at close to pre-insanity prices at a handful of shops. Surprisingly, single-stack firearms like the Kahr, XD-S and M&P Shield are very difficult to find. The local LEO supply store has them for very good prices, but with a year waiting list. I've had some luck finding them in smaller, out-of-the-way gun shops that only locals know about.
  10. Major Krisis

    Finally Seeing Some Sanity

    Unfortunately things in North Carolina haven't returned to sanity yet. We are blessed with a state legislature that is passing every pro-carry/concealed carry law it can, however prices have not gone down much and ammo is still next to impossible to find. If I didn't have an AK-47, I'd have forgotten what one looks like. SKS's are still an endangered species and forget about any rifle that's semi-automatic. Even shotguns, pump or semi, have been tough to come by. The only KelTec long-gun I've seen since November is the one in the passenger seat of my car right now. Unfortunately, that same legislature is poised to vote away additional pay for teachers with masters degrees and subsidize private schools...not much good to report on that end.
  11. Major Krisis

    long gun to keep in the vehicle for trips

    I LOVE my 8mm Mauser. I'm just using the 196 grn surplus in it right now, where did you get the 220 grn from?
  12. Major Krisis

    BoB trial results

    A good quality tent is a definite must! I have a nice waterproof 6-person tent that I've used camping numerous times for paintball. Its not something I'd bring along on a bug-out because it is simply too heavy to carry for its size and it takes at least 2 people to set up. This is the one I've been looking at: Anyone have any experience with Marmot tents? Are there tents of comparable weight that will work out-of-box just as well for less money? The tent would need to sleep 2 plus a 70lbs dog that thinks she's a person.
  13. Major Krisis

    Handguns: Revolvers or Semi-automatics

    Very good points by all. My choice is always a semi-automatic at least and a long gun when possible/practical. I do think some of this is because I've never received any formal training with a revolver--I'm simply more comfortable with the manual of arms on the semi-automatics and I've had exceptionally good examples of them up to this point.
  14. Major Krisis

    I wants one...

    Well said Snake. The situation, well tragic, was not of his making.
  15. Major Krisis

    Does this seem legit?

    For $175 with shipping and handling, it could be worth a shot. I'd certainly buy a "test" plate and try it out at the range yourself before you start carrying about 25lbs of steel that may or may not do what you need it to. IMHO steel plates are a better investment then "soft" body armor. Ceramics are lighter but harder to come by and significantly more expensive. The Level IIIA I have has to be replaced every five years because sweat, fatigue and other factors reduce the bullet-stopping qualities of the kevlar. Bear in mind, even with this armor, if you take a hit it's going to knock you on your backside and leave you wheezing at the very least.