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    Survival Coins

    In another thread I talked about trading in some old jewelry for Silver coins. That got me started. Now I buy a one ounce coin every week. Yeah, you're paying a premium and sales tax (that puts a Silver Eagle currently at about $37) but I just look at it like another savings account. At the end of the year that's fifty two ounces of Silver. Occasionally I may make larger purchases, but this way I'll at least have something. Also,on barter transactions (like trading Gold) or purchases over $1,500 there is no sales tax. In my area a Silver Eagle (or Maple Leaf, or Brittania) goes for spot plus $3. A silver round (a coin printed from an unofficial mint) goes for spot plus $1.60. If I sell a Silver Eagle back I get spot, and a round spot minus $1. So in the end the bullion (Silver Eagle, Maple Leaf,etc.) is 40 cents more than the rounds. I would rather pay 40 cents more for the bullion with a recognized pedigree than a round from some random mint. But that's just me. Some people like junk silver (it's probably good to have this as well) but I prefer fine Silver. Not to be a snob but I just think when the chips are down people might be more reticent to accept junk silver or rounds and would be more comfortable with fine bullion.
  2. PatzerDave

    the travon martin shooting.

    Zimmerman to be charged for shooting Martin.
  3. That's the spirit. Don't come crying to me when your job goes to China.
  4. PatzerDave

    Freedom To Facism

    I've been hearing about this movie for a little while now. Mostly from Ron Paul supporters. So this morning my wife and I watched it. Man was she steaming. I wasn't to thrilled myself. I know you can't believe everything just because someone makes a film, but I've been hearing these arguments for a while now. I think this guy did a good job of putting things together.
  5. PatzerDave

    Freedom To Facism

    I was going to post this in the thread "Capt's Chair" where the discussion is about whether or not we've passed the tipping point. However, I think this is an important video for people to watch and deserves it's own thread.
  6. PatzerDave

    Capt's chair

    I witnessed the L.A. riots first hand. I was glued to my T.V. at night (there was a dusk to dawn curfew) and roamed around some during the day to see for myself ( maybe not the smartest thing to do but I was a young man in my twenties). The truck driver Reginald Denny who was beaten nearly to death was in sight of several LEO's who were stationed at the next intersection. They did not move to help him (in fact they pulled back) because they said they were outnumbered and the situation was quickly deteriorating. This is not an indictment of law enforcement but just a simple reality - in a SHTF situation the safety of you and your family is entirely in your own hands. Damion "Football" Williams, the gangbanger who was charged in Denny's beating was only convicted of inciting a riot because they didn't want to reignite the riots. In the inner city many of the markets and liquor stores are owned by Koreans. There has always been a lot of tension between the Blacks and Koreans. During the riots some of these stores were burned down and the Korean store owners took to their rooftops with firearms to protect their businesses. Many of the deaths during the riots were would be looters shot by Korean store owners. There was no mention of this after the riots. A lot was overlooked for the sake of quelling tensions (not that the Koreans weren't in the right). The riots were confined mostly to the urban areas. The suburbs were mostly unscathed. The police had fallen back to contain the riots in these areas. In fact, on the first night there was a group of rioters burning storefronts in Hollywood that started heading towards Beverly Hills. Needless to say they were met with stiff resistance and were turned around. So in a riot you are on your own and no one is keeping a tally of who did what.
  7. I was checking out properties online and came across this one in the Flagstaff area. It has solar, five water cisterns, and even a buried cargo container "root cellar".
  8. PatzerDave

    Urban Food

    FEMA! Okay, just kidding. I agree with what Capt. Bart said in another thread - if you're riding out something like a hurricane or earthquake and you think things will get back to normal at some point then bugging in is a viable option. If it's TEOTWAWKI you may want to G.O.O.D.. However, if you do find yourself in this situation it will be post die-off so I think raiding water heaters (like Survivalcyclist said) is an option. But you will have to be careful. I live in a suburb in So. Cal. so there are tons of swimming pools. You can use your water filters, boil the water, or set up a solar still. Whatever you do you will have to be careful. But for all of the talk of bad people I think there will be more good people pulling together and helping each other out.
  9. PatzerDave

    Threat to America

    You raise a good point. It's getting hard to find stuff that's really made in America. A little while back I was looking for a good EDC flashlight. I watched a youtube video by Sootch00 were he was touring the 4sevens plant in Georgia. He highly recommended them calling 4sevens a good "American company" in the video. I took this to mean they were made in America. Well, not exactly. When I received the flashlight I ordered it said that it was assembled in the U.S. with parts from China, U.S.A., and I think the Phillipines (okay computer, why don't you just tell me how to spell it?). So it's sort of made in America, sort of isn't. If I'm not mistaken Chevy and Ford make trucks in Mexico (we can thank NAFTA for that) with parts from who knows where. So it is getting more difficult to find things completely made in America. This is why I qualified it with "whenever possible".
  10. PatzerDave

    Threat to America

    WALMART Ten percent of of all imports from Communist China to the United States are for Walmart. They build new stores in "redevelopment zones" to get tax money to subsidize construction. They work many of the employees less than forty hours so they don't get any benefits and in fact many are eligible and collect food stamps (another tax payer subsidy). They target the competition (your local independently owned "mom and pop" stores) with loss leader products until they drive them out of business. This is why they were banned from Germany. They also pay their employees less than most of the competition lowering the standard of living for these careers. I know a guy who used to drive trucks for Walmart. They would pay him a flat rate of $40 to unload his truck including wait times, it often took him eight hours (that's $5 an hour). He since quit. I know another guy who is an independent OTR driver and told me that sometimes he would have to wait for two days to get his truck unloaded at Walmart. Two of the top ten richest people in America are Walton's. I buy made in USA whenever possible and shop at local independently owned stores whenever possible. Even if it costs a couple bucks more, I consider it my patriotic duty.
  11. PatzerDave

    Knife Rights Drawing

    Good article, thanks. I guess just asking someone who you think should know isn't good enough. You have to look into things and learn for yourself.
  12. PatzerDave

    Bacillus cereus bacterium

    I'm sure it depends a lot on your climate. I lived in Hawaii for a little while and food went bad almost immediately if left out. If you're living off of your supplies it's probably good to get in the habit of making less.
  13. PatzerDave

    dooms day prepers tonight

    Good info, thanks. I had heard that if you had them from before you were grandfathered. But I wasn't sure and didn't know specifically what the rules were. Good to know.
  14. PatzerDave

    Shaving cream @ red jello in 1st aid kit

    Only red? If so why is this?
  15. PatzerDave

    Occupy Wallstreet, Youth Standing Up

    The news is like reality television - you're not going to get the whole story and you've got to read between the lines. As far as I could tell there were a few people with a valid point and were able to articulate it (namely Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve, et. al., had just pulled the biggest heist in world history and were getting away with it) and the hangers on who were just there for a party. The news seemed to focus on the hangers on who were just hanging out with nothing much to say of any relevance. After they were booted off the lawn of Los Angeles City Hall the Mayor had a press conference talking about the hundreds of thousands of dollars it would cost to fix the lawn of city hall (really?). About a week later there was a story on the news about all of the money the city was spending to berth and maintain the official city yacht. WHAT!? That's right. The city of Los Angeles has a yacht so the mayor and other high ranking city officials can take cruises and party with visiting dignitaries. I wonder how much the city is budgeting for prostitution? As far as I'm concerned our government is corrupt from the top to the bottom, so if a bunch of hippies want to camp out on the lawn of city hall I couldn't care less.