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  1. Gilla

    speaking of lever guns

    always wanted a lever action rifle. Found it!
  2. Gilla

    Somebodies watching me...

    i think it's safe to say that if you're not already on a list, they've started one for you this year...
  3. Gilla

    Springfield XD45 question

    No they are not. XD magazines will fit in my XDM, but my XDM magazines won't fit in my Mom's XD. Its a 9mm, but the base platforms should be constant.
  4. Gilla

    Welcome to thunderdome

    Railroaded? lol, sigh.
  5. The state of Washington doesn't recognize Colorado's carry license but Colorado should recognize Washington's. Despite the fact that I have a Florida license that Colorado does recognize. I don't think it should have even seen the inside of a court room.
  6. Gilla

    Asteroid Anyone?

    It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine...
  7. Gilla


    do you think the speech writer put the instructions of "wipe tear" as well as dramatic pause here?
  8. Gilla

    Military Thread

    Army, Military Police, 759th MP Bn Ft Carson. 1994-1999 Tour in Bosnia.
  9. Gilla


    BOHICA- Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
  10. Gilla


    I have an ENO doublenest that I take with me everywhere. If it's a nice day I can pull out the hammock. My Clark North American goes with me camping, I don't sleep well on the ground anymore.
  11. Gilla

    Could you be considered a terrorist??

    Absolutely, I'm on this site. I'm a prepper, a veteran, a Paulite and a member of the NRA. I've decided that if they want to waste the manpower to surveil me, god bless 'em, I feel more important. Oh yeah, I also participate in large scale combat simulations on US soil- you know, Paintball.
  12. Gilla


    Thanks Awake.
  13. Gilla

    Urban Advantages?

    Good neighbors may be close by for shared defense. More 'livestock' available... Ha Ha Ha.
  14. Your average brick building will eventually fall to drops of water also. The benefit of a brick building is that they can't see you and the aimed bullets, once they hit the brick, will change course and loose a lot of energy. Enough time to either return fire or find better cover.